Trijicon Launches Mini Rifle Optic


Trijicon just launched its new Miniature Rifle Optic or MRO – a red-dot sight that’s designed to significantly reduce the “tunnel vision” effect.

“With its large objective lens and shortened optical length, the MRO virtually eliminates the ‘tunnel vision’ or tube-effect common to so many red dot sights,” according to a August 13 press release. “The 2 MOA dot is bright and crisp, and is perfectly sized for fast target acquisition at CQB distance out to extended ranges.”

The MRO features eight brightness settings, including two that are night vision compatible, plus one extremely bright setting for use with lights or in very bright outdoor conditions. A single 2032 lithium battery will last for 5 years of continuous use, the release states.

Half-minute adjustments with 70 MOA total travel allow for zeroing in most any configuration on a variety of platforms, according to the release.

It requires no special tools —windage and elevation adjustments can be made even with the rim of a 5.56mm casing. The brightness control atop is ambidextrous, so your shooting hand need not leave the fire control area. The MRO is parallax free, with infinite eye relief for quick and accurate engagement no matter your position, according to the release.

“Trijicon engineers built—and tested—the MRO to operate in temperatures ranging from -60F to +160F,” according to the release. “Waterproof to 100 feet, chemical and corrosion resistant, and housed in 7075-T6 Aluminum, the MRO can withstand the rigors of combat, sub-zero mornings on an ice-encrusted hunting stand or bouncing between stages during a competitive shooting event.”

The MRO retails for $579 without mount; $629 with mount.

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  • guest

    Looks like a red dot sight Bushnell has had out for a couple of years, just beefed up a bit for military use. I have the Bushnell sight on a pistol and it has worked great for over a year.

    • Guest

      Yup, that’s exactly what market Trijicon is after. They just rebrand cheap optic and resale them. Genius comment right here.

  • Mike

    It’s 2015 your not re- inventing the wheel. How about $579 with the mount instead of squeezing every penny out of a customer ?

  • Pete C

    Great to see new compact optics, but nothing really earth shattering and I seriously doubt it will live up to the “Aimpoint Killer” sales pitch. Marketing it without a mount to make the price under the price of an Aimpoint is insulting. Aimpoints are known for their battery life and durability: Time will tell whether the Trijicon micro is as durable both structurally and electronically. When the Eotech came out, the priceline was a big factor but the high failure rate ( units mysteriously shutting off and corroding battery terminals) proved that cheaper was not always better.

    • Hodor

      “Marketing it without a mount to make the price under the price of an Aimpoint is insulting.”

      T-1 MSRP is $139 more than the MRO.

  • SAM

    Not going to displace Aimpoint sales. A nice option for people who are Trijicon loyalists though. I have never had anything from Trijicon fail me.

  • Casey

    Could they have possibly made it any more like a an Aimpoint T-1?

  • straps

    This is great for the market.

    A good company makes a good product, another good company makes a similar product “gooder” (with specs that address common criticisms of the first product). When each has something to offer their customers, the cycle usually repeats.

    Then a competing company decides, “Eff it, we have nothing new to contribute so we’ll do zombie-themed products.” I say his as an owner of two EOTech sights that continue to go strong.

  • Davey

    You need to understand that Trijicon has been in a design bind for a while. It’s getting harder to source tritium gas and ship it internationally. Same goes for sealed vials and optics containing same. The ACOG is petering out. This seems to be their “Me too!” reply to the Aimpoint T1/T2/H1. It’s odd to see Trijicon in reactive mode in design, marketing and pricing.