Women Expected to Graduate from Ranger School

"U.S. Army Soldiers conduct Airborne and Air Assault Operations during the Ranger Course at Camp Rudder on Eglin Air Force Base, Fl., August 06, 2015. Soldiers attend the Ranger Course to learn additional leadership and small unit technical and tactical skills in a physically and mentally demanding, combat simulated environment, (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Ebony Banks/ Released)"

My colleague Matthew Cox is out with this news at Military.com:

“Two female officers are expected to make history on Friday by becoming the first women to graduate from the traditionally all-male U.S. Army Ranger School.

The West Point graduates, who have not been identified, are in their final days of the grueling two-month leadership training program. Two separate sources told Military.com that they will receive the highly coveted Ranger tab on Friday — barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The service has already sent out invitations to more than 30 media outlets, including Military.com, to attend the ceremony. The female candidates and their male Ranger buddies plan to sit down for interviews the day before the event.”

I’m pleased to report that Matt is among the reporters who will be traveling to Fort Benning this week to cover the potentially historic event. Feel free to post some questions you’d like him to ask the female candidates and their Ranger buddies.

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Brendan McGarry
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  • JCitizen

    Ask them where they expect to go next. I’m curious as to what kinds of units will absorb these two graduates.

    • USMC Jock

      Exactly! How will the most secret of Rangers games, the wet cookie, be played now?

  • Carl

    Let’s see, 20 women start, 2 finally graduate, a 90% attrition rate, after being re-cycled three times. Yup, this is really going to work.

  • Leon Suchorski

    Passing the courses, and graduating was to be expected of some women, sooner or later. It is known that we had women who dressed as men served in our military during our Civil War. The spirit is there, so it is just a matter of measuring up to the standards. Having served as a Marine during Vietnam, I have seen many guys who stood only 5’6″, and barely weighed 140 pounds, handle the biggest guys that we had in our outfit. And these were 4 year Marines. It is all a matter of how hard that you want it, not what others think of you.

    • FormerActionGuy

      But they weren’t females. I’m 250 lbs no woman is firemen’s carrying me. Most men either, but let’s be PC and lower all the standards so you can satisfy the leftists that control Obozo? Women aren’t as strong as men. Fact, case closed. If they were then 4000+ years of recorded history is rubbish!. GMAFB!

  • Lance

    They passed because Obama made the Army lower the standards for the Rangers. They even have a lighter pack to carry now. Face it Liberal jerks continue to wimpafy our military including SOCOM now.

    • FormerActionGuy

      Now the transgender’s want to serve too. Read a Pentagon study that is studying the issue. What over?

      • William_C1

        BUll crap like that is being forced by the politically correct special interest scum in Washington and all of their political cronies including Obama. The flag officers know who they have to appease to keep their jobs even if it damages the military in the end.

    • Gordon

      You have a source for that claim? Last I read about it, standards were NOT lowered for the 20 women who entered the course.

      • Airborne

        BUT BUT, OBAMA! Yeah right, like the president PERSONALLY intervened in Ranger training to lower the standards. Give me a break guy…he doesn’t have time for that crap. Whether you like him or hate him that scenario is incredibly implausible. I’ll also remind everyone that Lance is the king of internet trolls and is usually downvoted into oblivion, except on this rare occasion.

        The standards were not lowered, and I, as a male in the infantry, congratulate the women on doing something I never managed to do in my career. I only hope the standards aren’t watered down in the future, as they did with airborne training.

      • JJSchwartz

        So the President made the Army lower the standards? Cite your source please. I also heard that standards were not lowered. As far as being recycled three times before the women made it through the program; how many guys get recycled before they make it? As far as I’m concerned if they can make it through the course, got positive reviews by their fellow Ranger candidates and are good team players – that’s all that matters.

      • William_C1

        They keep saying that, but can we even trust the press releases at this point? What is with all of the femcommissars supposedly hanging about looking to work the system whatever way they can?

        I don’t have reason to doubt the sincerity of the female groups but all of the political pressure coming down from the political class doesn’t translate well into maintaining standards.

  • FGallaher

    And when these well meaning women come home cut in two with no internal organs left – when then?

    • Old MP

      Once again, How many women have served in Afganistan and Iraq so far? How many came home cut in two?

      This is Ranger School, the LEADERSHIP course. Not Ranger Selection. These two officers will not be assigned to the Regiment, they will go back to MP, Engineer, Supply, Logistic Companies. Hopefully, taking lessons learned about leadership and command better Platoon, Company, Battalion troops.

      As a former enlisted soldier, I’d rather have a well trained leader, than a crappy ROTC know it all LT trying to tell me what to do out there….

    • Kenneth

      Well, some women have been coming home in body bags already and it doesn’t seem to upset anyone.

      By the way, the granddaughter of my mother-in-law’s pen pal served in Afghanistan. I don’t know what she did but she’s Dutch. I think pretty much everyone has had a chance to go by now. Even my son-in-law went to Afghanistan (USAF). My son didn’t get a chance; he went to Iraq.

  • Justin

    I offer congratulations to the two officers that happen to be female on completing the course. It will help them be better leaders in the future. There are women that can meet the same standards than men, fewer than there are more, but they do exist. That being said it is going to be interesting where they end up next. Infantry is still closed, as are most combat related jobs. Not only that, my main concern with women is not their capability to fight, it’s the complications with the male soldiers surrounding them. Fifteen months in the stink, away from home, with a couple of girls in the platoon, stuff is going to go down. Look at the sailors videotaping women in the subs. If they create special Female ODAs (similar to what they already have) I get that. However, do not file sexual assault charges on a private for making sexual jokes, or even making a pass on a women in the stink. It’s more about feelings and sexual tension than ability to fight.

  • Sgtheart

    Not men Not women, but Rangers. Well done people–well done.

  • TDA

    When does the Lifetime movie come out?

    • JCitizen

      The subject would have to be something like “all me are evil” for that to happen; they’d have to twist the story line a lot for that one! HA!

  • guest

    The U.S. military is finally achieving gender equality. This is a milestone to be celebrated.

    • JohnnyRanger

      Nope, this is RANGER equality. If you can hack Ranger School, then neither gender, nor orientation, nor race, creed, color, or religion matter.

      And to those of you claiming the standards were lowered – if the RIs want you to quit, you WILL quit. If you earn their respect, they will give you a fair shot. So these female soldiers earned their RIs’ respect, and then earned the rest. And you can’t fake peer evals – or get your tab without passing them.

      So unless you have a tab yourself – you are in no position to criticize these RANGERS. If you DO have a tab – you can criticize them for not having gone through Desert Phase ;-)

    • William_C1

      “Gender equality” never won any wars. I just want to see my country maintain high standards and these days I have zero trust in the political class to do that. They care more about having a good PR story more than the actual purpose of the military.