Agilite Unveils Latest Version of Its IDF Soft-Shell Jacket

Agilite will soon offer its Battle Element soft-shell jacket in Ranger Green.

“The Battle Element is engineered to keep out wind, cold and moisture whilst maintaining an inordinate level of flexibility, breathability and durability,” according to Agilite officials. Developed together with “Israel Defense Forces and Israeli Navy operators, it was designed with the needs of special operations and extreme outdoor professionals in mind.”

It’s made of a tight-woven polyester with exterior breathable, waterproof membrane. Special features of the Battle Element include the Agilite “Half-glove” that covers half the hand and helps bridge the transition area from jacket sleeve to glove. The Half-glove can also be folded inwards to form a regular sleeve if required.

There is also a low profile hood hidden under the collar to provide added rain and wind protection and yet is completely inconspicuous when not in use.

The inside of the Battle Element is Agilite premium grade Micro-Fleece for warmth and it also features twin under-arm vents for heat release after exertion.

“The Battle Element is incredibly comfortable and despite the external wind-blocking membrane. It’s ultra-lightweight and even stretches to allow for full arm and back manipulation,” Agilite officials maintain.

It is also has a high waist cut in order to allow for full freedom of movement of the hips and abdomen. The lower waist size is adjustable with internal quick-closure stoppers.

The Ranger Green version is coming soon. It will be available in both an IDF version with shoulder epaulets as well as an international version without.

The black version is on sale now for $159.95, down from $199.95.

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  • guest

    Something that should be in every soldier and Marines kit.

  • DevilDeez0311

    It looks gay especially with that Scorpion on the neck, what’s that about?

    • Grump

      Not true! I’m gay and wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing.

  • mountaineer

    Looks like a feature-loaded jacket. Not sure about durability though. I’ve been running a similar jacket for the last few years, the Marmot Gravity, and recommend it if you’re not into scorpions and such. It’s a mid-weight softshell and is cut for climbing so it lets you move around and stays in place. There is a version with a hood as well. 2 treatments with nikwax increase the water resistance without the cost of Goretex. (

  • LIAM

    They are all made in China….but HAAAAWY! I have one similar…pop an old school liner or a snugpak jacket…and you stay toasty warm!!

  • mark lauron

    Copy of a Triple aught design jacket which are made in the USA and Canada

  • john


    • 1ISDF

      Cause your being super duper sneaky

  • Fin

    That’s awesome. Their scorpion logo is bad ass, I saw it on Israeli soldiers plate carriers when I was over there and wondered what company it was.

  • Navyjag907

    I just bought this but haven’t gotten it yet. It looks like a French Foreign Legion surplus jacket I’ve purchased several times and given away as gifts. They were brand new and now you can get them for about $40. The thing I still haven’t gotten used to is the very large collar/ hood which is bothersome on the Foreign Legion jacket. I’m hoping the Israeli design is easier to wear.//On the other hand were I in a survival situation, the Foreign Legion jacket is the first thing I’d put on. With a couple of layers the French equivalent of GORE TEX would save your butt.