RE Factor’s IQ Targets for Thinking Shooters


RE Factor’s IQ Target is designed to offer shooters multiple drill possibilities.

“The infinite combination of shapes, colors, numbers and letters allows an instructor or student to create a wide variety of shooting problems,” RE Factor officials maintain. “Students can be given simple commands such as ‘shoot all the triangles’ or more complex scenarios such as ‘shoot at the squares and triangles that contain a number.’”

“The idea is it forces the shooter used to thinking and shooting rather than punching holes in paper. The 3″ shapes make the target suitable for close in pistol work or long range shots.”

Each IQ Target measures 23 inches by 35 inches. The shapes measure 3 inches. They are available for $1.20 each, 25/$25.00, 50/$45.00, 100/$80.00.

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  • guest

    If you want to do shooting that requires planning and thinking, take up IPSC/USPSA shooting. Seldom are any two stages exactly alike and there are usually many ways each stage can be shot. Depending on your plan to shoot the stage will determine your score.

    • war13usaf

      The point of these targets is to have no plan, only reaction and recognition. While USPA etc. does develop your critical thinking as well it is not the same set of skills.

  • IAC

    I think it could be fun but also challenging to shoot !

  • war13usaf

    I like it, lots of options and keeps both shooter and teammate engaged in situation.