Firm Touts Tasty MREs, from Cherry Turnover to BBQ Beef

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Birdgford Foods Corp. is touting new kinds of Meal Ready to Eat, or MRE, with flavors ranging from cherry turnover to barbecue beef. And not only do they taste like food, they’re actually really good. staff tasted a sampling of the products while interviewing Richard Mueller, divisional sales manager for the Anaheim, California-based food supplier, on Tuesday at the annual Air and Space Conference.

The company offers a full line of MRE sandwiches for the U.S. military, including pastry-filled sandwiches such as apple and blueberry turnovers and meat-filled sandwiches such as BBQ beef and sweet and sour chicken. It even offers a “First Strike Ration,” a meal kit packed with 2,800 calories and designed for use over 24 hours in the war zone.

Check out our video from the show floor to learn more about the company’s products:

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  • Lance

    Looks good. I knew vets who liked there rations from Korean war to today. Well id say we learned a lot from the gross K rations of WW2.

    • bigfatduke

      To me the last batch of K-Rations were edible, but most MRE’s have never been.

    • leonidman63

      Have you ever eaten C rations or first gen MRE’s? John Wayne bars, dehydrated pork patties you could scrub your track with or freeze dried potatoe patties that you can taste the grease they were fried in. Not really good memories, we had to provide our own hot sauce to kill the taste.

  • IAC

    I remember being one of the few who liked the Chicken Ala King back in 1984-88. Those original MREs consisted of quite a few Alpo meals,ham & chicken loafs,hot dogs w/ a separate pack of pork and beans; and desserts like dehydrated peaches & strawberries.
    No fancy Zapple/Ergo drinks. Just instant coffee.

  • Chuck

    I’m sure those of us in the Marine Corps won’t get them until 2030 because of the huge surplus we already have built up.

    • babola

      USMC on a strict diet regime currently?

      • Chuck

        No, just like if you visit any active-duty unit you’ll see that they have boxes upon boxes of MREs that are still edible.

  • bigfatduke

    The old C-Rations that were replaced by MRE’s were much better. MRE’s are mostly garbage and most everyone knows it but the military leadership who has never had to eat that crap.

  • NSFA96

    So it’s safe to bet the dehydrated PORK slab is NO longer on the MRE menu?

    • Kevin

      Those were all given to the Iraqi POWs during Desert Storm.

  • Guest from the Guard

    With the early MREs, the cooks used to crumble the pork patties and spread them on the outside area of the mess tent, to discourage insects. Apparently it worked quite well, for the “leg” insects.

  • william bryant

    I’ve tried 3 of the meat sandwiches and 4 of the fruit type turnover deserts they are ok but not really good


    Someone (WT Sherman, maybe Napoleon?) once said “An army travels on its stomach.”
    Things are no different now, and it really doesn’t matter what you feed to some, because someone is going to complain about it!
    When the F-117s deployed from TTR to DS/DS, someone forgot a critical load for the ADVON, and there wasn’t food or water on their pallet!
    I’ve never stepped foot on a deploying aircraft without rations in each BDU leg pocket, and two 2qt, and one 1qt canteen, all filled.

  • Me in MO

    Bought a couple of the BBQ beef and french toast ones at Wally World. The amount of filling, at least in the ones they’re selling on the civilian market, leaves much to be desired. Way too much bread and not enough filling.

    As for the taste of the BBQ beef, it reminded me of that line in Crocodile Dundee when he was talking about eating Iguana: “You can live on it, but it tastes like sh..” Hope the ones they’re giving the military are better.

  • Smith

    If you’re hungry enough you’ll eat anything, and be happy for it. I liked C Rats and love MREs. The later ones have improved a great deal. Anyway, they sure beat boiled show leather, bugs , and worms. Snake isn’t bad if cooked right, though.

    • lee

      amen on that

  • Bone

    Python is great skewered over a bunch of C-4. Had it in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam in 1967.

    Tastes like chicken,,,lololol.

  • grunt

    c-rats john wayne bar!!!!!!! was great to eat but the foil rapper always made a great dope pipe!!!!!!!!!!

    • OldFedVet1941

      Amen To That!

  • KenLand

    I would not be surprised if they created cute nouveau MREs that taste like crap.

  • Jimmy P

    Gotta keep the Momma’s boys happy I suppose.

  • Peter McDonald

    With all the “C” rations that I was around … and ate….I never once thought to keep any of it for a “memento … not one… I just got rid of all the MRE’s that were around for the last 10 years or so…. So I am kind of just coasting on my fading memories of all of that kind of stuff…. I always thought we should give a lot of that type of material to the Boy and Girl Scouts….They would mess with it until it really tasted and worked better……

  • walkerny

    WOW, no gay or women’s angle in this story!

    • Stefan S.

      Oh it will be eventually.

  • daniel

    Tasty mre

    Hhahahahaha bahahahaha hah hah har har heh….

    Wait, this isnt comedy central, they are serious?


  • Beaster55

    Come on everyone. There was nothing like opening a Spegetti and meatball with tomatoe sauce C Rate in temps below zero and trying to heat it up on the exhaust of a M60A1Rise or M88 or a M109. Those where the days. Yep and YUK!