Adaptive Tactical’s New Forend for Pump Shotguns


Adaptive Tactical just unveiled its new Wraptor Elite Forend for Remington and Mossberg pump-action shotguns.

“The patented design of the Wraptor Elite Forend was specifically developed for Remington 870 and Mossberg 500, 88 & 590 pump action shotguns,” according to a recent press release.“The forend allows the user a comfortable, ambidextrous grip and the ability to add multiple accessories using the included tri-rail configuration.”

The Wraptor doubles as a heat shield and comes with an integrated patented “sight tunnel” allowing the user to rapidly attain a sight picture for faster target acquisition, according to the release.

It’s made from a high-impact polymer and features a top rail and two side rails for easy to reach mounting of accessories.

The Wraptor weighs one pound and retails for $49.95.

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  • FormerActionGuy

    Nothing better than obscuring your target with all kinds of attachments. No Thanks. But the armchair commando mall ninja’s will love it.

  • Airborne_fister

    If Hillary is nominated buy ever gun toy you can.

  • Snow

    When in comes to shotguns, I like KISS. This does not fall into that category.

  • LIAM

    …if you can not hit the target with a shotgun…you should not have a weapon!!

    • Larry


      You probably know this already, but I hope you do know that a shotgun is not really a point and shoot weapon. You actually do have to aim and be in range for whatever shell you are using to do any good. Yes, one or more pellets may hit what you are pointing at, but that is very different than the shell being able to stop whatever threat you are dealing with.


      • MDisRed

        Larry, it’s generally used in close quarters and the bells and whistles aren’t really needed. I believe that’s the case Liam was making.

      • MDisRed

        And yes, a shotgun can be used in the point & shoot method. But you probably knew that already…..

  • Eric B.

    I have a Benelli M1. Short barrel, long magazine and pistol grip. Great setup for turkeys, both wild and home invasion type. It has a red dot sight that works very well. Aiming IS important.