CamelBak Unveils New Water Purifier at AUSA 2015

CamelBak showed off its compact, new water purification device at the Association of the United States Army annual meeting.

The Microbiological Advanced Purification System connects to the base of CamelBak Maximum Gear bladders and the drinking tube connects to the top of the device.

The purifier will turn dirty, stagnant water into clean, drinking water, CamelBak officials maintain. Suction from the drinking tube pulls the water through a special membrane that removes debris as well as bacteria and viruses.

“This is designed to purify water out of a mud puddle that looks like chocolate milk,” said Scott Wing of CamelBak.

Once you’ve emptied the bladder, contaminates can be drained from the filter though a special tube by squeezing a simple pump several times.

Drinking through the purifier is much easier than similar systems on the market because it has a “very high flow rate,” said Betsy Leggat, senior Military Program Manager.

CamelBak teamed up with a company call Nepros, which traditional designs purifiers for the medical field, Leggat said.

The M.A.P.S. weighs about six ounces and is scheduled to be released this spring. CamelBak officials do not have a retail price yet, but said it is scheduled to cost about $125 through GSA.

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  • rob crawford

    This is good…hope the cost is reasonable.

    • 1c3x1

      The article states the cost…

    • dude911

      Cost is listed. Doesnt say who the cost is to maintain it. How much does the replacement filters cost? Thats where they get you on retail units.

  • LIAM

    better than having to pump the water all the time…just fill and go.!

  • Docc C

    Since there wasn’t any info on the filters efficiency or effectiveness I would be more worried about The Full and go part. There are what seems to be hundred of water filters that claim to do the every same thing, But The military needs more then clean water for dirty water How about NBC contaminates?

  • Tom

    Sawyer water filters have been compatible with Camelback and similar bladders for years, and offer 0.1 micron absolute filtering.

  • Airborne_fister

    Here’s the thousand dollar question. After spending days upon days on top of mountains in Afghanistan. And spending time in Iraq. Can you blow the water back into the bladder? Worst thing ever is a frozen tube or your first few pulls from the tube being scolding hot. And by hot I mean mre heater hot.

    • Eggshen

      Been there, done that…great friggin question.

  • Pete C

    A search from the company Camelbak has partnered with (Nephros) came up with this filter that at least in appearance, seems like the same filter. There is a better description and specs. The filter media is hollow fiber technology like the Sawyer but with a much finer pore size of .005. In comparison, the popular Sawyer filter has a hollow fiber pore size of .1. The Sawyer PointZEROTWO purifier has a pore size of .02 but has the reputation for clogging quickly and will need to be back-flushed often. It will be interesting to see if they have figured out a way to reduce clogging in this unit. I think it’s important to note that like similar hollow fiber filters with no secondary carbon filter element, this filter will not reduce any chemical contaminants, so caution should be taken if chemical contamination is suspected. For streams and water sources is most parts of the US, this is probably ok. In areas where heavy fertilizer and pesticide use is common (farm areas) or where heavy pollution is present, a secondary carbon filter would help reduce chemical contaminants.

    • Slag

      What about pre-filtering with a bandana like the old timers were taught to do?

  • Jango Soprano

    Probably one of the coolest things I have seen for grunt kit gear in a while! I had one of the first camelbaks when they came out. They were reasonably priced. Taking a look at some of the new ones, wow! The price has really gone up.

  • Mitch11B

    If you think Camelbak bladders are good, you really need to check out the Source brand products. Much better bladders all around.

    As far as dealing with chemical contaminants you will need an additional in line charcoal filter.

    • Airborne_fister

      Yes rock a camel back until the bladder blew. Picked up a source bladder complete. Easier to use. No biting and suckin. Can reverse refill oh and if you want ice just open the top. Unlike the camel back where your spilling most the ice you attempt to put into that tiny hole. Don’t forget you pop off the hose with a full bladder guess what nothing happens. No leaking water or water draining. Gotta love the fact too that if you to rinse your hands or eye pro. Just turn the nozzle and watch the stream flow. Too easy there airborne!

  • IAC

    @ $125, they’ll need to bring the cost way down to be competitive.

    • Eli

      You can buy 8 Sawyer minis for that price.

  • Artimus

    Be careful! The company Nephros printed on the filter has had FDA warning letters (as early as of May 2015) and previous filter recall alerts issued by the FDA due to filter failures.

    • Truth

      Im pretty sure Camelbak knows full well about the FDA Warning letters before they made the agreement. Do you work for Cascade?

    • armyman

      As an interested party, I have looked into that whole situation and it is completely irrelevant. Nephros does not manufacture the filters, the issue had to do with a lack of due diligence at the Nephros office – which by the way has been completely cleared up as they have revamped their processes and hired quality control experts. Nevertheless the filters are manufactured overseas and will be shipped to Camelbak who will do their own quality inspections. Camelbak has a superior history with regard to quality control and I have full faith in their products. Nephros has little to do with Camelbak’s product, they are not even a middleman, they simply hold the intellectual property rights to the design of the filtering device derived from technology that was invented and is manufactured by a European company and further designed and now implemented by Camelbak.

      I am very excited about this new technology as it is far superior to anything the military has offered to date.