Custom Knife-Maker Sells Miniature Cleavers

(Photo courtesy Stonewood Designs)


A custom knife-maker near Buffalo is selling miniature cleavers for as much as $475 apiece.

Stonewood Designs, based in the upstate New York town of Cheektowaga, is advertising on its website an assortment of diminutive designs in varying shapes and sizes. The blades are more stylish than practical, complete with a hole in the handle for a ball chain (included in the purchase).

One cleaver that recently sold for $265 measured just over three inches in length and featured a stainless steel blade, antiqued copper handles and Kydex sheath (see pictures above and below).

Another purchased for $475 was more than seven inches long and, in addition to a stainless steel blade, featured black linen micarta handles with carbon fiber liners and a leather sheath (see pictures below).


While sleek, the blades don’t seem very practical — unless perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation to Aron Ralston, who while hiking in Utah in 2003 cut off his own forearm with a pocketknife to free himself from a boulder. The incident inspired the movie, “127 Hours.”

But perhaps we’re missing something. What might be some possible practical or tactical uses for a super expensive mini cleaver?

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  • Larry

    Well, as I suspected, they are neck knives (small and simple knives worn around the neck for emergency use or easy access) and not just miniatures, so there is a purpose for them.

  • LIAM

    For that price…..Id rather chew my arm off….

    • Larry

      Most definitely! It’s only worth it if you appreciate and want to pay for all the little detail work that he puts into each one. For me…not worth it.

  • Snow

    It looks like it would be useful for dressing out and quartering squirrels. The price, I guess it depends on how many squirrels you butcher every year.

  • LIAM

    I see no practical use other than if you are a collector!!