Emdom USA’s New Lighter, Stronger MALICE Clips


If you live to lighten your kit, Emdom USA’s new Fight Light MALICE Clips might help you shave a few ounces of your MOLLE gear.

“These are identical in function to the previous version, but they’re thinner, lighter, stronger, and much easier to weave,” according to Emdom officials.

The new clips come in long and short sizes. Short MALICE clips have two locking positions, while long MALICE clips have only one. Short MALICE clips will work with most any ALICE clip compatible pouch. The short clips can be used to mount ALICE pouches to MOLLE platforms.

The new MALICE clips are Coyote brown and come in sets of four — $5 for the shorts, $6 for the longs.

About the Author

Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at Military.com. He can be reached at matthew.cox@military.com.
  • SAM

    I still don’t like them.

  • Lance

    Take ALICE over standard MOLLE gear any time, now you can stile use your MOLLE vest though.

    • 1c3x

      Classic Lance

  • IAC

    I imagine they’ve been tested.
    Alice clips didn’t break.

    • Marc

      Yes they did break, and came undone, and rubbed holes in clothes and skin; MALICE is a huge improvement over ALICE.

  • defensor fortismo

    How is this different than the revised version tactical tailor released months ago? http://soldiersystems.net/2015/03/10/tactical-tai

    • Emdom USA

      These are the same thing. Made by Tactical Tailor. We supply them with our products and sell them separately in sets of 4.

  • Casey

    These are actually Tactical Tailor’s new clips, just being resold by Emdom.

    • Jon

      Yep, and they are also 10x easier to weave through pals webbing.

      I highly recommend them.

      • Jon

        10x easier than the previous version that is.

    • Emdom USA

      Casey, you’re absolutely right. These are designed and made by Tactical Tailor, not us.

  • 1C3

    It seems like new products have to be a 2000% increase from the prior generation, to garner the approval from everyone. Easier to weave, yes. Weight savings, a bit. Improvement over ALICE, absolutely. Worth upgrading all your gear to this, ehh idk, your mileage may vary.

    No one is saying ALICE doesn’t work, it just has a lot of short comings compared to modern products.

  • USMC1985

    ALICE is the best forever. No not really.

  • straps

    1. It’s funny that neither EMDOM nor the author of this post point out that this is a Tactical Tailor product. TT includes them on “Fight Light” kit it sells.

    2. The main reason for this enhancement is the popularity of the HSGI TACOs, which are notoriously tightly sewn. Also, less material, same manufacturing process for the same price.

    • Emdom USA

      Thank you for pointing this out. We’ve revised our products page to show that these clips are designed and made by Tactical Tailor, not us. I hope Matthew and Kit Up update this post accordingly.

  • Patriot on a String

    I have had Alice clips get loose but my gear stayed on. Why? Because the clip was upside down ‘U’ with a catch on the gear side.. These are more prone to break at the top in the flex over bend and drop your gear… Or if the fastener snatch comes loose still drop your gear… In the heat of battle with pressures from hitting the ground, slamming a wall from an infantry stand point you don’t need to reach for something with bullets flying and it’s not there… That same pressure made very tight webbing stretch allowing the Alice clip to get loose and its metal… Testing apparently was with ‘Light Infantry.’

    • Casey

      Have you ever broken a MALICE clip?

  • Patriot on a String

    Wasn’t ‘Light Infantry’ approved… Spell check… Hell even the pressures from doing a jump has ripped my stuff…

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  • LIAM

    Lets face it….the Malice clips ARE a good idea….But i have serious issues with them….they break to much and have to be constantly replaceed….simply put we need a harder yet more flexable material! NUFF SAID!!