Magpul’s New Enhanced Magazine Release


Magpul’s new AR Enhanced Magazine Release is now available.

The EMR “provides an enlarged contact surface for quick and fumble free magazine changes,” Magpul officials maintain.

It features bolt-on installation with no gunsmithing required. The Enhanced AR Magazine Release is made of Mil-Spec hard anodized aluminum to provide durability and light weight, Magpul says.

It’s compatible with most 5.56mm and 7.62mm pattern receivers. It retails for $19.95.

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  • Slow_Joe_Crow

    This is a double edged sword, making it easier to release the magazine also makes it easier to accidentally drop your magazine. Weapons Man has a post here that talks about the history of the “fence” around the AR magazine release which was added to prevent accidental magazine releases. Putting a big button on top of the fence recreates the problem that recessing magazine release solved.

    • Magpul

      The height of the Magpul button is not any higher than the stock one and it does not rise above above the protective fence of the lower forging

  • lee

    where can i get one?

  • ding

    This seems like a solution looking for a problem, I guess a southpaw might find it useful but, I’ve never once missed that button in the thousands of speed reloads we practice. Now the bolt release on the other hand that thing could be a tad bigger.


    The profit on this part has to be 1000 %. There is really no reason why aftermarket manufacturers have to charge rip off prices for their parts. For example AR -15 aftermarket trigger packs. Many cost half to a third of what a new rifle costs, and the stamped and machined parts these trigger packs are made from are worth a few pennies. Yeah, I know, its the Intellectual Property that makes these parts so expensive. I say bunk. The manufacturers can earn a decent profit and sell their wares at reasonable prices. If they did, they would sell a lot more. Makers of traditional products would kill to earn the profits that these gun parts bring.

    • Fritzthedog

      Have a look at liability insurance costs and taxes imposed on gun part manufacturers- it’s eye opening.
      Agreed that the simple parts are sold at ridiculous prices but the market is supporting this….thats the shooting community.
      Re: AR aftermarket triggers….I’ve had very few hand-fitted triggers work as well as a Geissele out of the box.
      That’s my $.02 ….worth everything you’ve paid for it!