Magpul’s Glock 19 PMAG Shipping Soon

Magpul’s new polymer pistol magazine designed for the Glock 19 will be available later this month.

The  PMAG 15 GL9 has the same features as the original Magpul polymer pistol for the Glock 17 — an easily-removable floor plate, full-magazine indicator and extremely strong, lightweight polymer construction, Magpul officials said at the Association of the United States Army’s annual meeting.

And at $15.95 each, the GL9 is less expensive than standard Glock magazines, said Magpul’s Jared Pollock.

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  • VTGunner

    They’d be better if they had the metal lining in them like the original Glock mags

    • Magpul

      The single material, internally reinforced polymer is lighter while being as strong as the unreinforced polymer over a stamped metal frame like the OEM Glock magazine uses

  • Hank

    I think the purpose of the metal lining is to make Glock mags drop free. Are the Magpuls drop free?

    • Guest


    • john

      do they drop free, or do you push the button?

  • A-10 Wurthug

    It’d be better if they talked about a better pistol, the 1911.

    • A-10 Wurthug

      The glock is impractical for any kind of use wether it be military, or civilian.

      • Milks

        Why? Please explain.

        • msgingram

          It is a piece of crap that is why.

          • justagrunt1137

            Well that’s a truly intelligent reply. Is that in the same vein as “because I said so” and “liar liar pants on fire?”

          • greg

            the mindless drivel here is astonishing, glocks are crap….really???

      • justagrunt1137

        Trolling much?

    • say NO to PUTIN

      I agree with it not being in the military but civilian use i think is okay.

      • Hank

        I believe the Glock was originally developed to meet a military requirement. It is currently standard issue in numerous military’s around the world.

        • msgingram

          Because it is cheap, not because it is a good weapon.

    • VTGunner

      I’m sure all of those SOF units that pretty much all use Glocks will quickly switch from the Glock to the 1911 after your expert analysis which far outpaces their real world experience

      • msgingram

        They use what they are told to use, not what is the best for the job or what they want. Good soldiers do what they are told to do.

  • Scars Beat Tats

    The original Glock mags were not drop free and did not have the metal liner. They dropped free when they were empty.

    But why is this even something?
    Magpul is fixing a non existent problem when they could be making a case for Samsung S5 actives.

    • 45k20e4

      They’re not trying to “fix” anything.

      Magpul is a business. They have a good reputation, and they see profit in offering Glock mags.

    • Hank

      They are giving you a choice, their mags or Glock mags.

  • Joe

    Hi I’m from the Internet, I’m here to give you all the answers in life as it pertains to firearms.
    1. Glocks suck.
    2. There is no God but John Moser Browning, and Jeff Cooper is his prophet.
    3. A 9mm cant kill a human.
    4. A .45 ACP blank was used to launch the first spacecraft.
    5. I carry a .45 because they DO make a .46 but I’m to stupid to acknowledge that.
    6. The only reason MARSOC chose the Glock 19 to supplant the 1911 for damn near everything was because Marines like to suck up to the British and the entire British military adopted the Glock 17 Gen 4 because they have less real world combat experience than A-10 Wurt Hogan and his pals from the VSO gunot channel do. Fact.

    • JFONAV

      Thank you, I was thinking along the same lines.

    • Couch Potato Prepper

      This may in fact be the greatest Internet post ever.

  • Mason P.

    Been to the dessert with a Glock. Been to the jungle with a Glock. Been on and in salty ocean with Glock. Never had one single problem. Some of my cohorts chose sigs and 1911s. They had issues because they chose poorly. Most of my unit now carry Glocks due to lessons learned in various combat zones.

    • msgingram

      Oh yeah where and what unit as the glock is not approved by any unit of the US military. I carried a .44 mag. in my ruck that does not make it a issue weapon nor does it make it the best it is just what I wanted.

      • justagrunt1137

        …and try again. Must of us silly boys that finished the schoolhouse at Bank Hall have never touched an M9 again. When I got to my team, the first thing I noticed in the arms room was a sad row of M9s collecting dust in the corner and the Glock 19s neatly in a row at the front of the arms room waiting to leave on deployment with us. I know, baaaad boys not playing by the rules, baaaad

      • Bo Ginn

        AND many of us love our high-powers’ by John Browning: Year after year!

      • Brad

        While the links above reference Marines, Glock pistols in 9mm are used by every service component of Special Operations Command.

        • CaptainDoc

          Like all regulations someone is going to supercede, alter, or other means of sidestepping. Glocks are not authorized by the GSA or any other purchasing dept. of the US military system. Even the border patrol is using the Beretta. There is not one Glock that meets or passed government test or specifications. There is always someone that knows more or most of the time less than what is required and has an opinion of what should be used for whatever but remember this: We all signed on to do what we are told, so just do what you have been told to do and get on with your assignments. If and when Glock produces a firearm that meets the specs. then they will be authorized as they are the cheapest firearm on the market and we always go to war with the lowest bidder. By the way SOC has not authorized the use of the Glock, that is someones decision from the team deploying. Officially the Beretta is what is issued and authorized whether or not we like it or not.

          • Brad

            Did you even read the MARADMIN I linked as a reference? The Glock 19 has been assigned a Table of Authorized Material Control Number (TAMCN) by the Marine Corps Supply System. The Glock 19 was purchased by USSOCOM and issued to MARSOC units. MARSOC units who use it are authorized to conduct USMC pistol qualification for score using the Glock 19. That is what the MARADMIN states.

            MARSOC also issues and usees the M9 and the M45 as stated in the reference. Regular components issue the M9 and M9A1 exclusivly.

            I made my previous statement in reply to ‘msgingram’ who stated that no unit of the US Military approves the use of a Glock pistol. I provided two separate sources of info that MARSOC issues and has approved for use the Glock 19, to prove otherwise.

            A little research will tell you that the other service components assigned to USSOCOM also officially procure, issue, approve the use of, and maintain Glock pistols.

            BTW Glocks are all over GSA procurement as almost every Federal Law Enforcement agency also officially authorizes or issues them for duty use.

            Not a fan, just facts. Glock Pistols are simple and durable. They are easy to clean and repair in the field. They are lightweight and accurate. Some soldiers, sailors and Marines in Special Operaions are issued them and authorized to use them. Some choose to use them over the other issued alternatives.

            Why are the above facts so hard to understand?

          • Brad

            Oh, and the MAGPUL magazines for Glock work great. MAGPUL puts out a great product at a great price. Much respect.

  • big daddy

    I have the Magpul g17 mags and they work fine so far, hundreds of rounds through each. Not in the field just at the ranges but so far they have taken a lot of rounds and being dropped and I have no issues. The feed lips are fine and they fit tight.

  • Couch Potato Prepper

    I just grabbed a couple of ETS Polymer mags for testing – 22 rounds for Glock 17.

    They are light, but they drop free loaded and empty. Have not gotten them to the range yet. I like that it is translucent, and that you can see exactly how many rounds you have.