How to Use Mission-Specific Kit for Ops

Retired Command Sergeant Major T.S. Decker provides some helpful information on how to use mission-specific kit for tactical operations.

Decades ago, troops donned a pistol belt made of canvas to carry a sidearm with holster, magazines, a canteen, a first aid kit, and compass pouch, he said. In the modern era, they wear something similar but with synthetic material that’s more lightweight and durable — in addition to body armor, he said.

If the video isn’t loading on your smart phone, you can watch it here:

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Brendan McGarry
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  • Stefan S.

    Maybe good for civilians but any operator/door kicker knows this already.

  • Kevin G.

    Good stuff unfortunately regular army units aren’t willing to go with three different setups. At least the last time I was on the line it was body armor.

  • Marc

    This is why my armor is slick, I can go just armor or throw a mission specific chest rig over it; no worries of getting hung up if I have to get in the turret either. I had 3 chest rigs to choose from, depending on the mission, and daily wear duty belt when I was on the MiTT.