Pistols, Carbines and Sniper Rifles Stolen from Armory


Talk about lax security.

More than a dozen firearms including pistols, carbines and sniper rifles have been stolen from an armory in Massachusetts, according to news reports.

Ten unspecified type of pistols, six M-4 carbines and “several” long guns, presumably sniper rifles, were snatched from the Lincoln Army Reserve Center, located about 40 miles west of Boston in the city of Worcester, according to articles in The Daily Beast and The Associated Press.

The break-in didn’t set off any alarms, possible due to the fact that the facility is currently undergoing construction, the articles stated. The missing weapons have been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they stated.

Inside job, perhaps?

As one reader wrote in a comment on Military.com, “Everyone assigned to this place should be polygraphed and questioned.”

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Brendan McGarry
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  • Travis

    Any idea if this theft could be ISIS-related? Are the authorities considering that? The attacks in Paris, then suddenly weapons are stolen from a military armory? It’s a little too troubling to be written off as mere coincidence.