LWRCI Touts It’s Affordable New DI Rifle

LWRC International's new Direct Impingement rifle.LWRC International's new Direct Impingement rifle.

LAS VEGAS — LWRC International officials touted their new direct-impingement rifle as comparable to any of the rifles in its IC line but a lot cheaper than the piston-driven models.

The LWRC-DI features a 16.1 inch hammer-forged barrel, Monoforge upper, modular one-piece free float rail and fully ambidextrous lower controls — magazine release, bolt catch/release and selector switch.

“If we are going to do it, we are going to do it right, and we are going to do in a way that it has a lot of the same features and functions as the IC line has,” LWRCI spokesman Dave Golladay said at SHOT Show 2016 last week.

The new DI, however, is 6.6 pounds and retails for $1,599 compared to the piston-driven IC models that average about 7.3 pounds and retail for about $2,300.

“We needed to have an entry-level price point,” Golladay said. “It’s still not at the bottom, but it is an affordable price point.”

The new DI also features an angled ergonomic Fore Grip, Mil-Spec 6-position buffer tube and LWRCI proprietary advanced DI Bolt Carrier group with keyless gas key.

“The LWRCI-DI was born out of the U.S. Military M4 PIP program that called for longer barrel life, ambi-charging handle and safety, more reliable bolt carrier group and user configurable floating rail system”, says David Ridley, Senior vice president sales and marketing.


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  • Geronimo!

    I will be getting one of these.

  • iac

    $1599 for an entry level gun ?
    That’s a damn high door to enter !

  • iac

    $1599 for an entry level gun ?

    That’s a damn high door to enter !

  • Norm

    So….700 hundred dollars is the difference between a gas block and gas tube, and a gas block, gas regulator and piston. It’s hard to see how the piston setup can boost the cost that much. That’s almost half the total cost of the DI weapon, and almost a third the cost of the piston gun by themselves. Uhh…. Sure.

    • steelcobra

      Especially since going to overhead piston instead of in-carrier linear piston a spec AR has introduces carrier tilt problems.

  • ed9339

    once again we are missing the bayonet lug.

  • Patriot123

    Just as I was finishing my Franken build this beauty pops up. Just my luck.