MasterPiece Arms Offers New 9mm Carbine

The new MPA9300DMG 9mm carbine. Photo: Masterpiece Arms.The new MPA9300DMG 9mm carbine. Photo: Masterpiece Arms.

MasterPiece Arms is now offering its new 9mm carbine with all-aluminum lower receiver from the new DMG (Defender, Machined, Grip) Series.

The MPA9300DMG is based on the 930DMG Pistol and features a free-floating handguard, side cocking handle, side folding stock, scope mount and a 16.2 inch barrel.

The new carbine weighs five pounds, uses standard Glock-style magazines and includes a low-profile magazine release.

It retails for $966.

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  • LIAM

    nice set up….me thinks!!

  • mavricxx

    WOW, LOVE THIS GUN! Sucks for the price it doesn’t even come with back up sights/iron sights. Can’t wait to see it in Shot Show 2016 and see it in action.

  • Eric B.

    For a “pistol cartridge” carbine I much prefer my Fabrique Nationale PS90. Much flatter shooting and has three times the range of a 9 mm.

    There is a reason so many U.S. gov’t. agency protective units use it (short barrel, full auto P90 version). The 50 round magazines and concealable profile make it ideal for Secret Service and Diplomatic Protective units.

    • Rick

      If you think a lot of people are using the P90 you are completely wrong. Short M4s are 100x more popular. I havent seen a P90 anywhere for years.

      • mavricxx

        Not to mention it looks ugly as hell.

  • Sandy

    will they make this in .45ACP?

  • CSARmedic

    Looks cool but mostly useless and for 1k…$