Army Camouflage Makes Statement at Oregon Standoff

Ammon Bundy, center, one of the sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, walks off after speaking with reporters during a news conference at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters Monday, Jan. 4, 2016, near Burns, Ore. Bundy, who was involved in a 2014 standoff with the government over grazing rights told reporters on Monday that two local ranchers who face long prison sentences for setting fire to land have been treated unfairly. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)Ammon Bundy, center, one of the sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, walks off after speaking with reporters during a news conference at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters Monday, Jan. 4, 2016, near Burns, Ore. Bundy, who was involved in a 2014 standoff with the government over grazing rights told reporters on Monday that two local ranchers who face long prison sentences for setting fire to land have been treated unfairly. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Ammon Bundy, one of the sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, is getting a storm of media attention these days as the man at the center of the standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge between ranchers and the federal government over grazing rights.

But here at Kit Up, we’re interested in knowing more about the guy standing next to him in the photograph above — the one who appears to be wearing MultiCam, the camouflage pattern that resembles the one recently adopted by the U.S. Army.

For background, the service last year adopted an updated version of the Scorpion camouflage pattern, known officially as the Operational Camouflage Pattern, or OCP. It’s based in part on a pattern developed jointly by the Army’s Natick Labs and Crye Precision, a company that sells a commercial variant known as MultiCam that the Army selected in 2010 as its official pattern for Afghanistan.

While the man in the photograph may, at first glance, look like a soldier, he may just be playing the part.

In addition to the camouflage uniform and matching boonie cap, he’s also wearing commercially available tactical patches bearing the America flag and such logos as “Liberty or Death: Don’t Tread on Me” with an accompanying scull and cross bones, “In God We Trust,” and “We the People.”

He’s certainly making a statement, the question is what exactly. What do you think — bad ass  or mall ninja?

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  • JCitizen

    I can’t comment on these guys at all; but I do think the federal government is systematically throwing ranchers and other business families off ground that was historically in their families for over 100 years. Was it their land – NO – that is NOT the point. The point is, that the BLM has been caving into the creation worshipers, that man is infecting mother earth, and should be banished from open wild areas forever. It is so obvious as the nose on everyone’s face! So now the icon of American resilience, self determination, and Western idealism is been crushed under the jack boot of federal thugs. I don’t need new facts to see that happening, but we do need the facts in what is actually happening to these people, and I mean the accurate details. However, we can’t trust the news media to give us just the straight facts, and I think that is also being done on purpose. They want us thinking they are just a bunch of domestic terrorist, and maybe they are, but if there is any substance to their protest, we are in big trouble as a country. The good ol’ USA will turn into a country of grey legal instances, dependence on government for everything including food and water, and you will see our freedoms go out the window faster than ISIS could possible dream of realizing! They, [FEMA I think] were actually thinking of outlawing food preservation equipment after the Ruby ridge fiasco! Little did I know that my canning I did as a kid to help my mother and father keep us in food would become an object of “terrorism” – This came about by executive order in National Defense Resources Preparedness, directing Homeland Security the power to confiscate ANY amount of food, fuel, or other goods for any reason, that is stockpiled for personal disaster preparedness. it is flat disgusting what our government is doing to freedom loving persons all over our country, and a day of reckoning will happen when just the Joe and Jill Sixpacks of the land stand up in total disgust and say they have just flat had enough of it!!

    • steve

      What do you think — bad ass or mall ninja? That was too tough?

      • JCitizen

        Have no idea – can’t really comment without knowing the guy and/or the source of the patches he wears. I’m not up to the latest “fashion” statements.

        • straps

          Source of his patches: Gadsen & Culpepper, which he clicked from Worldnet or Infowars–probably too MSM for you…

    • Freddy

      Yeah bro, this rant would be much more appropriate on some other website.

    • robert armstrong

      let the people of the united states of america know mostly the veterans the are the ones who realy need to know bob a

    • straps

      FEMA doesn’t hold the statutory power you’re alleging, and absent a Presidential Disaster Declaration (more people want them than get them), won’t come to your town to pump flood water, clear debris or set up re-education camps with death panels in them. And even if they did, they’d be buying commercially-produced food for months after you went through your last jar of canned whatever.

      DHS (FEMA’s parent agency) is another entity, and voters should be speaking to their Congressional representatives about that agency’s structures and functions. Bush 43 and his go-along Congress consolidated a LOT of power under DHS, and not enough thought went into checks and balances. MOST of DHS’s rank & file personnel make wise tactical decisions and respect the authority of local law enforcement. Most.

  • straps

    This is what POTUS meant when he said that you can put on a varsity uniform whether you’re skilled or not.

    Sure sign of toolbaggishness is the fastened collar. Tried for mall ninja, couldn’t get past the psych.

    • shooter

      Maybe he’s just cold…

  • Freddy

    In response to your question, it is pretty well established that these guys are complete stolen valor wannabes with too much time on their hands. They could be a lot more useful to society if they could hold down steady jobs and actually contribute something. and

    • JCitizen

      It isn’t surprising that scumbags would glom onto any conflict or similar cause that has even a slight chance of being legitimate. I’m not surprised the farmers actually going to jail, want nothing to do with them.

    • Justa Vet

      Established by who? A bunch of wannabe internet experts that don’t have the SACK to make a stand for what they believe in. Like the mall ninja or whatever guy. He may or may not be trained, but he is there with his brothers and sisters on his right and on his left.

  • Freddy

    There’s something very creepy about grown men who aren’t in the military dressing up like soldiers. The guys in Oregon are playing Airsoft with real guns.

    • Tom

      Many a hunter looks just like that guy.

      • Ethan

        Don’t forget now days plenty of Law Enforcement out there I can differentiate from Military as well. Not just the uniforms but weapons and equipment too.

  • BoyScout4Life

    I saw a video on YouTube where he is a prior Marine and is saying good-bye to his your daughters because he is off to fight for Liberty and the Constitution of these United States. So that they will have a Free Future. I’am not sure if this is the right fight. I see the facts on both sides and agree with some and disagree with some. I think the Bundy’s are seeking their 15 minutes of fame all over again. So to the question… my answer is, .He is a bad-ass mall ninja. Not an operator, but quite skilled and prepared to fight for what he believes in. Just as Patriots did against old King George…..

  • Josh

    Mall Ninja, in the pic it appears he’s wearing black boots

    • JCitizen

      Perhaps Desert boots are too cold?

      • Dustin

        There are plenty of winter boots in tan. The Army issues them for one.

        If I were to find any of this interesting at all, I would find the guy in Kryptek more interesting, one of the final 4 patterns in the Army’s competition. Everyone and their mom has been using Multicam for the past decade. I’m not sure why it’s even worth commenting on.

  • crashonhead

    Mall ninja & Stolen Valor wannabe operator.

    • Guest

      Stolen valour you say? Where’s the medals he failed to earn? Or maybe he’s wearing camo to, y’know, camouflage himself? After all, multicam is pretty effective- that’s why the Army eventually adopted it after 12 years of war…

  • KissMyWookiee

    Do the commenters who are making “stolen valour” claims not realize that wearing multicam (or any other camouflage) does not stolen valour make!?

    If he was also wearing Army/Air-Force/Navy/Marines insignia or wording then they’d have a point … otherwise such claims are utterly without merit. I seriously hope these “stolen valour” claimers are not retired or current military – if they are then they ought to seek out some education on the subject that they claim to know so much about.

    • allwet

      Apparently not.

  • allwet

    Stolen valor.Pay attention to the second word, just suitin up in ute’s makes for for no valor, you’re goin to work. Commendations and V’s make for Valor(usually) , not a set of ACU’s.

    “it is pretty well established that these guys are complete stolen valor wannabes with too much time on their hands….”
    They could be a lot more useful to society if they could hold down steady jobs and actually contribute something…..
    The Washiington Post is a rag you would actually admit to using as a source?
    Did you guys really say “mall ninja”?
    Gotta be true, you found it on the internet.

    The one thing I notice is , they have sacked up….that’s a bit threatening these days it seems.

    • Justa Vet

      Again! established by who? Richard craniums on the internet? Bigger Richard craninums in lamestream lying ass media? All with out enough SACK to take a stand. Taking a stand not any friggin metal “V” on your rack or a commendation letter from some officer’s desk pad.

      I’ll write ya a nice one, it would hold the same weight in combat, if safe, it’s a fire starter.

  • Patriot123

    Mall Ninja. If he was a vet the flag would be on the right side no matter what circumstance he’s in.

    • flapkatt

      really good eye. I totally missed that, even though I seem to have stared at the snap forever. Point well taken.

  • Geronimo!

    So what, hes wearing multicam… everyone does these days. It’s popular for a reason, its the best working general purpose camo for pretty much anywhere CONUS/OCONUS. What if the dude was wearing woodland BDU’s or MARPAT..etc..? Stolen valor? are you kidding me? what about all of the law enforcement officers that wear you question their valor or military service? I am an airborne 19D vet and a current LEO of two different agencies, and have tons of MC kit/uni’s.. however if you just saw me in a pic how would you know that I’ve done nothing but serve my family, God, and country since I was 17 (currently 30)? Why’s he wearing a bush hat? probably cause they’re better than ballcaps for the field. why’s he got his collar turned and velcro’d up? probably to block the wind. Why’s he wearing black boots with MC…maybe because hes in the snow and most boots that are gortex and affordably obtained/issued are in black! The fact that he isn’t smothered down in patches and that his hat is faded makes me more inclined to think that he might actually know and or been around a thing or two.

    • Freddy

      There is NO need to wear camouflage if you are involved in a peaceful protest, as Ammon Bundy and his cohorts claim to be. If you are a peaceful protester wearing camouflage, you are a tool.

      Concerning accusations of stolen valor, I recommend you take the time to read the above links. Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper, Jon Ritzheimer have all publicly lied about their military service. They are also present at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge seizure. Falsely claiming military credentials is stolen valor in my book. It may not rise to the level of violating stolen valor laws, but it is certainly dishonest, immoral, and extremely dishonorable in my book. You are judged by the company you keep.

      You are a dirtbag if you think that lying about military credentials is okay. You are an even bigger dirtbag if you respect people who lie about their military service.

      And, yes, I think that police officers who wear camouflage (of any sort), are playing soldier and look like toolbags. Law enforcement officers should look like law enforcement officers not wannabe operators (whatever an operator may be).

      • balais

        Freedom of expression, yourself, toolbag.

        Read the above links? they have a anti-militia sentiment and axe to grind, who conflate all militia members with the handful who do delve into stolen valor. Congratulations i guess, you are playing into the media narrative.

    • J_P

      All great points, Geronimo. I’m retired LEO myself and an infantry officer who has served twice in the US Army. However, regarding the bush hat…it is better in the field than a ball cap, but this guy isn’t really in the field, is he! His hat is probably faded just because he bought it used at the local military surplus store.

      It really doesn’t matter that he’s wearing military camo, but it’s interesting to note that the main character, Bundy, doesn’t feel a need to wear any. Some folks just feel the need to wear the stuff to look bad-ass…whatever, dude!

    • ed9339

      Cops shouldn’t wear came Jr. you’re Cops conduct Policing operations Policing – enforce the provisions of (a law, agreement, or treaty). Camo is offensive “As in I am going to lay in wait and kill you” so public officials should remain civil not militaristic since Ruby Ridge and Waco the civil law enforcement arm seems to have forgotten that. Stick to the colors of Black, Blue, Gray and Green. Leave camo to hunting, old vets, and the military.

  • LIAM

    Mall Ninja!! Clearly, this guy is trying to psych himself up….wrapping himself is a “Air of being a Warrior”. Granted that Camo has been a fasion statement for some time, I believe that, inspite the issue, this guy is sending out signals that he is a tough guy…..and a s**t magnet for trouble! The issue of land has always been a testy one out west! But this manner is not the way to do it!!

  • Skeeter Maynard

    Soitanly Moe, grow pot in Yellow stone and irrigate it with Old Faithful…I claim Colorado in the name of my dead ancestral lineage.

    Seriously, it’s snowin, a white sheet would benefit the meteorological forecast and the political viewpoint. Start cutting yer eyeholes junior…What will they burn for warmth?

  • HardMacK

    boohoo Brendan McGarry, boohoo

  • Bridget Wuerdeman

    Why don’t you all ask Mr Bundy who the guy in the Camo is instead of water cooler gossiping about who he is?

  • TeXan1111

    They need help please send your donations to them as the mail still delivers. they need food, long underwear and a few fleshlights would be appreciated.

  • ThinRedLine

    I am over 60 years old, A 13 year Marine Corp Vet and retired Law Enforcement Officer. I read everyone talking stolen valor because the guy is wearing camo’s regardless what type of Camo(s), Wearing camo does not constitute “Stolen Valor” nor does it even come close.. The only way to really tell if this guy is trying to steal any valor would be by talking to him face to face. The patches he displays..?, he is just making a statement in his belief..

    Looks to me as though he is dressed for the Wintery NE Desolate Harney County Weather

    Signed: Over 60 and still like camo & LE Black….

  • Ed9339

    The strip mall ranger is not even wearing the flag on the correct side thats the US Army unit patch side the Flag goes to the right aways to the right the place of honor and leadership. Must be a Marine, sorry wet boots.