Walther Unveils New Concealed Carry Pistol

The new Walther PPS M2 is a concealed-carry version of the PPS. Photo: Walther Arms.The new Walther PPS M2 is a concealed-carry version of the PPS. Photo: Walther Arms.

Walter Arms just introduced an updated version of the PPS to its line of personal protection pistols.

The new PPS M2 “is engineered for the concealed carry shooter looking for a slim, 9mm that provides superior concealability while maintaining comfort and accuracy,” according to a recent press release.

It measures one inch wide and features a new, push-button style magazine release for easy operation. It’s equipped with a smooth, light 6.1 pound trigger pull, which improves control and accuracy, according to the release.

“I have been really excited about the PPS M2 since the beginning of its development,” said Adam Blalock, CEO of Walther Arms. “The PPS Classic has been my everyday carry gun for years. It’s a great gun and the idea of improving on the original was challenging … but our team has done it. The engineering enhancements and modifications that create the new M2 truly elevate this pistol into a class of its own.”

The PPS M2 will be available in retail stores in early 2016.

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Matthew Cox
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  • Lance

    Better solution: get a Clock 19 or 42!!!!

    • Lance

      Darn said Glock not clock

      • LIAM

        Clocks have thier uses also!! LOL!!

  • JCitizen

    Am I just speed reading too much, or did they NOT mention what caliber this belly gun was going to be? Seems like that is a critical factor in reporting a news item like this!

    • chuck

      they said 9 mm. But that could be 9mm ours which is. 380.

      • JCitizen

        Thanks chuck – I’d lay bets it is the same size and weight as my XDS. I love that .45 package from Springfield Armory! It would be interesting to see a specification comparison.

  • J. Glover

    Good Articles but if you are going to do technical writing, there is nothing more irritating than a short article with several misspelled words. For those of you who would groan at my comment remember this is someone’s professional job that they get paid for. If you ordered a pork chop from a restaurant and they gave you a cold raw one you wouldn’t like eating it, and you would complain about them not doing their job either.

  • Josh

    The original PPS is offered in both 9mm and .40 S&W, I would guess the M2 would follow suit. I’m actually in the market for one of these.

  • Rob

    Any idea on price?

    • Tom

      Looks like around $400.