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Warm weather is still prevalent, but that’s not going to last.Few people are looking forward to the end of winter, but it’s coming.  I can’t think of a more perfect time to talk about winter, and more importantly snow.

Snow sucks, especially if you have to fight in it. Ask anyone who has done so. The Vertx Overwhite set makes it suck a little less.

There are currently several new snow patterns being developed and released to the market. More so than I can ever remember. For years we only had a handful of choices for snow camouflage: basic overwhites, German “alpine” and, most commonly, just going without. Oddly, there has been a resurgent interest in winter camo the last few years. [click to continue…]


GGG FAL Pouch 1Idaho-based Grey Ghost Gear, which along with Tactical Tailor, was awarded a contract to provide the Marine Corps with night vision goggle pouches, AN/PRC-153 and 152 pouches and 40 mike-mike bandoliers, now has modular FN/FAL magazine pouches commercially available.

“There are a surprising number of FAL owners here in the U.S.,” says GGG’s Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “Many of them prefer a dedicated magazine pouch to a universal or an adjustable one. We were happy to address that need.” [click to continue…]


Revision goggles in the fieldRevision Military, based out of Essex Junction, Vt., recently announced their new Ocumax Plus technology. The company advises they are raising the bar in “next-generation anti-fog coatings” for military eyewear.

Eyewear fogging is one of the leading complaints from soldiers in garrison and in combat. Long patrols, forced ruck marches or even a drastic climate change can cause an annoying and sometimes dangerous fog to form on the lenses of your eye protection. The user is then forced to clear the obstruction while ultimately being distracted from the task or mission at hand. [click to continue…]

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SW8 inch Athletic Breach SZAbout a month and a half ago, Kit Up contributor Chris Hernandez was sent a pair of Smith & Wesson’s “Athletic Breach” boots to review. Hernandez has yet to give the boots a full test, but he jotted down his initial impressions based off what he’s learned, good and bad, from boots he’s worn in the past. A more arduous evaluation is due in a couple months.

First thing: right out of the box, these boots look pretty impressive. They certainly appear well-made, with no obvious weak points. The boots are solidly built, with much thicker material than any other military boot I’ve worn except for the Danners. The first time I put them on it felt like I had armored up my feet. [click to continue…]

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Animus and Fat Cat

Ira LipsonIra Lipson, owner of Southpaw Knives, is a a lefty. He said he got frustrated that a good portion of the knives he was using were tailored to right-handed folks. Lispson constantly found himself tearing the knives apart and altering them to his specs. He eventually got fed up with the process and started Southpaw Knives.

A a retired U.S. Army Warrant Officer, all of Ira’s knives are one of a kind, built by hand. He also stresses to prospective buyers that he puts a working edge on his knives, not a shaving edge. He sharpens them by hand on a belt grinder. All of his knives and sheathes can be made for either left or right hand use. [click to continue…]


BFG-RACKminus-targetvehicleThe Blue Force Gear RACKminus is a minimalist piece of load bearing equipment (LBE), a chest rig half the thickness of a dime and half the weight of a loaded M4 magazine. Some in the tactical community greeted its arrival enthusiastically. Others were dubious at best.

Blue Force Gear’s Brittany DeVane sent Sage Dynamics a RACK Minus carrier to test and evaluate.  She also included one of their Ten Speed Triple Magazine pouches and the Ten Speed Ultra-Light Dump pouch. Here is Sage Dynamics’ Aaron Cowan’s report on the kit.

For those of you who have not seen it, the RACKminus is the thinnest, lightest modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) chest rack currently on the market.  How light?  The BFG website quotes 255 grams, or less than a loaded M4 magazine. [click to continue…]


Domari Nolo and the SHM Loudener

Snake Hound Machine is building something called “The Loudener.” It’s a muzzle blast enhancer. Why—and this is not a rhetorical question—would anyone want a muzzle blast enhancer?

The Loudener is a heavy duty muzzle brake that generates a huge muzzle blast which, according to the company, feels like a .50 cal blast. They claim the Loudener has a legitimate combat application; maybe so, but at least at first glance it seems to be just a toy for people who want their weapons to be extra loud and scary. [click to continue…]

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