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David Reeder and Matt Cox on assignmentI wanted to take a minute to let you know that I’m stepping down as an Associate Editor for Kit Up. It’s been a great ride since Christian Lowe signed me on as a writer a little over three years ago and I’ve enjoyed working with everyone at Military.com. However, I’m now moving to take over as the RECOIL Magazine web editor full time. [click to continue…]


Billet Christmas Ornaments -6

Whether you want them in billet steel or aluminum, these may be just the thing to jolly up your tree, especially if it’s a Charlie Brown Tree because nothing says Christmas like a Charlie Brown Tree with a Kalashnikov hanging on it. Check out Dahmer Arms for more info. They normally do billet grips for AR15, 1911s and Sigs along with some weapon R&D.

The aluminum set comes with 7 ornaments (AR15, AK47, 1911, Glock, Garand style carbine, revolver and Thompson submachinegun). The billet Christmas ornaments come in sets of 3 – an AR, an AK and a 19111, machined from American aluminum in the USA.

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Keeper holster 1There are many custom kydex and leather holsters out there. This makes it easy to yawn and dismiss a new style or manufacturer – I’m not sure that’s a wise idea with the Keeper Holster.

What initially intrigued me most about this holster was that Craig Douglas was somehow associated with it, even peripherally. After listening to Spencer Keeper, the holster’s designer, discuss his design methodology I decided to order one and take it out to the range. If it works as described it would mitigate the issues I have had carrying appendix inside the waistband (AIWB).

The Keeper kydex holster begins with the premise that driving the butt of a handgun into the wearers belly will help with concealment. To this end Spencer has built 2 wedges into the holster; one to push the butt of the gun into the belly, one to push the muzzle away from the body, which (because it is hinged on the belt line) pulls the slide into the body. [click to continue…]


Enhanced BPS in a UH60Army airframes will soon be receiving improved, lighter ballistic protection, according to Redstone Arsenal,. Developed by the Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), the new armor will increase protection while significantly reducing weight.

The recently developed Ballistic Protection System (BPS) was designed specifically to improve the survivability of helicopters, whose changing roles on the battlefield have them lingering in place for long periods of time. It is substantially different from more common armor. [click to continue…]

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Skallywag Razor and Dagger 2

That’s the Skallywag Razor and Skallywag Tactical Dagger from Skallywag Tactical. Skallywag is run by Craig Burhart and his partner Mr. Grey. Skallyway is based out of Marina St. Croix, MN. There they build knives, perform custom work on guns and engage in “think tank – skunk works” development of a very wide array of items – from push daggers to boats 4WD vehicles for disabled persons.

Skallywag Tactical DaggerCraig’s background is in fabrication and electronics while Grey’s is in engineering, knife design and CNC machining. Both were SCUBA diving instructors in the Cayman Islands for about a decade. They came back home to open a fabrication-design engineering center, which has grown very quickly despite being, as Craig describes it, “out in the back woods.” [click to continue…]

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“The Monkey” has announced his first pack design – the “Adapt Pack.”

Based on the Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack (ROP), MSM (MilSpec Monkey) made a few design changes he thought might improve it for his intended needs. He wanted it to be an ambidextrous, lightweight pack with modularity and the ability to compartmentalize and organize equipment both military and civilian users might carry on a daily basis.

It is a nice size; somewhere between EDC pack and small assault pack, with the added benefit of wearing it like a messenger bag if preferred. [click to continue…]




Microtech Defense Industries (MDI) will be releasing a new entry to the polymer rifle magazine market in the next two months.  MDI’s parent company is the same Microtech you are probably familiar with as Microtech Knives; the magazines are called ACMs (Advanced Combat Magazines).

The ACMs will be available in both .308/7.62×61 and 5.56mm; apparently the former will be a 25-round capacity and latter in 30- and 40-round capacities. Constructed of an “advanced, impact modified, UV resistant polymer with low deformity properties,” they’ll be available in ‘Smoke Translucent’, Matte Black, OD Green or Dark earth. [click to continue…]

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