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FWS-I and ENVG III prototype

The Army’s latest weapons sight technology could be a significant breakthrough in how soldiers engage the enemy at night.

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In three years, the Army hopes to start fielding the Family of Weapon Sights-Individual, a new lightweight thermal weapon sight that is designed to communicate wirelessly with the service’s latest Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG).

Linking these two technologies creates a new capability called Rapid Target Acquisition, according to Lt. Col. Timothy Fuller, product manager for Soldier Maneuver Sensors at Fort Belvoir, Va.

The FWS-I mounts on the M4 carbine or the M249 squad automatic weapon. At the push of a button, a soldier can wirelessly transmit the FWS-I’s sight reticle into the wide display screen of the helmet-mounted ENVG III and quickly fire at the enemy target, Army officials said.

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Ike JacketThe sergeant major of the Army would like to make the “Ike jacket” part of the service’s dress uniform.

Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel A. Dailey “has suggested an optional ‘Eisenhower jacket’ to be added as a more appropriate indoor alternative to the black windbreaker jacket,” according to a recent Army press release.

Named after Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the short-waisted, slim-fitting jacket was standard issue in 1944.

The Army adopted the blue Army Service Uniform, or ASU, to replace the green Class A dress uniform in 2006. Adapted from the formal Dress Blues, the dark blue jacket and light blue pants have been a part of Army history since the Revolutionary War. [click to continue…]



ESS just unveiled its new lightweight ballistic Crowbar interchangeable-lens sunglasses.

The Crowbar has Rapid Lens Exchange which features a frameless bottom lens design and innovative “Lens Gate that makes lens exchanges quicker and field of view greater than ever,” ESS officials said in a recent press release.

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G2 Research recently introduced its new 10mm R.I.P. round, the latest in its line of self-defense, fragmenting pistol ammo line.

Is anyone out there familiar with this stuff? It looks impressive; wonder if its effective? R.I.P. stands for Radically Invasive Projectile that’s offered in a range of calibers, from .380 to .45 ACP.

“The key to the R.I.P. round’s devastating effect is its exclusive bullet construction that causes the round to fragment into several separate controlled copper fragments thus causing more bleeding, trauma and pain all designed to stop an attacker quickly,” G2 Research officials said in a recent press release.

The fragments are called Trocars. The .380 round contains seven Trocars. All other R.I.P. rounds contain nine of these nasty little slivers.

“When the R.I.P. round enters the target, the large hollow point creates a huge temporary wound and the individual Trocars peel from the bullet body and spread in a controlled, multi-inch circular wound pattern while the bullet base continues traditional penetration,” the release states.

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Army-M9-1200x800The U.S. Army‘s plan to replace the M9 9mm pistol could result in the large-scale adoption of hollow-point pistol ammunition — a move the U.S. military has refused to even consider for more than 100 years.

The Pentagon’s devotion to full-metal jacket, or ball ammunition, is the result of a 116-year-old guideline in the 1899 Hague Convention that prohibits combat units from using bullets that “expand or flatten easily” inside the human body.

The declaration was ratified by all major powers, except the United States, but the Pentagon has used it as the legal standard to rule out any ammunition other than ball for use in sidearms.

This mindset is changing, however, since the recent release of the Army’s draft solicitation for the Modular Handgun System cites a new Defense Department policy that allows for the use of “special purpose ammunition.” [click to continue…]



Army-OCP-1200x800In the first week of the July 1 rollout, soldiers have been standing in long lines to buy the Army’s new camouflage uniforms in record numbers, according to Army Air Force Exchange Service officials.

Army Combat Uniforms in the new Operational Camouflage Pattern are now available at Military Clothing Sales stores at 20 locations and “demand has been exceptionally high, with the exchange reporting first-day sales in excess of $1.4 million,” according to Debra Dawson, spokeswoman for the Army’s Program Executive Office Soldier.

The Mini Mall at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, sold $300,000 worth of the new camouflage uniforms on July 1, according to store manager Dave Dingwell. [click to continue…]



Knifecenter is offering 40-percent price reduction on Cold Steel’s AK47 Field Knife.

Cold Steel came out with this fixed-blade version of its AK47 folding series earlier this year.

“When we decided to explore designs for a new multi-purpose fixed-blade field knife that would be suitable for military use, we kept coming back to the AK47,” Cold Steel officials maintain.

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