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Techna Clip has announced it will be releasing several new gun belt clips by the end of January 2015.

Techna Clip offers an excellent alternative for carrying a concealed handgun in a holster, Techna Clip officials maintain. It’s a concealable gun clip that easily attaches to your sidearm to deliver a secure, lightweight and discreet carry option.

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IWI US Inc., recently announced the return of the Jericho brand of pistols to the U.S. market.

The Jericho 941, designed specifically for the U.S. market, will be available in both steel frame and polymer frame models.

“Ever since the Jericho was launched in 1990 by – IMI, it has been a very popular pistol for civilians and law enforcement, worldwide,” Michael Kassnar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IWI US, said in recent press release.

“Since it was originally designed based upon the highly regarded CZ-75 model, the Jericho has been imported into the U.S. under several names including Jericho 941 from KBI when first introduced, UZI Eagle from Mossberg and Magnum Research’s Baby Eagle. We are very pleased that the Jericho 941 has come full circle and arrived home here at IWI US.”

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size0 (1)U.S. Army weapons engineers have begun fielding a new lightweight 81mm mortar that’s 14 percent lighter than current 81s.

The new M252A1 81mm mortar is 12 pounds lighter than its predecessor, the M252.

“The new lightweight system reduces the load for dismounted battalion mortar platoons, while retaining the same durability, rates of fire, and range of the legacy system,” Lt. Col. Will McDonough, Product Manager Guided Precision Munitions and Mortar Systems, known as GPM2S, said in a recent Army press release.

The Army began delivering the first 81mm M252A1 systems to units at Fort Bragg, N.C. earlier this month. The goal is to replace all current M525 systems in 2016, Army officials maintain.

The Army began fielding the lightweight M224A1 60mm mortar in 2010.

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U.S. Army testers are scheduled to evaluate an experimental, air-bursting 40mm grenade next summer.

If successful, the Small Arms Grenade Munitions, or SAGM, will transition to Project Manager-Maneuver Ammunition Systems by the end of fiscal year 2015 to become an official Army program of record.

The 40mm counter-defilade round will be twice as lethal as the current 40mm grenade against targets in defilade, according to Army officials from the service’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center.

Grenadiers are not as effective as they could be at delivering accurate fire against enemy behind cover, Army officials maintain.

But to become an Army program of record, “we must demonstrate a certain level of functional reliability over selected target sets,” SAGM Project Officer Steven Gilbert said in a recent Army press release.

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Live Fire Gear has a new version of 550 cord it calls FireCord, a versatile utility cord with flammable inner strands that serve as an emergency fire starter.

The project started out on Kickstarter and reached its funding goal earlier this year.

“FireCord is the next evolution in outdoor gear preparedness,” Live Fire Gear officials maintain.

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SilencerCo today unveiled its new line of Harvester Subsonic 300 Blackout high performance ammunition, designed specifically for silencer-equipped firearms.

The ammunition gives shooters exceptional accuracy and enhanced noise reduction without sacrificing the terminal performance hunters and marksmen expect, SilencerCo officials maintain.

Silencer-optimized Harvester Subsonic 300 BLK rounds enable groups in the sub-minute of angle (MOA) range, or less than 1 inch per 100 yards of distance to target. The ammo combines this best-in-class accuracy with the stopping power of a 220 grain projectile, plus unrivaled sound suppression, according to SilencerCo officials.

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Recover Tactical recently announced the release of its new Recover BC2 grip and rail system for the Beretta 92/96 series of pistols.

The Beretta grip and rail system follows on the success of Recover’s CC3 grip and rail for 1911s, Recover officials say. The patented design of the BC2 adds a fully functional Picatinny rail to the Beretta and can be easily installed in about three minutes without a gunsmith.

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