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Grey Ghost Precision Specter 1

The Specter Heavy is a “Designated Marksman Rifle class long gun” from Grey Ghost Precision. It’s an AR15 chambered in .308. The Specter Light is it’s 5.56mm cousin. They are the first two complete rifles built by Mega Arms, which heretofore built just pieces and parts.

. GGP4

Grunts: heretofore.

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Dark Angel Medical 2

Medical kits save lives – not just outside the wire, but here every day at home. Unfortunately not everyone has access to one; fewer still know what to do when things go wrong.

Numerous options for medical preparation have become available. The D.A.R.K. kit from Dark Angel Medical itself has evolved – it has also saved some lives.


Kerry “Pocket Doc” Davis (founder of Dark Angel Medical and designer of the D.A.R.K.) asks his students at every class to let him know if they ever use his gear or his training in an actual event. He recently announced the last two saves – #21 and #22 respectively. This is exactly why we should all have access to a medical kit, on our person, in our briefcase, in the car. D.A.R.K., MBOK, Slim Line or NOLATAC, doesn’t matter to us – and it’s doubly important (as we see it) if you carry a knife or a gun everyday.

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Mad Duo Brad 511 4-Banger 5

by Breach-Bang-Brad

Months back, I finally got my hands on a 4-Banger Bag from 5.11. I had been looking forward to checking the bag out for some time. I gave it a few spins in my hands, along with the normal poking and prodding that comes with new gear, then quickly starting loading it with essentials for a “get home” type situation. The 4-Banger stays in my wife’s van because that’s our primary family vehicle. I want her to have a solid and dependable bag capable of storing what she’d need if my family was to get stranded without me.

Mad Duo Brad 511 4-Banger 4

Mad Duo Brad 511 4-Banger 3

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Vertx - A-Range bag - 1Several of our minions have been playing around with elements of the new Vertx EDC lineup – the A-Range Bag is particularly good to go. This isn’t to say we don’t like what we’ve seen of the whole line, we do, but the A-Range Bag is what we’re most intrigued by. We’ll warn you up front, the price point on some EDC pieces will make you work to justify the expense to Household-6. They range from $150 for the satchel up to $220 for the Gamut Plus. It’s worth the purchase in our estimation, just not something you’re going to pick up for a few bucks at the PX as an impulse buy.

There are 7 pieces in the EDC lineup total – Commuter, Satchel, Gamut, Gamut Plus, Courier, A-Range and the limited edition version of the Gamut Plus. All of them have a lot of Velcro real-estate, largely because of their “Tactigami” add-on (this Tactigami stuff would be worthy of a short article itself, so watch for that). Below are a couple of videos from the new series. To our minions’ minds, the best piece of the line is the A-Range bag. It is, as the name indicates, a modular range bag. It’s very well designed and has some great features. Good for an individual/family visit to the range though obviously it’s not going to be something that carries everything you need for everyone during a qual day.

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NOLATAC Training and Consulting has teamed up with High Speed Gear Inc. to introduce the M3T Multi-Mission Medical Taco. This is a welcome addition to the list of HSGI-built products, in our mind. Med kits are finally all the tacticool rage, and frankly it took long enough. More importantly, the increasing number of options for an individual trauma kit, from a variety of manufacturers, has made it far more likely that 1) they’ll be carried in the first place and 2) that a suitable choice exists for every body type and manner of carrying gear. The M3 Taco promises to accept a wide variety of pre-built medical modules now commercially available. This would add significant (and cost efficient) versatility with one purchase.

Kit Up! Mad Duo on HSGI Multi Mission Medical Taco -4

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ID Target Systems is about to release a new target system for firearms training. They’re like a modern, much higher quality version of the old green Ivan targets some of us used to shoot at.

Designed for both the square range and a shoot house, they stem from the frustration felt by the designer (Tatiana Whitlock) when she had to constantly shoot two-dimensional and bland cardboard targets. Because she has a background in plastics manufacturing, product design and fine art (and a serious love for shooting), her solution were these all-weather, 3D and printed with various images that feature different options for threat assessment shoot/don’t shoot scenarios.

ID Target Systems -2

Tatiana advises the 1:1 scale targets were “…specifically designed to be reactive with isolated head and chest cavities.” If accurately engaged to one or both of those zones, the target falls. There is a mechanism in place here for the instructor to provide discretion , but we’ll talk more about that when the targets are about to be released. Targets are humanoid in shape, providing a 180 degree suspect/target profile so shooters training with it can work with “actual rather than theoretical angles.” Imagery on the front provides for anatomical reference points, facial features and cast shadows.

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1MOA combat operations data book during Taliban Spring Offensive

The data book you see in the picture above is the Combat Operations Data Book (CODB) from 1MOA Solutions in use in Afghanistan. The CODB was developed by former Army sniper Adam Wilson with help from other long gun specialists and is built by Combat Swag.

Adam is the head of 1MOA Solutions. When not crossing Eriador with Balin, Dwalin, Oin, Gloin and Pocket Doc, he now teaches precision rifle, carbine and other classes via 1MOA Solutions, Warrior Summit and other venues. The CODB is modular and was designed to withstand the abuse of mud, sand, dirt, etc. frequently encountered by snipers on the job. It’s built of rip resistant, waterproof materials that has been described by some of its end users as “even tougher than Rite in the Rain paper.” [click to continue…]