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Propper International’s new “UC Pack”

Propper International, manufacturer of the USMC-issued ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) ruck, has released their new UC (User Configurable) Pack. In fact Propper says the…


TOPS Knives Releases the SXB

TOPS Knives has released a new knife called Skullcrusher’s Extreme Blade. The name’s a little too moto for us but there will be some who…


Dark Angel Medical Kit Saves Lives

Medical kits save lives – not just outside the wire, but here every day at home. Unfortunately not everyone has access to one; fewer still…

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5.11 4-Banger: My Go-To Go Bag

by Breach-Bang-Brad Months back, I finally got my hands on a 4-Banger Bag from 5.11. I had been looking forward to checking the bag out…

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The Vertx EDC “A-Range Bag”

Several of our minions have been playing around with elements of the new Vertx EDC lineup – the A-Range Bag is particularly good to go….

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AAR: 2 Vets Arms Home Defense Course

Brad Walker recently attended the inaugural 2 Vets Arms Home Defense Course. Though 2 Vets Arms is primarily (and justly) well-known for their side-charging rifles,…

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Blackhawk’s Go Box Mag Bag

A couple months back one of our devoted acolytes acquaintances over at sent us a Blackhawk! Go Bag Mag Bag. She was sure we’d…

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Sunday Awesome: Strength & Will

We thought on a weekend like this we’d swap out the Sunday Funny for a dose of Sunday Awesome. According to descriptions of this video…

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Behind the Scenes at OSOE

A herpetophile? Yes, definitely. Abrasive? Yep, he can be. In fact, he usually is. Truculent? One could certainly make that argument. GTFG with gear? Absolutely….