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Dragging Iron, Debating Holsters

Despite 12 years of continuous combat experience and significant advances in material, design and manufacture technology, the military’s holster selection process and guidance on wear…

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#AE Embed: Craig Joint Theater Hospital

Our boys did a run with the doctors, nurses and technicians of the Craig Joint Theater Hospital where troops receive the kind of trauma care…

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Afghan Helo Crash Details Emerge

First of all, a big thanks to Kit Up! readers for their support of the site and specifically for checking out and “liking” Brandon’s post…

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IMINT: SEAL and PJ Rescuing their Buds

A great shot of an Air Force PJ and his SEAL counterpart hauling a wounded Afghan trooper up a hillside after an engagement. I assume…

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Chinese MultiCam or Brit MTP Extras?

Take a close look at the above photo provided by the Air Force in its announcement that the service is fielding MultiCam uniforms to its…

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First MultiCams Fielded to Airmen in Combat

The Air Force announced  yesterday the first unit of Airmen donning uniforms in the ever-popular MultiCam/Operation Enduring Freedom (OCP) camouflage pattern. More than 180 joint…