Soldiers should not expect the Army to follow the Marine Corps’ recent decision to allow personnel to roll up their sleeves when it gets hot.

At least that’s what Sgt. Major of the Army Raymond Chandler III told recently.

“We’re not rolling our sleeves up,” he said. “We don’t do that right now, and I’m not sure that we would do that in the future because there’s a reason why we keep our sleeves down and the Marine Corps has a different thought process on why they expect them to be rolled up.”

The Marine Corps recently reversed a three-year ban on the practice.

Marines had rolled the sleeves of their desert camouflage utilities in non-combat areas up until October 2011 when Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos ordered sleeves down year-round.The change went into effect March 9.

Chandler also told that Congress’s recent crackdown on service-specific camouflage is directly responsible for the Army delaying its effort to replace the Universal Camouflage Pattern. You can read more on that here.



PEO Soldier recently purchased six Tracking Point systems, the newest smart rifle technology in the precision-shooting industry. Associate Editor Brendan McGarry and I got to check out Tracking Point at SHOT Show 2014 in Vegas. And it was hard not to be impressed.

McGarry wrote a Jan. 15 piece on Tracking Point for DefenseTech, but PEO Soldier just recently got back to us.

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NOLATAC Training and Consulting has teamed up with High Speed Gear Inc. to introduce the M3T Multi-Mission Medical Taco. This is a welcome addition to the list of HSGI-built products, in our mind. Med kits are finally all the tacticool rage, and frankly it took long enough. More importantly, the increasing number of options for an individual trauma kit, from a variety of manufacturers, has made it far more likely that 1) they’ll be carried in the first place and 2) that a suitable choice exists for every body type and manner of carrying gear. The M3 Taco promises to accept a wide variety of pre-built medical modules now commercially available. This would add significant (and cost efficient) versatility with one purchase.

Kit Up! Mad Duo on HSGI Multi Mission Medical Taco -4

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 I posted a story on this morning about the Army’s plans to outfit the ranks with permethrin-treated Army Combat Uniforms. I’m still on the fence about this one.

On one hand, I think it’s great that uniform officials claim that factory-treating ACUs with permethrin will solve past problems of under-treating or over-treating uniforms when using the Individual Dynamic Absorption Kits to apply permethrin.

In some cases, these individual treatment kits result in the permethrin being too concentrated on random sections of the uniforms. This led to contact dermatitis and other skin rashes, according to PEO Soldier officials. Treating uniforms with permethin at the factory level provides consistent coverage that’s strong enough to kill crawling insects but safe for everyday wear, PEO Soldier officials said, adding that the Army’s Surgeon General approved the treatment method in 2008.

Soldiers deploying to the warzone have been wearing flame-resistant ACUs that have been factory treated with permethrin for the past two years.

I have never worn permethrin-treated uniforms of any type. But even though 25 years have passed, I can still remember plucking blood-bloated ticks from the darkest regions of my body after spending a week in the bug-friendly hinterlands of Fort Bragg. Back then, I’m pretty sure I would have been happy to wear something like the Army’s new ACU-P.

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Kit Up! The D27 Tourniquet Admin Pouch from Legion Firearms and First-Spear. Photos by 21ST Century Gunfighter.

Legion Firearms is about to release a new of kit that promises to be both extremely effective in the field and one of the most impressive examples of cross-branding in the industry to date. It was designed by Jason Crosby for Legion Firearms, built to their specs by First Spear, additional T&E provided by 21ST Century Gunfighter and approved for use by Pocket Doc of Dark Angel Medical. Now all they need is marketing by Weyland-Yutani and the peerage would be complete.

The item in question is called the D27 (as in Delta-Two-Seven) Tourniquet Admin Pouch. It’s was designed to work from the center line on a wide array of body armors and plate carriers (carrying a primary tourniquet on the center line where it can be reached by either the left or right hand of the individual operator is becoming an increasingly frequent SOP in some tactical circles). It’s snag-free, protects from the elements and has a quick-pull tab do you can deploy it quickly (the tab tucks away so it doesn’t deploy accidentally). In addition to the tourniquet, there is ample space for small general purpose type items and references (9-line cards, rescue blade, etc.)

The D27 was developed by Sgt. Crosby, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, based on a preliminary design he stitched together himself while deployed. The pouch is the genuine result of an evolving requirement they had in his former platoon (he’s now teaching mounted gunnery at Ft. Hood as a battalion master gunner advisor).

His platoon had, like most others, adopted SOPs to the location of aid items, standardizing the location of their IFAK and bleeder kits with a TQ located centerline on their armor. He advises that for his individual needs, when they were in the built up environment of eastern Baghdad in ’08 and ’09, that having a TQ mounted horizontally high on his chest worked best. They were encountering lots of EFPs and suffering catastrophic amputations and were going through lots of TQs. Because of that, and the dictates of the AO, they preferred an assaulter type configuration, with open top mag pouches and the like. He made a few hook panels with shock cord attached to the pile field found on most admin pouches and it worked out well.

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Grunts: the directions are below. READ the directions before asking questions. Failing that, contact these guys on the U.S. Army Infantry Facebook page, Don’t forget to moisturize your knuckles. That lotion is good for more than how you’re currently using it.


Contest Rules:  To enter you must be a verified Infantry Only user on the forums and post a reply to the contest forum.

1 randomly picked member will receive:
– Magpul AFG2 grip
– Magpul RSA
– Original S.O.E. Tan Bungee Sling
– 2 Patches from American Infidel

Contest is open until Sunday, May 13, 2012 23:59 PST. Winner will be picked on Monday. Instructions on how to become a verified member can be found at the forums at

The Mad Duo: We fight evil, so you don't have to.

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Got some stank rolling off the other boys in the MRAP? In your hooch? Maybe need to do something to overpower the smoke coming off the burn-shi**ers? Get ya some VICTORY SCENT air fresheners. There are a number of new styles coming out in March, including INFIDEL WHISKEY (cinnamon), UNCLE SAM (vanilla) and a “new upgraded” PINK MIST in cherry. THAILAND OR BUST  is nautical breeze, and there’s a GET OUT OF NJP FREE (ck splash) and of CHAIR IS AGAINST THE WALL in that ‘new car scent’. There are more coming, apparently.

Kit Up! Check out the taglines on these scents...











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