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This caught my eye (probably because I love anything with skulls). It does look like a pretty nice blade though.

Pro-Tech Knives has a limited edition TR-4.8 folder that features a black-coated, 4-inch, saber-ground 154CM stainless steel blade.

“This is Pro-Tech’s first button lock manual action folder. … The blade opens extremely smooth using the single thumb stud, it absolutely flies out of the handle, just like all Pro-Tech AUTO knives,” Pro-Tech officials maintain. The thumb stud allows for easy one hand opening and the button only works to unlock the blade from the open position.”

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Prosok2I never thought I would be one of those guys who cared about what kind of socks I wore.  As long as they were not white socks with slacks, I thought that was all that really mattered.  When it mattered the most – going through BUD/S, all I wore were the Navy issued brands.

I did find a way to reduce blisters and hot spots when running in boots if you are wet and sandy all day long, however. With great success, I wore the uniform issued dress sock, a thin polyester / rayon blend (aka church socks that your grandfather wore), under my thick Navy wool dive sock.

So, are these “special” socks really worth the money?  Are they really all that more comfortable than my tube socks from Wal-Mart? [click to continue…]


Blues Security ForcesThe Air Force issued a contract to Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc. to provide black nylon gear for Security Forces airmen’s blues uniforms for the next five years. 

The contract includes the utility belt, belt keepers, handcuff case, radio case, single magazine M9 ammo pouch, triple magazine M4 ammo pouch, chemical spray holder, baton holder, silent key ring holder and glove pouch. The contract runs from January 2014 to January 2019. [click to continue…]


Russian ground forces in the Crimea. It looks like the soldier on the left missed the line for newer kit. -- The Guardian Russian ground forces in the Crimea. It looks like the soldier on the left missed the line for newer kit. — The Guardian

With Russian ground forces now in Ukraine’s Crimean territory, we are getting a closer look at Putin’s door kickers. As more news pictures surface on the web, it’s interesting to see how Russian individual kit has evolved – or failed to evolve in many cases.

Many have AK 74s with rail-mounted optics.They’ve got knee pads and hard-knuckle, combat gloves. Their goggles look like they are made for skiing instead of stopping any fragmentation — but I could be wrong. Anyone know anything about their body armor?

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Russia GearThe Russian Defense Ministry said Russian soldiers will be outfitted this summer with an ensemble of futuristic gear including firearms, body armor, communications equipment and other technologies, according to the Russian news service Ria Novosti.

There have been some delays with the gear, called Ratnik, due to uncertainty over the small arms component, the Russian news service said.  Ratnik, which is currently in the final stages of field testing with Russian paratroopers, is expected to include a new Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle. [click to continue…]


TLB-blackMission First Tactical recently announced a new line of mountable task lights made by Princeton Tec.

The TORCH Backup Light is a low profile, Picatinny mounted light with dual LED’s. It has a recessed pressure pad for easy activation and a power button for simple on/off functions.

“The illumination is low output for signature reduction during patrol, stealth structure search and approach to the target and breaching operations,” MFT officials maintain.

The TORCH Backup Light White has a 10-year storage lifespan, a 12-hour burn time with a 20-lumen bright white output.

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sotech-go-pack-cb-sgp-backSo I didn’t realize that S.O.TECH had updated its Go Pack from a single, sling strap to its new double-strap design. The new design gives you a choice of carrying it like a backpack with two traditional pack straps or as a single, cross-body sling-style strap.

I’ve never really cared for sling-bag style bags. To me, backpack straps just make more sense. The padded, contoured single/double shoulder strap features a side locking buckle for joining the two straps into one.

The Go Pack looks like a great pack for carrying a hydration bladder (not included) and a ton of gear. I like packs with a lot of pockets.

It’s made from 1000 Denier Cordura , weighs 2.6 pounds and holds 1,482 cubic inches of gear.

The internal main compartment is 20.75 inches x 5.5 inches x 6 inches and holds 702 cubic inches. The small upper center pocket is 6 inches x 5 inches x 3.5 inches and holds 105 cubic inches.

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