Basic Load

Surefire’s X300 Ultra-B model weapon light is now more powerful.

“With its new and improved T-slot mounting system, our new X300 Ultra quickly and securely attaches to more rail-equipped handgun makes and models than ever before. And now—its high-performance, recoil-proof LED—generates an extra 100 lumens of output: an incredible 600 lumens without sacrificing runtime,” according to a recent Surefire press release.

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A novel attachment to the soldier’s assault pack might someday reduce the number of batteries carried to power night-vision devices, radios and other equipment, as well as help make dismounted patrols less fatiguing.

Courtney Webster, a biomedical engineer with the Army Research Laboratory, or ARL, is in the middle of testing with her team the prototype “Energy Harvesting Backpack” at the Soldier Performance and Equipment Advanced Research facility at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, according to a recent Army press release.

A frame-mounted to the standard-issue assault pack contains a two-spring, rack-and-pinion suspension system that allows it to gently glide up and down as the soldier is walking or running, Webster said. As the assault pack moves, the mechanical energy produced by the motion recharges the soldier’s battery, she said.

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Beretta Defense Technologies recently announced that the Beretta Model M9A3 9mm pistol is now shipping to law enforcement dealers, law enforcement agencies and is now being offered to military customers worldwide.

Beretta originally submitted the M9A3 to the Army late last year as an alternative to the Modular Handgun System. The improved M9 features new sights, a rail for mounting lights and accessories, better ergonomics and improved reliability, according to Beretta USA officials.

The Army quickly denied Beretta’s M9A3 engineering change proposal and pushed ahead with MHS.

Despite the decision, Beretta continues to market its improved M9.

“The M9A3 represents the next generation handgun utilizing the best attributes of the legacy M9 pistol combined with proven COTS modifications that increase performance and durability” Gabriele de Plano, vice president of Military Marketing and Operations for Beretta Defense Technologies, said in a recent press release.

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Today I had a chance to ask two U.S. Army officers who recently oversaw Iraqi army training about the weapons and equipment Iraqi squads and platoons are taking into battle against ISIS.

Paratroopers from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne returned home in September from a nine-month, advise-and-assist mission in Iraq. The Panthers trained more than 12,000 new Iraqi soldiers, who are now fighting in the counterattack to reclaim Ramadi.

I wrote a story for today about how Iraqi army units are taking to the training they are receiving from U.S. forces.

Here’s a snapshot of Iraqi firepower.

Iraqi army squads and platoons are “typically armed with a mix of AK-47s. In terms of machine guns, they have PKMs, PKCs, some RPKs,” said Maj. Michael Hamilton, 0perations officer for 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. “The anti-tank weapons systems that they employ are SPG-9s, basically a … shoulder-launch weapon system.”

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Direct action LLC’s Dust Backpack has some really nice features. It’s worth checking out.

“The Dust is a 20+liter backpack oriented towards use as EDC and is essentially a one day backpack,” according to Direct Action officials. “Externally there are 3 flat pockets- one on each side and one on the front of the pack. These additional side flat pockets can carry small and flat items. After unzipping the side pockets, they will fit a standard U.S. canteen or Nalgene water bottle. The zippered side accessible flat pocket on the front surface is a good place to keep smaller items that need to be easily accessible without opening the packs compartments.”

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Tactical Sh*t has is offering a pretty nice discount on the KA-BAR MSM 001 knife.

This stout-bladed fixed-blade normally retails for $55. Tactical Sh*t is offering it for $39.99. The KA-BAR MSM 001 features a 3.5-inch SK5 Steel blade and a 550-cord-wrapped handle.

“Everything is included to get to business straight out of the box: A polymer sheath, Short Malice clips, hardware + torx tool, and webbing loop for a clean PALS webbing mounting,” according to Tactical Sh*t.

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Adaptive Tactical just unveiled its new Wraptor Elite Forend for Remington and Mossberg pump-action shotguns.

“The patented design of the Wraptor Elite Forend was specifically developed for Remington 870 and Mossberg 500, 88 & 590 pump action shotguns,” according to a recent press release.“The forend allows the user a comfortable, ambidextrous grip and the ability to add multiple accessories using the included tri-rail configuration.”

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