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Lee Enfield RifleThe Canadian Department of National Defense announced earlier this month that it issued a contract to Colt Canada to design and produce 6,500 new rifles for the military’s Arctic Rangers.

The unit is armed with the .303 Lee Enfield rifle bought back in 1947. The rifles have gotten so old, the Canadian force can no longer buy parts to fix the rifles that are quickly falling apart.

The Rangers are a unit of about 5,000 Reservists who are spread across the northern most territories in Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently visited a Ranger unit and was photographed firing one of the Lee Enfield rifles.  [click to continue…]


size0 (3)                                                                                            Photo courtesy of U.S. Army/Sgt. 1st Class Adam Stone

U.S. Army paratroopers recently got some foreign weapons training as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The Polish Land Forces 6th Airborne Battalion, 6th Airborne Brigade trained members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade on Polish weapons at Drawsko Pomorskie training area.

The American paratroopers assembled, loaded and fired the Polish RPG-7B, a reusable rocket- propelled grenade launcher. They also got hand-on training with the M1996 Beryl 5.56mm rifle, the UKM-2000 machine gun, and the Polish M-83 9mm pistol.

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IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., today introduced the IWI US Online Web Store (, for fans of the Tavor SAR.

The new store offers a host of Tavor accessories, including the IWI Vertical Foregrip and Ergonomic Foregrip, the Foregrip Light Holder and Flashlight/Laser Holder, the Tavor SAR Forearm Picatinny Rail and cleaning kits.

“We are thrilled to have launched the IWI US Online Web Store,” Michael Kassnar, VP of Sales and Marketing for IWI US, said in a recent press release. “This has been a long time coming and we’ve worked really hard to create something our fans would appreciate and find simple to navigate.”

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The U.S. Army recently started converting the first of a half million M4 carbines into M4A1s.

Army weapons officials are performing 3,000 M4/M4A1 conversions for the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kan.

The service decided to replace the M4 with the M4A1 version, wrapping up a five-year effort to search for a better individual weapon for soldiers. Last June, the Army formally concluding its Individual Carbine competition without selecting a winner to replace the M4 Carbine. None of the carbines evaluated during the testing phase of the competition met the minimum scoring requirement needed to continue to the third and final phase of the evaluation, weapons officials said.

The Army never released any of the test data that showed how test guns from Heckler & Koch, FNH-USA, Remington Defense, Adcor Defense Inc. and Colt Defense LLC performed in the competition.

The decision to convert the service’s 500,000 M4s into M4A1s by 2020 will give soldiers features such as a heavier barrel, an ambidextrous selector switch and a full-auto trigger. The Army’s decision to dump the current three-round burst trigger will give shooters a more consistent trigger pull and lead to better accuracy, weapons officials maintain.

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Ash-12A new bullpup rifle called the Ash-12 has been developed by TsKIB SOO, a subsidiary of the Russian weapons’ company KBP Instrument Design Bureau, according to The Firearm Blog.

With a bullpup rifle the gun’s action is behind the trigger, decreasing the firearm’s length and weight while maintaining the same barrel length.

The Ash-12 is chambered in a new family of 12.7x55mm cartridges specially developed for the rifle. [click to continue…]



Survey2014-ControversialTestimonyU.S. combat troops know the importance of quality kit, but don’t take their pay raise away to pay for it. published the results of its pay-and-benefits survey today. It showed that nine out of 10 active-duty service members oppose the Pentagon’s proposals to reduce their pay raises and basic allowances for housing.

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 Daniel Defense today unveiled its new Tornado gray finish intended for select rifle versions.

The Black Creek, Ga.-based gun maker is one of many firearms and tactical gear manufactures offering gray finishes with urban combat in mind. Tornado is the second new color option for its Cerakote finish Daniel Defense launched earlier this year.

 “When you look for a new car, you have substantially more color options than just black,” Jordan Hunter, Daniel Defense Director of Marketing, said in a Jan. 24 press statement. “Customers want choices other than the mil-spec Type III hard coat anodizing, or matte black, and the Daniel Defense Tornado, we believe, will be well received by our customers.”

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