Battle Rifle

U.S. Army leaders told lawmakers today that the service will have to spend less on live-fire maneuver training as a result of the deep cuts to defense spending under sequestration.

Service leaders have been warning Congress for months that these cuts are forcing the Army to cut readiness training. A slightly clearer explanation of what cutting readiness training will mean to combat units emerged during a March 27 hearing before the House Appropriations Committee’s Defense Subcommittee.

“It has come to my attention … that in our budget in the area of marksmanship training for our personnel, both active and Guard, that the funding is being reduced by about 60 percent,” Rep Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, who represents the Ohio Army National Guard’s Camp Perry Joint Training Center, told senior Army officials.

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04American Technologies Network Corp., has a new line of night vision weapon sights.

The ARES series “feature fast, infra-red sensitive optics combined with quality image tubes to produce high resolution, clear images for outstanding target acquisition and aiming capabilities,” ATN officials maintain.

The ATN ARES runs on 1 AA battery and mounts to a standard Weaver rail. The one-knob operation allows for precision windage and elevation adjustments, as well as automatic brightness control, according to an ATN press release.

The optics feature ATN’s Proshield lens coating for protection and clarity, as well as a “red on green” reticle system with a 1/6 MOA adjustment. The waterproof sight also has a low battery indicator and a detachable infrared illuminator.

The ATN ARES night vision weapon series is available in a variety of configurations and different magnifications. They aren’t cheap though. They range from $2,099 for the Gen 2 models to $5,800 for the Gen 4 models.




Patriot Products AZ, LLC makes a multi-function tool for adjusting many popular weapons optics.

The Combat Optic Tool Optimized is “revolutionary in its adaptability with the majority of the magnified optics currently in use by military, law enforcement, and citizen soldiers/civilians, in particular the new SOCOM Enhanced Combat Optical Sight – Optimized,” Patriot Products officials maintain.

It  has a 3/8s inch and a 10mm box wrench that will work with LaRue Tactical and Aimpoint 3X Twist mounts, as well as a ½ inch open face wrench for Leupold, Badger Ordnance, Warne, and similar cross bolt mounts.

 It has the ability to adjust windage and elevation on Aimpoint  CompM, M2, M3, M4 and Micro T-1 sights, EOTech sights, Trijicon ACOG RCO and RMR sights, as well as adjust the factory mounts for ACOGs and EOTechs.

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AR-10A photo emerged from Crimea of a Russian soldier holding an AR-style battle rifle as Ukraine naval officers were arrested outside the Ukraine naval headquarters.

The soldier is one of many who have entered Crimea who are not wearing any Russian military insignia. It’s either an AR10 or AR15, but in either case it’s out of the norm for a Russian soldier. The AR in this Russian soldier’s hands also features a silencer and a long range scope.

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CM-K15B_DB_AR_Pistol_1_largeLaserLyte has upgraded its CM-K15B laser so it offers two patterns – single dot or the Center Mass pattern.

The Center Mass laser feature projects a ring of eight green laser dots with one green laser dot in the center as the aiming laser. The circle grows at one-inch per yard, approximately the same configuration as a shotgun aimed at a moving target, LaserLyte officials say.

The green laser, both single and Center Mass pattern, aid the user in daylight visibility, giving the user the advantage of a wide field-of-view while using both eyes for aiming.

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Russian ground forces in the Crimea. It looks like the soldier on the left missed the line for newer kit. -- The Guardian Russian ground forces in the Crimea. It looks like the soldier on the left missed the line for newer kit. — The Guardian

With Russian ground forces now in Ukraine’s Crimean territory, we are getting a closer look at Putin’s door kickers. As more news pictures surface on the web, it’s interesting to see how Russian individual kit has evolved – or failed to evolve in many cases.

Many have AK 74s with rail-mounted optics.They’ve got knee pads and hard-knuckle, combat gloves. Their goggles look like they are made for skiing instead of stopping any fragmentation — but I could be wrong. Anyone know anything about their body armor?

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FNH USA, LLC unveiled its FN 15 carbine and rifle at SHOT Show this year. The new AR platforms are the first of the Belgian gun maker’s new FN 15 family of civilian sporting arms.

FN has been making the M16 rifles for the U.S. Military for a long time and was just tapped last February to make the M4A1 for the U.S. Army. FN also makes the M249 squad automatic weapon and has made many of the M240 machine guns in the Pentagon’s inventory.

FNH USA has already released civilian version of the Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle, or SCAR. 

“The FN 15 category is a very important and exciting launch,” John Goliber, FNH USA Chief Technology Officer, said in a press release. “Like the SCAR platform, the FN 15 product line incorporates all of the best features and benefits FN has developed over the last 125 years.”

The FN 15 carbine has a 16-inch chrome-lined, alloy steel barrel and is chambered for 5.56mm. The polymer forearm and butt stock are both black, and the stock is collapsible into six positions, making the total length 31.9 inches at its shortest and 35.2 inches at its longest.

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