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A couple of years ago, KitUp! wrote about Israel Military Industries’ Multi-Purpose Rifle System – a smart optic system that gives M203-style 40mm grenade launchers airbursting capability. Now IMI has upgraded its MPRS so it will work with multi-shot grenade launchers such as the MilKOR USA’s M32 used by the Marine Corps.

In 2011, Marine Corps officials said they wanted to give its grenadiers the ability to launch 40mm rounds programmed to explode overtop of bad guys behind cover.  The Army is putting its money on the XM25, the so-called “Punisher” that peppers enemy with air-bursting 25mm projectiles. But Marine weapons officials aren’t convinced that the XM25 has enough punch to be lethal. [click to continue…]


LoF gloves in use 2

We have talked about Line of Fire gloves ( on Kit Up before, but with colder weather fast approaching I thought I would give you another look at them – particularly now that they’re offering “Sensa-Touch” Technology in addition to their standard TEGS (Technology Enhanced Grip System) palm.

I like LoF gloves primarily for this TEGS feature so I’ll review that first. TEGS is a proprietary material that is featured on every glove LoF manufactures. At the risk of sounding facetious, I would best describe TEGS as tactical skateboard deck tape on steroids. It is referred to as Part A and Part B; Part A is the material sewn to the gripping surface of a pair of gloves. Part B refers to the ‘counterpart’ material (available in rolled strips or sheets) you can put around a fighting implement or other tool (such as breaching kit, for instance). Part B is not required for standard use; the gloves I’ve evaluated provide excellent grip surface even when not mated to Part B. [click to continue…]



QUANTICO MARINE BASE, Va. — Gerber showed off its new Crew Served Weapons tool at Modern Day Marine 2013. The nifty new multi-tool is an offshoot of Gerber’s eFECT tool for cleaning M16/M4 weapons.

The CSW tool has several scrapers designed to get into the nooks and crannies of the M249 and the M240 machine guns. It’s scheduled to be released Oct. 1 and, according to Gerber officials, has already generated a lot of interest from the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. Gerber officials said they had not decided on a price yet but estimated it should retail for just under $100.



KitUp! will be scouring the floor of Modern Day Marine 2013 for the gear you want to see. The event will  be held at Quantico Marine Base, Va. Sept. 24-26 and will feature close to 400 vendors.

We will be looking for brand new pieces of kit, but it’s also a good chance to look for smart gear choices that we may have overlooked in the past. Stay tuned.



ifakpic2I got a chance to get my hands on Phokus Research Group’s alternative to the sometimes bulky Individual First Aid Kits combat troops wear on their body armor vests. I saw the  Sons Trauma Kit   last week at the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Warfighter Conference at Fort Benning, Ga., at the ADS Inc. booth.

This is a pretty good idea for grunts who want to trim down the kit they carry on their vests. The STK contains what you need to treat battlefield wounds, but it’s designed to fit behind a standard Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert.

  The clear, medical grade vinyl packaging seems beefy enough to stand up to lots of abrasion.

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W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., is trying to get the U.S. Army to replace the fleece jacket in the Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System with a fire-resistant, Primaloft jacket that looks nice and toasty.

Currently, there is no FR requirement in the ECWCS line, but Army officials are warming up to the idea after dealing with more than a decade of flash-fire producing enemy bombs, said Jon Buchwald, Army branch specialist at Gore’s military fabric division. Plus, fleece doesn’t compare to Primaloft when it comes to compressibility and efficiency.

“We are trying to replace the fleece; wind goes right through it,” Buchwald said recently at the Army’s 2013 Maneuver Warfighter Conference at Fort Benning, Ga. Gore officials have teamed up with Wild Things Tactical for the venture.

Wild Things Tactical’s Low Loft FASTPACK Jacket will feature Gore’s new PYRAD FR-hardened nylon shell, which has undergone Army FR testing at Natick, Buchwald said.

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SW8 inch Athletic Breach SZAbout a month and a half ago, Kit Up contributor Chris Hernandez was sent a pair of Smith & Wesson’s “Athletic Breach” boots to review. Hernandez has yet to give the boots a full test, but he jotted down his initial impressions based off what he’s learned, good and bad, from boots he’s worn in the past. A more arduous evaluation is due in a couple months.

First thing: right out of the box, these boots look pretty impressive. They certainly appear well-made, with no obvious weak points. The boots are solidly built, with much thicker material than any other military boot I’ve worn except for the Danners. The first time I put them on it felt like I had armored up my feet. [click to continue…]