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LAS VEGAS – Maxpedition, a gear company known for making extremely rugged, tactical packs and bags, is now offering a large line of tough, fixed-blade knives that won’t empty your bank account.

The new knives are available in three sizes and come in a variety of blade styles. They feature hard chrome plated, D2 tool steel blades with full-tang construction.

KitUp!, talked to Maxpedition’s owner Tim Tang about his leap into the fixed-blade world.

“I wanted to use a tool steel; D2 was very attractive because it’s very hard and very tough and it has a higher chrome content than most tool steels so it’s a little bit more corrosion resistant,” said Tang, a long-time knife collector and blade designer before he launched Maxpedition.

“Knives are my passion. Introducing a cutlery line is sort of me coming full circle. Knives got me into the gear industry. I had the opportunity to build really good bags; now I have the opportunity to come back and do my passion.”

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NOLATAC Training and Consulting has teamed up with High Speed Gear Inc. to introduce the M3T Multi-Mission Medical Taco. This is a welcome addition to the list of HSGI-built products, in our mind. Med kits are finally all the tacticool rage, and frankly it took long enough. More importantly, the increasing number of options for an individual trauma kit, from a variety of manufacturers, has made it far more likely that 1) they’ll be carried in the first place and 2) that a suitable choice exists for every body type and manner of carrying gear. The M3 Taco promises to accept a wide variety of pre-built medical modules now commercially available. This would add significant (and cost efficient) versatility with one purchase.

Kit Up! Mad Duo on HSGI Multi Mission Medical Taco -4

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A company known as GEARWARD is offering compact spools of low-bulk survival cord that’s stronger than battle-tested 550 cord, GEARWARD officials boast.

To me, 550 cord has no equal. It’s strong, compact and easy to work with. But it’s more than that — 550 cord is used as suspension lines on tactial parachutes. It’s a common thread between paratroopers and parachutists – past, present and future.

Having said that, I’m always open to new ideas. GEARWARD founder, Mark Greenman, recently reached out to us about his new Compact Survival Cord products, and I have to say they do look interesting.

Compact Survival Cord “represents a serious leap forward when compared to traditional 550 paracord. By combining high-tech cordage with a unique spool design, CSC allows the soldier to carry far more cordage than was previously possible, and most importantly, allows them to deploy it at a moments notice,” Greenman said. “Compared to traditional 550 Paracord, CSC is significantly smaller and lighter – while still being strong enough to count on in an emergency.”

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gcode1The U.S. Army recently awarded contracts worth more than $73 million to equip soldiers with the G-Code XST and Blackhawk SERPA holsters for its Improved Modular Tactial Holster program.

On Dec. 18, the Army awarded a $49 million contract to Military Hardware, LLC for G-Code holsters and $24.3 million contract to ADS Inc. for Serpa holsters.

The SERPA line has seen mixed reviews over the years. The Marine Corps held a similar effort two years ago and adopted the Blackhawk SERPA.

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These are wicked. Ernest Emerson is now making his popular Commander folder with Kryptek camouflage, G-10 handles just in time for Christmas.

Krypek was one of the finalists for the U.S. Army’s camouflage improvement effort. It’s unlikely we will ever see battalions of soldiers decked out in this unique style of camo. But the reptilian motif is becoming quite popular. It’s showing up on packs, pouches and ballcaps.

“Since these handles are built with actual Kryptek patterns in random order, every handle is completely different and none match any other.  So although they are similar, bear in mind that none will look exactly the same as our sample photos.  In other words all patterns will vary from knife to knife.  So if you’ve been good this year, I suggest you ask Santa for a Commander that will garner some serious bragging rights and ownership of a Commander so unique that no one will ever have one quite the same as yours.”

 Emerson Christmas Kryptek Commanders  are available in Highlander, Mandrake and Nomad for $290 each.



Arsenal Inc. has a new optics mount for AK-style rifles. The SM-13 is made from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum and is designed to attach to the side of an AK variant rifle for maximum stability, Arsenal Inc. officials maintain.

The SM-13 follows the contour of the rifle closely. The low-profile design allows for the use of the iron sights when the scope mount is attached to the rifle. It relies on a time-proven steel adjustable locking mechanism that allows instantaneous attachment and release of the scope mount without any compromise to the accuracy and loss of zero, company officials say.

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FN Herstal recently unveiled its next generation  MINIMI Light Machine Guns that feature a new feedtray, cocking handle, buttstock and bipod/handguard assembly.

The U.S. Military adopted the 5.56mm version of the MINIMI in 1982 to become the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

The new FN MINIMI Mk3 is convertible to either 5.56mm and 7.62mm and  “offers the users improved ergonomics and improved mobility while retaining the same core mechanism as the previous versions, for a limited impact on logistics,” FN officials maintain.

“The modifications introduced on the FN MINIMI Mk3 result from feedback provided by users engaged in current operating theatres. Indeed, the demands of users have evolved over the past 10 to 15 years due to changes in the way the FN MINIMI  machine gun is used in combat (increased use of accessories, evolutions in the soldier’s equipment, and changes in tactics such as shooting from all positions).”

The changes include:

– An ergonomic buttstock adjustable in length (5 positions) to allow compensation for body armor and load bearing equipment. The buttstock is adjustable for cheek rest height as well. The user can have his eye correctly aligned with the iron sights, or optical sights, while keeping his cheek properly positioned on the buttstock. It also integrates a folding shoulder rest and a hydraulic buffer that stabilizes the rate of fire and reduces felt recoil.

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