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Kit Up BF3 Report

Kit Up BF3 Report

Sean writes the best damn game reviews around in my opinion…and he’s been down range (has the purple heart to prove it) to really provide some insight.  Another awesome write up Sean.  It’s what we do best on Kit Up…real Warfighters providing their perspective on things.  Get some Sean….

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Modern Warfare 3: Bitchin Graphics but some key areas (that would make it better) are lacking attention to detail.....

Hi Guys-

Well here we go; our first Game review.  A lot of the industry suffers from the tail wagging the dog when it comes to giving you the straight and level (with regards to honest) reviews of equipment, guns, gear and…yes, video games.  It’s been a real eye opener for me since I started writing and a big reason I started writing for Kit Up. supports our reviews, even if we give a harsh review towards an advertiser.

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