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Guns for your games

Some of you may be aware that back in January Microsoft banned Avatar firearms from XBOX Live.Presumably there is no 2ND Amendment in a virtual…

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Feeding the iPhone Addiction

Ask and ye shall receive… The makers of my newest favorite pastime while I’m not keeping this site from crashing into the ground have released…

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Fantasy or Reality: The Hybrid Sniper/Assault Rifle

“Renound” British customized weapon designer Dalton/Stanley has released the world’s first ever hybrid assault riflewith internal adaptable barrel that extends the weapon’s reach into sniper…

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A Tactical Firing Range in Your Pocket

I really don’t consider myself much of a “gamer” — I’m too ADD to concentrate for very long on one thing beforeĀ  getting bored or…

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Pick an Exercise…Any Exercise

A tipster pointed us in the direction of an interesting and entertaining way to liven up your fitness routine — and maybe even provide a…