Some of you may be aware that back in January Microsoft banned Avatar firearms from XBOX Live.Presumably there is no 2ND Amendment in a virtual world…or perhaps it’s much worse to have your avatar carrying a burner at the low ready than it is to play an extremely realistic first person shooter. Anyway, Avatar Toy Armory is now available to save the day.

Read the whole story here, from Red 2 Alpha.

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We’d say “celebrate” but, you know, lefties and assclowns would complain. Anyway, it’s Bin Laden Doubletap Day, brought to you by Off Duty Gamers and FPS Nation.

The following was excerpted from the Off Duty Gamers, FPS Nation and the duly appointed designees of the United States National Command Authority flash message traffic. If you aren’t a gamer, don’t get butthurt about it. Other readers are, and this is directed at them.

What it is

Our friends over at FPS Nation told us to take control over their Battlefield 3 (PC) server and have some fun on the evening of Tuesday May 1st, 2012.

What we made it

We’re going to dial it up as “Bin Laden Double Tap Day” (twitter hash #BL2xD) which recalls the the fall of one of the worlds most infamous terrorists at the hands of US special operations forces.

How can you join?

Easy, grab your Bin Laden Double Tap Day favorite pork product OR if you’re of the faith you can always celebrate the demise of the man who slandered it and murdered members of your own with any seafood item commemorating his final resting place.

Starting at 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) Fire up Origin, then Battlefield 3 and rally on FPSNation’s server and if you’re interested in chatting with fellow celebrants looking for a good time gaming then hit the Teamspeak 3 server at and let us hear from you.

What Maps/Modes Are We playinG?

Any damn thing that we want. Frankly we’re not so sure so if you want to weigh in on the matter, place your comments below and let us know what awesome BF3 maps and modes you’d like to play with/against members of Off Duty Gamers and our friends.


During the event those involved will be eligible to win a PATCH UP – iPAD Sleeve from LBX Tactical upon which will be all 4 of the last games patches PLUS the most recent 2 from the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter





Read more on Off Duty Gamers


Some of you may have read this already (or at very least heard about it), but for those who have there’s a very good graphic novel about PMCs floating around out there called Black Powder Red Earth. I was first turned on to it back in August, I think (?) and thus far have failed to follow up. I’m fixing that lapse now (it’s really good). BPRE is not only a realistic graphic novel, it’s a Facebook “role-playing game” as well. The artwork is good, the script so far solid – I’m in the process of reading the first one now and will have a review up for you by the end of the week. If all goes as planned I’ll be talking to Jon Chang (script, co-writer and lettering) by Monday or Tuesday and get some more info. It starts a little slow, which is not a criticism, it’s obviously plotted out as a much more complex tale than your traditional one-issue comic storyline…I just want to see where it’s going, as it’s by no means your superhero color comic book. I’m also a little uncertain about any sci-fi elements, if any, and want to clarify those. All told I’m very impressed so far, I just want to get you all some background before I write the review: IF YOU WANT A REVIEW. So my question would be, is something like this, or some of the book reviews we’ve run in the past, something you want to see continued occasionally? I hope so, but no point in running things that don’t interest you (though I think those of you who’ve worked in a PMC/PSC capacity in “non-permissive environments” other than Portland and Oakland I think would particularly like it).

Anyway, let me know what you think, and if you’re interested and want to see some excerpts I’ll get you something by the end of the week.

Let me also just say, 2019 or no, some of the places you see in the story will be damn familiar if you spent any time in the sandbox.

Hat tip to the Mad Duo, who did the friend-suggestion thing for me and Mr. Chang on Facebook back before Christmas. Sorry it took me so long to follow up!

Kit Up! Black Powder Red Earth


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So last week we got a call from an old friend of Slim’s, a character that was old friends with one of our handlers. They were Marine grunts together a few years back. This guy is out now (he was a Gunny) and runs Red Stitch Enterprises LLC. They’ve got some 6” dueling targets out and asked us to check ‘em out—the sheer brilliance of that simple request lies on too many levels for even a naked grunt to number (21, so we’re clear). We naturally agreed.

Anyway we yapped a bit about adult beverage consumption, good libo ports and this one time we overdid it in Colorado and woke up in a vomitrocious haze in a commercial building…typical grunt conversation. A couple days later the target arrived in a box addressed to the ‘World Tape Ball Champion’, which apparently was a nod to some sort of exotic grunt behavior. He’d just sent the target itself, rather than the entire stand, because we’d planned on just putting it up on a sawhorse until later down the road. Damn thing was packed in enough bubble wrap to mummify a Corpsman (if you wanted to). It’s a pretty simple design, just colored steel plates that swivel back and forth when they’re hit, but it works for a number of good drills. Here’s a snippet of the installation.

Slim and his handler took the target (AR400 steel), four 1 ½” deck screws, 2 large washers and an old sawhorse out to do a hasty set up and check it out. Over the next several hours they shot this thing from 20m out to about 50m, with 9mm, .40 and .45; mostly .40, and all of that from a Glock 22. The target held up well, performing as Darin from Red Stitch said, and never hung up or stalled. The only thing that might have stood some improvement was a little play between the target and the cylindrical piece of steel, which apparently developed sometime during the shooting. The bolts attached to it were slightly loose (though not hand loose).

Slim called Darin to ask about it, but was beaten to the punch. Darin asked him about the bolts. Apparently they’d identified and corrected that problem in by using lock washers and a little lock-tight instead of regular washers…something to do with all the vibration created by the impact of the rounds and the constant swiveling back and forth. As for the target, there wasn’t a dent at all. It just looked like someone had peppered the steel with a paintball gun (this was a dueling target for pistols—if you want one that can handle rifle ammo, you’ll want the AR500.

Here’s some video of it being shot back and forth.

All in all it’s an outstanding practice target; common sense in design and concept and very simple to assemble. Wish we’d have thought of it ourselves. As for Red Stitch Enterprises, they’re a Veteran Owned Business established by two former Marines with over 40 years combined experience. If you contact Red Stitch, ask for Darin. Tell him the Mad Duo sent you; if you can visit him in person, get a few beers in him and ask him about the “World Tape Ball Champ” thing.





Our friends over at Tactical Fanboy posted this hilarious video of YouTube staffers working with another blogger on a firearms safety video in an effort to keep idiots from doing stupid stuff with guns just to get a lot of plays on the Web.

Enjoy the video…and in a Kit Up! first, tell us about your (dark) humorous “gun safety” moments in the comments section and a random reader will be selected to win a free Flexfit CoolDry hat from ADS Inc. Contest ends Monday June 20. [NOTE: Make sure to include a valid email address in your login for comments]


We have important, dare we say even exigent, breaking news. Apparently you can now run your own missions in Abbottabad.

Abbottabad, for those of you living off the grid, under a rock or in an extremely remote LP/OP, was where Bin Laden was killed by a team of  assorted American carnivores from DevGru, the 160th SOAR (or so we’re guessing) and at least one really bad ass doggy kennel. Anyway, that compound is now a playable map in Counter-Strike: Source, an older first person shooter. 

The map’s author ‘Fletch’ advises: “What alot of people don’t seem to understand is that the only thing this map has in common with Osama is location. I can see how people would think it is in bad taste, but honestly if that’s your opinion you may as well protest the whole game (as well as many others).”

Now, to be honest, we’re not that impressed with the map. NOT because we disapprove – we heartily do approve. We just wish it there was one for Black Ops and the Zombie game on Black Ops (and maybe one for Modern Warfare 2?). If someone builds one of those, then we’ll get really excited. Until then boys and girls, the Mad Duo will just have to keep hunting tangos and insurgents alongside our brothers and sisters in a little place we like to call The Real World.  Great idea though, Fletch!

If anyone protests this map as ‘inappropriate’ or ‘disturbing’ it’s probably because they’ve been eating too much granola…or maybe they’re just sensitive from tree bark abrasions.

If you make a serious product, conduct serious training or just know of something cool our readers would like to know about, e-mail us at BreachBangClear (at), or join us on FaceBook at No sissies, hippies or flagburners need apply.

Mad Duo Clear

PS for our grunt readership: exigent.



Here are some stories we didn’t hit at Kit Up! last week:

UK Defense Ministry Pays for Some Troops’ Breast Reductions

In this chest pounder, our boys from Breach Bang Clear spotted this doozy from the UK MOD saying some troops of the female persuasion got the surgery because they couldn’t wear body armor properly. Talk about going in the wrong direction…

SOCOM 4 to Hit Shelves Next Week

The latest in the SOCOM franchise from Zipper Interactive, SOCOM 4 features updated gear, tactics and combat environments that’ll give any FPS addict an itchy trigger finger. Couple that with the Full Deployment Edition that delivers a submachine gun controller for the Playstation Move system and you’ll be heading for BUDS in no time.

MAGPUL Cool Guy School

We want to go SO bad…

Best Ranger Competition 2011 Live

Be sure to watch the steely-eyed, harder than woodpecker lips bad asses in this year’s Best Ranger competition live throughout the weekend. We’re in awe of these guys and wish the best to all who compete.