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Maxpedition recently introduced the smallest member of its Adventure Bag series, the Soloduffel.

The compact duffel is 19 inches long, 10 inches high and 7 inches wide. It has a max capacity of 1,330 cubic inches.


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This is an interesting little gadget if you are into survival gear.

“The Grip-S, by SOLKOA Survival Systems, is a pair of adaptive handles that can do more field-expedient improvisation for you than any other multi-tool on the market,” according to an April 2 press release.

The Grip-S design comes from requests made by special operations aviators for evasion and escape purposes and general survival use, according to the release.

It’s machined from tough, high-grade 6061 aircraft aluminum and can hold standard flexible wire saws, any universal reciprocating saw blade and any round or hexagonal tool up to a quarter inch in diameter. Accessories are simply attached to the Grip-S handles using the supplied set screws.

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Joe Florko — a former federal law-enforcement officer and wilderness ranger for the National Park Service for nearly 10 years – has started an emergency-preparedness company that assembles gear packages for first-responder and aid worker types.

As a gearhead, I love putting together my own emergency kits and sometimes spend a week or so organizing just the right combination of gear.

But I suppose there are some people out there who just need a good assortment of kit and need it fast. So for these lost souls, there’s Florko’s Zyon Systems.

“We offer professional-caliber, configured emergency kits,” he said in a recent email. “I’ve used my experience responding to emergency calls and hauling people out of the back-country to build completely turn-key emergency response packs.”

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Schrade knives has come out with a new camp axe with a handy folding little saw built into the handle.

The Schrade Compact Axe “pairs a function, full size camp axe with a fully extending 12.5-inch folding saw tucking away inside the handle. It’s a sturdy, simple axe with a titanium coated 3Cr13 stainless steel blade measuring 3.3 inches,” according to

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Tenzing Outdoors recently unveiled a new take on the binocular holster.

The TC BH15 “The Choice” Binocular Holster. features an ergonomic design and high quality materials like breathable mesh on the shoulder straps, soft Trico on the holster pocket, and noise-deadening Hypalon covered buckles.

The new holster is designed to fit most roof prism binoculars. It’s made with ultra-thin, breathable spandex-mesh shoulder straps. One-inch adjustable elastic side straps to keep binos and pocket tight to the body.

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Live Fire Gear has a new version of 550 cord it calls FireCord, a versatile utility cord with flammable inner strands that serve as an emergency fire starter.

The project started out on Kickstarter and reached its funding goal earlier this year.

“FireCord is the next evolution in outdoor gear preparedness,” Live Fire Gear officials maintain.

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Benchmade Knives showed off its latest little fixed blade that’s designed for heavy use.

The Steep Country – Benchmade’s newest addition to the Hunt Series — stood out to me at Modern Day Marine 2014.

It features a strong-looking 3.5 inch S30V steel blade and a non-slip, molded rubber handle.

“Everything about this particular knife is about skinning and outdoor utility,” said Benchmade’s Shane James.

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