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Schrade knives has come out with a new camp axe with a handy folding little saw built into the handle.

The Schrade Compact Axe “pairs a function, full size camp axe with a fully extending 12.5-inch folding saw tucking away inside the handle. It’s a sturdy, simple axe with a titanium coated 3Cr13 stainless steel blade measuring 3.3 inches,” according to

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Tenzing Outdoors recently unveiled a new take on the binocular holster.

The TC BH15 “The Choice” Binocular Holster. features an ergonomic design and high quality materials like breathable mesh on the shoulder straps, soft Trico on the holster pocket, and noise-deadening Hypalon covered buckles.

The new holster is designed to fit most roof prism binoculars. It’s made with ultra-thin, breathable spandex-mesh shoulder straps. One-inch adjustable elastic side straps to keep binos and pocket tight to the body.

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Live Fire Gear has a new version of 550 cord it calls FireCord, a versatile utility cord with flammable inner strands that serve as an emergency fire starter.

The project started out on Kickstarter and reached its funding goal earlier this year.

“FireCord is the next evolution in outdoor gear preparedness,” Live Fire Gear officials maintain.

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Benchmade Knives showed off its latest little fixed blade that’s designed for heavy use.

The Steep Country – Benchmade’s newest addition to the Hunt Series — stood out to me at Modern Day Marine 2014.

It features a strong-looking 3.5 inch S30V steel blade and a non-slip, molded rubber handle.

“Everything about this particular knife is about skinning and outdoor utility,” said Benchmade’s Shane James.

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StreamLight has updated its Sidewinder light series with a highly-visible strobe that’s designed for both water and ground operations.

The Sidewinder Rescue features an omni-directional defuser that makes the strobe visible from the side as well as the top. It has two strobe settings. It fires 50 beats per minute to meet the U.S. Army requirement for ground operations and 110 bmp to meet the Marine Corps requirement for water ops, Matt Baker, director of Streamlight’s Military and Federal Sales, said Tuesday at Modern Day Marine 2014.

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Z-ManSoldiers could soon ditch ropes and climbing gear to scale that next wall in exchange for hand held pads designed after a gecko’s feet.

The Pentagon’s top research arm has started a program called Z-Man that allows a soldier to scale vertical walls constructed from typical building materials while carrying a full load. Scientists have developed the climbing aids based on the feet of animals like geckos that are prolific climbers.

In the most recent test, a 218-pound climber carrying a 50-pound load scaled a 25-foot glass wall using only the climbing devices the engineers designed mimicking gecko’s feet. [click to continue…]



Since I’m the father of two young boys, this is one of the coolest things I saw at SHOT Show 2014. Leatherman rolled out its new Leap – a multi-tool with extra safety features for junior outdoor enthusiasts.

“It’s designed for the younger crowd, probably 8, 10, 12-year-old range,” said Scott Boatman, demand planning manager for Leatherman Tool Group Inc.

I think I was 9 when I got my first Swiss Army Knife, but I think I would have been just as happy with a Leap. It’s lightweight and smaller than traditional multi-tools. It has the classic tools such as pliers, scissors, flathead bits and one phillips-head screwdriver bit, tweezers and a not-too-aggressive saw blade.

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