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Ok, I’m as sick as most of you are about talking about the multiple service solutions for camoflauge (all terrible except Multicam in my opinion).  Navy “Aquaflauge” is no different.  Talk about a uniform that rivals the Dungaree bell bottoms for tastelessness.  Why are the Devil Dogs one of the only services to get the uniform all kinds of right?  I guess if you fall over the side of the ship, there are advantages in blending. And maybe not.

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I wanted to let everyone know that Kit Up! and Military.com are supporting this year’s Tommy V golf and skeet challenge to be held at Oceana Naval Air Station in VA Beach.

The event will be held October 21 and all proceeds will go to benefit the families of the DevGru operators who were killed in the August 6 helicopter shoot-down in Afghanistan.

The Thomas J. Valentine Memorial Fund, established in 2010, is a tribute to the memory of SOCS Tom Valentine. Tom was an elite warrior who lived his life in accordance with the special operator’s code, which all SEALs strive to attain. Tom was fiercely loyal to his country, his team and his teammates; he served with honor and integrity on and off the battlefield; he stood ready to lead, ready to follow, and he never quit; he always took responsibility for his actions and those of his teammates; he excelled as a warrior through discipline and innovation; and he trained for war and fought to win at all costs against our nation’s enemies.

Through the Thomas J. Valentine Memorial Fund, we will fill the interim needs of the surviving spouses and children of our fallen warriors. The short term and long terms needs have been met through various organizations.  It’s the in between needs, i.e. legal fees (wills, estate management fees, etc.); household & auto repairs. Counseling assistance (outside of the military chain) and so on that we need to cover. Their needs are many, their needs are great. Through the Thomas J. Valentine Memorial Fund we can alleviate some of the financial burdens that arise months after the funeral.

Key sponsors include ADS, GSS, London Bridge Trading, Linxx Security and Mountain Mobility Group. Our very own Military.com editor Ward Carroll will be competing in the golf challenge, trying to show the steely-eyed frogmen that it’s an aviator’s job to shoot birdies.

Find out more from the Tommy V Challenge website for entry fees and sponsorship pricing.

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International Training Incorporated signed rock star Leatherneck and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer to act as an ambassador for the top notch tactical training company and compete for ITI in an upcoming sniper competition.

The company also signed on former SEAL and neo-TV star Craig “Sawman” Sawyer for its competition shooting team. Sawyer was a sniper instructor for Naval Special Warfare and recently starred on the realty contest show Top Shot (and online zombie hit series Universal Dead).

Both shooters will compete in the Sniper/Observer Competition to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project in mid-October at Storm Mountain Training Center in West Virginia.

As Kit Up! readers know, we’re big fans of ITI and wish them every success. And while it’s not surprising that the company signed on a heavyweight like Sawman, it’s more (pleasantly) surprising that they nabbed Meyer and we wish the hero Devil Dog all the best with this new venture.


When a brand new Milkor Mk14 grenade launcher arrived mid-deployment I immediately recognized the older, but functional, South African design. After putting smoke, flare, HE, and even firing a XM576E1 buckshot round through it was I was more than satisfied and knew I’d be taking it out with us on future patrols. I liked it enough that it got me to thinking about how it work when employed as a soldier’s primary weapon.

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Okay, I’ve got a sense of humor, but maybe this is a little bit too much…

Kit Up! contributor Jack Murphy is a former Ranger, Special Forces Soldier and is the author of the military thriller Reflexive Fire.


So you’ve got a bunch of woodland and desert uniforms kicking around in the bottom of a your tough box since the Army decided to adopt ACU’s?  Before you sell them off as surplus to Old Sarge’s outside Ft. Bragg you might want consider slashing them up and turning them into on-the-cheap combat shirts.  Speaking of Ft. Bragg, this post might be a down right necessity for a few young Privates reading this who have been spending a little too much time down at Sharkys…

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The two most important aspects of shooting from the helicopter are standardized communications between the aircrew/sniper and a good stable shooting platform. Standardized comms between flight crews have been the norm for years and any good helo sniper training program will ensure that snipers learn these standard DoD communications procedures. This ensures smooth communication when the sniper takes control of the scene, provides airborne support or needs to maneuver the helicopter into position quickly. A stable shooting platform is achieved by using a specialized sling system that can be quickly rigged up by the sniper and attached to hard points on the helo itself. Using this system, I’ve personally taken live shots up to 300 yards with 1 Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy.

Before taking over the SEAL Sniper training program as Course Manager I taught advanced helicopter sniper operations at the Naval Special Warfare TRADET Sniper Cell. While I will not go into exact training techniques, I can tell you that we had an excellent helo sniper training program (my good friend Eric Davis and I re-wrote it). We put our guys into live helo’s with live fire, moving targets and complex scenarios to include vehicle interdiction and ship take-downs.

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