Trooper Tech

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Self-Filling Canteens

Well, water bottle to be more accurate. There’s a critter called the Namib Desert Beetle (Stenocara gracilipes, though you probably already knew that) in southwest…

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For the Engineers and Seabees

This may not be as sexy as a new LMG or ultra-light robotic assist bulletproof LBE, but you have to admit it’s a little cool….


Top Gear of 2011

Defense Tech recently released their “top service inventions of 2011” if you missed it. It took until nearly the end of 2012 to make the…

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SSD: 3D printing and the WREX Exoskeleton

A while back we ran an article from Soldier Systems Daily about a 3D printer used to build an AR15 lower. ( Today SSD showed…


Darkfin Gloves and Darkfin Black O.P.S.

For those of us who can’t swim like Arthur Curry or Mark Harris there are Darkfin Gloves. Originally designed for watersports (swimming, diving, surfing), Darkfins…