This is an interesting little gadget if you are into survival gear.

“The Grip-S, by SOLKOA Survival Systems, is a pair of adaptive handles that can do more field-expedient improvisation for you than any other multi-tool on the market,” according to an April 2 press release.

The Grip-S design comes from requests made by special operations aviators for evasion and escape purposes and general survival use, according to the release.

It’s machined from tough, high-grade 6061 aircraft aluminum and can hold standard flexible wire saws, any universal reciprocating saw blade and any round or hexagonal tool up to a quarter inch in diameter. Accessories are simply attached to the Grip-S handles using the supplied set screws.

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Joe Florko — a former federal law-enforcement officer and wilderness ranger for the National Park Service for nearly 10 years – has started an emergency-preparedness company that assembles gear packages for first-responder and aid worker types.

As a gearhead, I love putting together my own emergency kits and sometimes spend a week or so organizing just the right combination of gear.

But I suppose there are some people out there who just need a good assortment of kit and need it fast. So for these lost souls, there’s Florko’s Zyon Systems.

“We offer professional-caliber, configured emergency kits,” he said in a recent email. “I’ve used my experience responding to emergency calls and hauling people out of the back-country to build completely turn-key emergency response packs.”

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Emdom USA has a new, low-profile wallet that might be just the right touch of tacticool for your business cards, cash and plastic.

The Emdom Slim Wallet is made from the “thinnest and lightest weight materials possible,” Emdom officials maintain.

It features five external card slots on the front and a webbing grid on the back for additional cards. The cash pocket features plastic inserts in the opening for ease of access.

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Vertx - A-Range bag - 1Several of our minions have been playing around with elements of the new Vertx EDC lineup – the A-Range Bag is particularly good to go. This isn’t to say we don’t like what we’ve seen of the whole line, we do, but the A-Range Bag is what we’re most intrigued by. We’ll warn you up front, the price point on some EDC pieces will make you work to justify the expense to Household-6. They range from $150 for the satchel up to $220 for the Gamut Plus. It’s worth the purchase in our estimation, just not something you’re going to pick up for a few bucks at the PX as an impulse buy.

There are 7 pieces in the EDC lineup total – Commuter, Satchel, Gamut, Gamut Plus, Courier, A-Range and the limited edition version of the Gamut Plus. All of them have a lot of Velcro real-estate, largely because of their “Tactigami” add-on (this Tactigami stuff would be worthy of a short article itself, so watch for that). Below are a couple of videos from the new series. To our minions’ minds, the best piece of the line is the A-Range bag. It is, as the name indicates, a modular range bag. It’s very well designed and has some great features. Good for an individual/family visit to the range though obviously it’s not going to be something that carries everything you need for everyone during a qual day.

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5.11 Overatch Carry-on 5

5.11 Tactical has an unlikely but effective new bag that somehow manages to combine tactical and traveler without appearing foolish.  It’s called the Overwatch Carryon.

Make no mistake, I don’t plan on packing a duffel, flying to João Pessoa and terminating somebody from the roof of the Guarany Hotel Express, but it’s nice to know I could. The Overwatch is described as “duffel, shooting platform and garment bag.” I haven’t thrown mine on the ground at the range yet, but I did put a freshly dry-cleaned suit in the garment bag portion with a folded AK and magazine pouches on each end and slung it around. [click to continue…]


4-BKP-2NDF-BLK_Left_400PX[1]Hazard 4 now has a larger, backpack version of the sling pack models that allow users to rotate the pack off their back around to their front for easier access to gear or a concealed handgun.

The Second Front day pack “has generous size to accommodate laptops in its padded retainer, yet is nimble enough to be rotated from back to chest. Common to all our slings, such as the Evac™ series, this maneuver gives on-the-go access to frequently used gear while carrying heavier loads on the back the rest of the time. It’s also more secure in crowds etc., since you can keep it in sight and allows users to sit back in tight quarters such as ski lifts, or in vehicle interiors,” Hazard 4 officials maintain.

The new pack measures 16.9 inches long, 10.6 inches wide and 3.1 inches deep.

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Infantry_Sleep_Anywhere2_Adam_Ferguson_PhotoThis isn’t your typical Kit Up! post by any stretch of the imagination. However, I’ve found sometimes the oddest things have a certain appeal. There are two pieces of kit that received rave reviews from some fellas at COP Herrera and another location were an electronic kettle and this thing – the Travel Halo. I’m guessing some of you reading this can understand why.

Originally created last year after an Indiegogo campaign, the Travel Halo is designed to make it easier to sleep sitting up (and, by default, in other contorted positions). Set aside the obvious benefits if you’re stuck in a C-130 or a C-17 for a flight halfway around the world, this could be another sort of beloved snivel kit entirely.

The Travel Halo doesn’t act as just a pillow, it provides stability for your head, with an optional piece to shut out the light.


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