Tacprogear recently announced that its new GEN 2 designs for the Spec-Ops Assault Pack (SAP) line are now available for purchase.

The redesigned SAP line comes in three sizes – SAP 1 (small), SAP 2 (medium) and SAP 3 (large).

The GEN 2 versions of these packs include several new features such as reinforced handle (SAP 1) or reinforced padded handle (SAP 2 and SAP 3), loop for ID patches and a new foam pad design in the back, according to a recent press release.

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Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Daniel B. Allyn recently expressed his desire to lighten the soldier’s load during a visit to Program Executive Office Soldier, according to Army officials.

PEO Soldier officials showed Allyn how they are providing soldiers with more lethal weapons, better protective gear and more capable equipment while also looking for ways to lighten soldier load during his June 23 visit.

Brig. Gen. Brian P. Cummings, commander of PEO Soldier, and his project and product managers briefed new programs and developments taking place, according to a recent Army press release.

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Op Cam Patt right

The U.S. Army recently identified the major installations where the service’s new Operational Camouflage Pattern uniforms will go on sale first.

The plan calls for three waves of distribution.

The first wave of uniforms will show up in July at Military Clothing Sales Stores at 19 installations including Fort Bragg, N.C., Fort Campbell, Ken., Fort Lewis, Wash., Fort Benning, Ga., Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Drum N.Y., Fort Carson, Col., and Korea.

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The U.S. Army rolled out its plan today to outfit every soldier with Army Combat Uniforms in the new Operational Camouflage Pattern. We ran a story on the effort today on Military.com.

The new pattern — which replaces the Universal Camouflage Pattern — is very similar to Operation enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern, or MultiCam, soldiers have worn in Afghanistan.

But in addition to a new camouflage, the ACU will feature several design changes based on soldier feedback, according to Col. Bob Mortlock, the head of Project Manager Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment.


The new collar features a fold-down design. The Army eliminated the hook and loop closure and the mandarin collar flap extension. The new collar features a fold-down design. The Army eliminated the hook and loop closure and the mandarin collar flap extension.

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Spyderco came out with this little hawk earlier this year. I spotted it at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference last week.

The SzaboHawk, designed by martial artist Laci Szabo, is a close-quarters-combat weapon and a functional tool. Defining features include the long-arcing G-10 handle and a .30″ thick D2 tool steel blade.

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ReadyOne Industries is now offering moldable camouflage kits that can be customized to mimic virtually any type of rock formation or similar type of terrain.

The company showed off samples the VATEC System dubbed Portable Battlefield Cryptic Signature and Concealment at the 2015 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference last week.

“VATEC kits and products are unique in that they allow individuals, equipment, and vehicles to become concealed by blending into the environment,” according to ReadyOne factsheet.

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Revision Military’s Kinetic Operations Suit attracted a lot of attention at the 2015 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Fla. this past week.

It was the only attraction on the exhibit floor to take a stab at U.S. Special Operations Command’s vision for creating the Tactical Assault Light Operators Suit, or TALOS — a program the command launched in 2013 to create Iron-Man-style suits designed to give operators increased physical strength while providing them with greater ballistic protection and acute situational awareness on the battlefield.

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