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StreamLight has updated its Sidewinder light series with a highly-visible strobe that’s designed for both water and ground operations.

The Sidewinder Rescue features an omni-directional defuser that makes the strobe visible from the side as well as the top. It has two strobe settings. It fires 50 beats per minute to meet the U.S. Army requirement for ground operations and 110 bmp to meet the Marine Corps requirement for water ops, Matt Baker, director of Streamlight’s Military and Federal Sales, said Tuesday at Modern Day Marine 2014.

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I love Modern Day Marine. It’s a small show, but there’s always cool kit to see. This year, 375 gear companies are expected to show up at Quantico Marine Base, Va., Sept. 23-25.

KitUp! will be there, scouring the floor for latest in weapons accessories, lights, packs, gloves, eye wear, boots, knives and other tactical gear. Let us know if there is anything specific you want us to check out.



CountyComm Government Products Group has a ton of inexpensive, small  EDC kit. Here are five items that I thought were worth a closer look:

– The Handy Zipper Pouch by Maratac with Zombie Green contrast stitching is the perfect go-to case for your Pens, iPhone charger, cables and small EDC gear.

The pouch features a YKK zipper on a heavy duty nylon constructed webbing and a hook and loop panel for a morale patch.There is also a paracord loop for quickly connecting this pouch to your gear.

The large size is new and measures 9 inches x 5 inches x 2 inches. It’ll cost you about $9. The smaller version is about half the size and costs about $5.

There’s a video looking at both versions at the end of this post.

The Runt Clip is a robust multi-photo-1use stainless steel clip, which can be used to keep your everyday carry gear organized and at the ready. The Runt Clip is one of our smallest clips and also most versatile.

The clip is made from 300 series stainless steel and can be used to carry any small preppers paraphernalia you may have.

The small version is 18mm x 10mm x 2.5mm and weighs 1.1 grams. A three-pack costs about $7.

The large size are 24mm x 13mm x 4mm and weigh 3.6 grams. A three-pack costs $8.45.


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Maxpedition just released a new video showcasing its newest organizer — the TRIPTYCH series.

They come in small, medium and large sizes and range from $50 to $58.

Take a look:


Dark Angel Medical 2

Medical kits save lives – not just outside the wire, but here every day at home. Unfortunately not everyone has access to one; fewer still know what to do when things go wrong.

Numerous options for medical preparation have become available. The D.A.R.K. kit from Dark Angel Medical itself has evolved – it has also saved some lives.


Kerry “Pocket Doc” Davis (founder of Dark Angel Medical and designer of the D.A.R.K.) asks his students at every class to let him know if they ever use his gear or his training in an actual event. He recently announced the last two saves – #21 and #22 respectively. This is exactly why we should all have access to a medical kit, on our person, in our briefcase, in the car. D.A.R.K., MBOK, Slim Line or NOLATAC, doesn’t matter to us – and it’s doubly important (as we see it) if you carry a knife or a gun everyday.

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0910-MarinesWaterFoster2485Marine Corps Marathon officials will again allow runners to wear Camelbaks and other hydration packs in this year’s Marine Corps Marathon.

Last year, marathon officials banned the hydration packs citing heightened security restrictions following the 2013 attack on the Boston Marathon.

Hydration vests and fuel belts were also banned for runners. “Runners will be allowed to carry, or wear, hydration backpacks (Camelbak), hydration vests and/or fuel belts while completing the Marathon or MCM10K courses,” MCM officials said in a statement posted on the official website. [click to continue…]


Lee Enfield RifleThe Canadian Department of National Defense announced earlier this month that it issued a contract to Colt Canada to design and produce 6,500 new rifles for the military’s Arctic Rangers.

The unit is armed with the .303 Lee Enfield rifle bought back in 1947. The rifles have gotten so old, the Canadian force can no longer buy parts to fix the rifles that are quickly falling apart.

The Rangers are a unit of about 5,000 Reservists who are spread across the northern most territories in Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently visited a Ranger unit and was photographed firing one of the Lee Enfield rifles.  [click to continue…]