I posted a story on today describing how the U.S. Army recently notified Beretta USA that its new M9A3 includes too many design changes to still be considered an M9.

As you may recall, Beretta submitted the M9A3 Engineering Change Proposal to the Army in December as an alternative to the service’s Modular Handgun System.

Besides its new earth-tone colors, the M9A3 features a  MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail for mounting weapon lights. It also has a much-thinner, Vertec grip for smaller hands and an optional wrap-around grip for those with larger hands.

The M9A3 will also feature a redesigned, over-center safety lever that cants slightly upward to help eliminate accidental safety activation when the slide is racked during malfunction drills, Beretta officials maintain. The new pistol has improved, removable front and rear sights and a threaded barrel for suppressor use. Beretta USA has also increased the magazine capacity from 15 to 17 rounds.

The M9A3 has a lot of new features, but it’s still an M9, according to pistol experts.

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Arsenal, Inc. is now offering several of its AK-style pistols with the new Arsenal Quad Rail Handguard.

“The Arsenal Krink Quad Rail is designed and manufactured to exceed the most stringent military specifications and requirements,” Arsenal Inc. officials maintain. “This T7075-T6 rail installs easily with its precision machined tabs, vents heat very effectively, and is capped on both ends to keep debris out of the gun.”

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I don’t normally do posts on military shirt makers, but Grunt Style LLC has some really sweet designs.

Their Basic Tee is priced at just $12.95 each. And based on customer reviews, the quality seems to be unusually high.

Grunt Style offers conservative as well as over-the-top designs — most with patriotic or warfighter themes. The Illinois-based shop also makes hoodies, polo shirts, beanies, patches and other novelties.

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Laserlyte is now offering laser trainer barrels for the Glock 19 and 23 pistols.

The LT-GM barrel shoots a laser dot simulating bullet impact and providing feedback to the shooter.

The laser trainer barrel will not accept ammo making it a perfectly safe anytime/anywhere training tool, Laserlyte officials say. A built-in snap cap also protects the firing pin from repeated dry firing.

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The U.S. Army has included $2 million in its proposed fiscal 2016 budget for the Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System program.

In June 2014, the Army released a request for proposal to invite gun companies to build compact versions of the service’s 7.62mm M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System. The CSASS program did not receive any funding in the Army’s approved fiscal 2015 budget.

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Daniel Defense showed off two new rifles at this year’s SHOT Show. The Black Creek, Ga.-based gun maker has an improved version of the MK12 precision rifle and the latest version of its V11 series rifle for three-gun competitions.

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Mutant-600x400A Missouri-based gunmaker has taken two of the most popular rifles in the world — the AR-15 and the AK-47 — blended key components of each and turned it into the MK-47 Mutant.

The Kitup team got a first look at the Mutant, built by CMMG, last week at NSSF’s Shot Show in Las Vegas to include a demonstration on Range Day. Brendan McGarry broke down the details of the rifle on here.

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