Armordillo Concealment

Armordillo Concealment has a new minimalist holster out. It’s called the X-Fer, and unlike other holsters based on a specific weapon system or model, this one is based on a weapon light. In essence, you’re holstering a rail-mounted light, which means you can get by with one concealment holster for multiple platforms as long as you’re running the same light. It is adjustable for ride height and cant, and it will even accommodate threaded barrels and suppressors. Granted, drawing a silenced pistol from inside your britches (even a small sub-compact) might be problematic – but at least you have the option. The first X-Fer holster released is for the X300 light (it will fit the X200, as you will see in the videos). It and future iterations for other lights can be worn both appendix carry IWB and ‘traditional’ IWB carry. It is ambidextrous and made in the USA.

There are several good custom Kydex shops out there, but it takes a lot to come up with something really new – after all, there’s only so many ways to provide pressure retention with Kydex. This is an innovative development and I hope they do well with it.

While I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, I’ve included a couple of videos below. One is from Armordillo Concealment itself, the other from Downrange Firearms Training. There are also two “initial impressions” reviews over on Moderno and MrColionNoir worth checking out if you’re so inclined.

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There’s an ongoing argument among those of our 1:1 scale handlers who are or were grunts. Some say tattoos that say 0311 or 11 BRAVO or God Loves the Infantry is motarded or stupid-hooah. Some take the opposite stance. For instance, one looked at a tattoo that had the MOS inside a dogtag on his bicep and was disgusted. “Effin’ boot.” Another looked at it and said “YUT!”

The point? Gotta be honest, we aren’t sure ourselves. However, depending on which side of the argument you fall you might like the grunt patches now that both 03 and 11B are available.

Even if you don’t like the patches, you might want to sort out your fightin’ rig with a beer holster from Armadillo Concealment.

On the subject of grunts, if you guys are Facef*#& types, we figured we’d direct you towards the following.

and of course you can always join us:


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