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Revision goggles in the fieldRevision Military, based out of Essex Junction, Vt., recently announced their new Ocumax Plus technology. The company advises they are raising the bar in “next-generation anti-fog coatings” for military eyewear.

Eyewear fogging is one of the leading complaints from soldiers in garrison and in combat. Long patrols, forced ruck marches or even a drastic climate change can cause an annoying and sometimes dangerous fog to form on the lenses of your eye protection. The user is then forced to clear the obstruction while ultimately being distracted from the task or mission at hand. [click to continue…]

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Animus and Fat Cat

Ira LipsonIra Lipson, owner of Southpaw Knives, is a a lefty. He said he got frustrated that a good portion of the knives he was using were tailored to right-handed folks. Lispson constantly found himself tearing the knives apart and altering them to his specs. He eventually got fed up with the process and started Southpaw Knives.

A a retired U.S. Army Warrant Officer, all of Ira’s knives are one of a kind, built by hand. He also stresses to prospective buyers that he puts a working edge on his knives, not a shaving edge. He sharpens them by hand on a belt grinder. All of his knives and sheathes can be made for either left or right hand use. [click to continue…]


Would students in this Special Operations Mountaineering Course photo benefit from camo that reacts to ambient temperature? (Picture from

I am a Southern boy who grew up in the woods with a gun in my hand hunting all types of game. From day one, camouflage was paramount to any successful hunt. The right camouflage can sometimes determine whether you bring home a trophy buck and bragging rights or  you’re heading back home empty handed.

Unfortunately, camouflage can get pretty expensive and, if you hunt multiple types of game in different seasons of the year, your wallet will quickly feel the effects of your obsession with the outdoors. Cabela’s has a plan to remedy your need for multiple articles of camouflage and help your budget with one quick dose – and I wonder how this might impact things from a tactical perspective. [click to continue…]


2VA8-Home Defense Course on the drive to Houston

Brad Walker recently attended the inaugural 2 Vets Arms Home Defense Course. Though 2 Vets Arms is primarily (and justly) well-known for their side-charging rifles, they provide instruction as well.  (Note – that’s a shot of their rifles in the back seat of the truck driving down to teach the class). Now, Brad is a training whore much like the rest of us, but in this particular case he had an added reason for wanting to attend the class (though no reason whatsoever for acting giddy as a schoolgirl when Dean Brandly invited him to do so). Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail he sent us:

Last fall, my family and I had returned home one Saturday afternoon from a movie. I was the first to the front door, unlocked both locks and walked inside. From my front door, I have a clear view to my back door…which was wide open. I immediately walked back outside, explained to my wife what was going on and told her to keep the kids in the van. Without hesitation, I walked back to the front door, drew my pistol from concealment and began clearing my house. It was nerve-racking to say the least. I had thought about how I would do this, but never actually went through the motions in case I had to do it for real. Well, now I was in right in the middle of it. I cleared each room and closet and called the “all clear” to my family. My verdict was that one of us didn’t shut the back door all the way and the wind may’ve blown it open. Nothing was touched or taken or disturbed, but needless to say, my heart was racing. From that day forward, I developed a plan. Brad Walker

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A couple months back one of our devoted acolytes acquaintances over at sent us a Blackhawk! Go Bag Mag Bag. She was sure we’d like it, despite knowing that neither of us are big Blackhawk! fans. First, they have an exclamation point in their name. Second, we’ve some bad experiences with a couple pieces of individual kit in the past (which we admit shouldn’t be taken as a wide spectrum criticism). We debated about doing the review and decided we’d send it off to Mad Duo Brad. He’s a proficient shooter who manages to be fair and open minded while remaining ruthlessly pragmatic, which is a good combination. Plus, he’s a Warrant Officer, which provides entertainment all of its own sort. Here’s his review – she was right. He liked it.  Regards, The Duo

Blackhawk! Go Box Mag Bag

by: Brad Walker

I’ve had a chance to review Blackhawk! Go Bag Mag Bag for the last month or so, and here are some things I found out about it.BH1

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I asked Dark Helmet what he wanted for Father’s Day. This is the response he sent me.  DR

Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: Rogue American Apparel Mesh Hats

Brad Walker

Summertime is upon us and here in Texas it is already scorching hot. Most of us spend as much time on the range as we can. Protecting your nugget from the sun should be a priority instead of baking your dome for hours on the lanes. Rogue American Apparel has a truly badass solution that’ll not only keep you looking cool but will keep your ghord cool as well.

Rogue American Apparel has been making some damn fine shirts, hats and accessories for some time now. I recently ordered one of their hats and a close friend of mine has one of their mesh hats and loves it. All of their products are made in the USA and are extremely well made. They are tailored for the “operator” in all of us with details like removing the button from the top (as many of us already do) and offering them in all the popular tactical flavors. Their newest addition to their line is their ATACS FG Flag hat with Old Glory sewn right into the loop on the front.RAA1 [click to continue…]


line-of-fire-logoLine of Fire’s New “Jedi” Gloves

Brad Walker

Line of Fire is about to introduce their newest addition to their glove line, The Jedi.



The Jedi is a super-lightweight and comfortable minimalist tactical glove that is meant for many types of users. It can be used as operational glove capable of resisting high levels of abrasions or tears, or it can be utilized by the average shooter at the range to provide protection while not sacrificing comfort.

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