Vertx - A-Range bag - 1Several of our minions have been playing around with elements of the new Vertx EDC lineup – the A-Range Bag is particularly good to go. This isn’t to say we don’t like what we’ve seen of the whole line, we do, but the A-Range Bag is what we’re most intrigued by. We’ll warn you up front, the price point on some EDC pieces will make you work to justify the expense to Household-6. They range from $150 for the satchel up to $220 for the Gamut Plus. It’s worth the purchase in our estimation, just not something you’re going to pick up for a few bucks at the PX as an impulse buy.

There are 7 pieces in the EDC lineup total – Commuter, Satchel, Gamut, Gamut Plus, Courier, A-Range and the limited edition version of the Gamut Plus. All of them have a lot of Velcro real-estate, largely because of their “Tactigami” add-on (this Tactigami stuff would be worthy of a short article itself, so watch for that). Below are a couple of videos from the new series. To our minions’ minds, the best piece of the line is the A-Range bag. It is, as the name indicates, a modular range bag. It’s very well designed and has some great features. Good for an individual/family visit to the range though obviously it’s not going to be something that carries everything you need for everyone during a qual day.

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NOLATAC Training and Consulting has teamed up with High Speed Gear Inc. to introduce the M3T Multi-Mission Medical Taco. This is a welcome addition to the list of HSGI-built products, in our mind. Med kits are finally all the tacticool rage, and frankly it took long enough. More importantly, the increasing number of options for an individual trauma kit, from a variety of manufacturers, has made it far more likely that 1) they’ll be carried in the first place and 2) that a suitable choice exists for every body type and manner of carrying gear. The M3 Taco promises to accept a wide variety of pre-built medical modules now commercially available. This would add significant (and cost efficient) versatility with one purchase.

Kit Up! Mad Duo on HSGI Multi Mission Medical Taco -4

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1MOA combat operations data book during Taliban Spring Offensive

The data book you see in the picture above is the Combat Operations Data Book (CODB) from 1MOA Solutions in use in Afghanistan. The CODB was developed by former Army sniper Adam Wilson with help from other long gun specialists and is built by Combat Swag.

Adam is the head of 1MOA Solutions. When not crossing Eriador with Balin, Dwalin, Oin, Gloin and Pocket Doc, he now teaches precision rifle, carbine and other classes via 1MOA Solutions, Warrior Summit and other venues. The CODB is modular and was designed to withstand the abuse of mud, sand, dirt, etc. frequently encountered by snipers on the job. It’s built of rip resistant, waterproof materials that has been described by some of its end users as “even tougher than Rite in the Rain paper.” [click to continue…]


2VA8-Home Defense Course on the drive to Houston

Brad Walker recently attended the inaugural 2 Vets Arms Home Defense Course. Though 2 Vets Arms is primarily (and justly) well-known for their side-charging rifles, they provide instruction as well.  (Note – that’s a shot of their rifles in the back seat of the truck driving down to teach the class). Now, Brad is a training whore much like the rest of us, but in this particular case he had an added reason for wanting to attend the class (though no reason whatsoever for acting giddy as a schoolgirl when Dean Brandly invited him to do so). Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail he sent us:

Last fall, my family and I had returned home one Saturday afternoon from a movie. I was the first to the front door, unlocked both locks and walked inside. From my front door, I have a clear view to my back door…which was wide open. I immediately walked back outside, explained to my wife what was going on and told her to keep the kids in the van. Without hesitation, I walked back to the front door, drew my pistol from concealment and began clearing my house. It was nerve-racking to say the least. I had thought about how I would do this, but never actually went through the motions in case I had to do it for real. Well, now I was in right in the middle of it. I cleared each room and closet and called the “all clear” to my family. My verdict was that one of us didn’t shut the back door all the way and the wind may’ve blown it open. Nothing was touched or taken or disturbed, but needless to say, my heart was racing. From that day forward, I developed a plan. Brad Walker

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Rockwell ClassProper care of magazines should be common knowledge. Doing so as needed should be second nature. Unfortunately, not only have many shooters not been taught the hows/whys and whens of magazine care, there are many who do not even know how to disassemble one. This is particularly true of the old, ubiquitous (grunts: ubiquitous) 30-round USGI magazine. Regardless of the mag, you need to take care of it. This is a great primer on that, written by my friend Jared, one of the primary instructors at Rockwell Tactical. It first appeared over on Black Sheep Warrior. I thought it warranted ALCON distro. If you have anything to add, let’s hear it. Mad Duo Nate [click to continue…]

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A couple months back one of our devoted acolytes acquaintances over at sent us a Blackhawk! Go Bag Mag Bag. She was sure we’d like it, despite knowing that neither of us are big Blackhawk! fans. First, they have an exclamation point in their name. Second, we’ve some bad experiences with a couple pieces of individual kit in the past (which we admit shouldn’t be taken as a wide spectrum criticism). We debated about doing the review and decided we’d send it off to Mad Duo Brad. He’s a proficient shooter who manages to be fair and open minded while remaining ruthlessly pragmatic, which is a good combination. Plus, he’s a Warrant Officer, which provides entertainment all of its own sort. Here’s his review – she was right. He liked it.  Regards, The Duo

Blackhawk! Go Box Mag Bag

by: Brad Walker

I’ve had a chance to review Blackhawk! Go Bag Mag Bag for the last month or so, and here are some things I found out about it.BH1

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Cashion_DoubleBarrelFriday afternoon one of the insufferably Texan minions of the Mad Duo posted an article about Confederate Forge, an old school one-man operation making extraordinary blades there in the Lone Star State. I took a look and was impressed with what I saw (in fact, I gave the craftsman’s contact info to the Residential Sergeant Major for a Father’s Day gift idea, which means hopefully I’ll get two – one from Eric and one from Bill Coye). I did some reading and then called him. Turns out that not only does he make the blades himself, he sews the sheaths and does the leatherwork too. There’s an old sewing machine near the forge and that’s what he works on. He also hand decorates what he makes, from knife scabbards to quivers (he’s an avid bowhunter). Interestingly, if you do some digging through social media you’ll find that Confederate Forge has done a number of specials for many of the ‘tactical celebrities’ in our world.

Here’s a look at some more of his work( that’s him out to the right on the range, by the way, not one of the Vikings).


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