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The Vertx EDC “A-Range Bag”

Several of our minions have been playing around with elements of the new Vertx EDC lineup – the A-Range Bag is particularly good to go….

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AAR: 2 Vets Arms Home Defense Course

Brad Walker recently attended the inaugural 2 Vets Arms Home Defense Course. Though 2 Vets Arms is primarily (and justly) well-known for their side-charging rifles,…

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Blackhawk’s Go Box Mag Bag

A couple months back one of our devoted acolytes acquaintances over at sent us a Blackhawk! Go Bag Mag Bag. She was sure we’d…

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The Knives of Confederate Forge

Friday afternoon one of the insufferably Texan minions of the Mad Duo posted an article about Confederate Forge, an old school one-man operation making extraordinary…

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Behind the Scenes at OSOE

A herpetophile? Yes, definitely. Abrasive? Yep, he can be. In fact, he usually is. Truculent? One could certainly make that argument. GTFG with gear? Absolutely….

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More on the Tough Hook

Kit Up! contributing team The Mad Duo interviewed the man behind the Tough Hook, apparently. He’s prior Army, working as an intel analyst, then spent…

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Regulation Tactical: Reflex Mag Pouch

Our boy Mad Duo Nate turned us on to this. Check out the Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch. Buy yours here. Join Mad Duo Nate…

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RE Factor Survival Band

We told you about the Operator Band RE Factor built before: Hopefully you already have one because, you know, operators gonna operate operationally and…


DVM’s Pocket Cleaver

Death Valley Magazine is releasing a limited series of handmade ‘pocket cleavers’ over the next five months – 10 per month, until they hit 50….

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The Duo on Fighting Near the Blue Nile

“What do people in the West think about Blue Nile?” one general asked me. “Do they think we’re winning? Do they think we’re in the…