Crossbreed Holsters

Starting tomorrow SWAT TV is releasing their “Lost Episodes” on Personal Defense Network. These episodes were taped in 2011 but weren’t aired on Outdoor Channel; they are sponsored exclusively by Crossbreed Holsters and will feature a large number of training professionals from across the industry. Past episodes have literally functioned as a who’s who in the training world.


Personal Defense Network publishes a lot of good resource material, video and written, for “professional” shooters and an armed citizenry alike. One good example is this article by Omari Broussard that addresses the question, “You have a handgun, two magazines and a thousand dollars. What do you do with that money and how do you budget for training?”
Watch the PDN website for updates ( You can also follow PDN on Twitter (@P_D_N) and Facebook (


Crossbreed Holsters LLC has a new ankle holster in its line-up. The new ankle rigs were designed by the inestimable Mark Craighead and made in the USA. The holster has a calf support strap (so it doesn’t slip down and start smacking the wearer’s ankle) and sports a reinforced/padded ankle section for greater comfort. It also features a thumb break for retention during rigorous activity. The new holster (currently right hand only) will fit small to medium semi-autos like the LC9 and XDS. Note that it’s a universal holster, so the XDS and a Kahr K will be a tighter fit than an LCP, though Crossbreed advises it will stretch to fit the latter with comfortable retention.

They are currently working on a larger size for smaller Glocks, S&W Shields and revolvers.

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