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GGG FAL Pouch 1Idaho-based Grey Ghost Gear, which along with Tactical Tailor, was awarded a contract to provide the Marine Corps with night vision goggle pouches, AN/PRC-153 and 152 pouches and 40 mike-mike bandoliers, now has modular FN/FAL magazine pouches commercially available.

“There are a surprising number of FAL owners here in the U.S.,” says GGG’s Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “Many of them prefer a dedicated magazine pouch to a universal or an adjustable one. We were happy to address that need.” [click to continue…]


Grey Ghost Gear’s Stealth Operator Packs have proven to be very popular – they tend to sell out very quickly after a restock. Now the packs, designed as “low vis recce pack”, are available in Kryptek patterns. The packs are built around a large main compartment with a center zip and an updated internal storage panel to carry  rifle mags, zippered lower pocket, grab handle, sternum strap and hydration pocket. They’re build of 500 Denier Cordura, with measurements as follows: 887.5 cubic inch volume, 17 3/4 inch length, 10 inch width, 5 inch depth.

Here’s a great video look at one (photographs and write-up at

The Kryptek packs are on line at:



Vietnam_Tiger_Force_MagBandoliersGrey Ghost Gear is modernizing an old school idea. They have finally released their magazine bandolier, which was designed to function in many ways like an ammunition-only Bail-Out Bag, or for “those situations when you need additional mags to supplement your current equipment or for those times when you aren’t able to grab your vest or armor carrier, but need additional ammo.” It is manufactured from MilSpec webbing and reinforced elastic webbing and can be worn cross body or around the waist.

Note – the bandolier was not designed to carry USGI magazines. It is built specifically for PMAGs and the like (their construction are key to retention). That said, there are several GGG staffers and field testers checking ‘caveman style’ to see if it will effectively hold onto AK, G36 and some other magazines.


Stickman talked about them a few months ago over on Gear Scout, and they appear to largely function as he originally reported, though the price is lower ($24.99) and this carries six PMAGs, not four.

Purchase yours here.

Follow Grey Ghost Gear on Facebook, as they apparently will be giving some of these away soon.


I called Casey Ingels late Friday evening and interrupted him in the middle of his prep to climb Mt. Rainier the following morning to test out some of the new Grey Ghost Gear line, G3 Alpine. is G3 is a new line of civilian pack designs for the commercial markets. I talked to him a little bit about the packs and asked him to send me some pictures from the climb.


The G3 Alpine packs, Casey advises, “Will be…more technical than the Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear packs, built for climbing and ‘higher end’ backpacking, for lack of a better term…they’re lightweight packs and they are [expletive deleted] cool….”

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Lately there has been a whole lot of Kryptek coming down. Last night Grey Ghost Gear posted a link on their Facebook page to the (very) limited numbers of new packs they had available in Kryptek Highlander (I think there were only 20 or so of each).

The two packs were Light Assault Pack and their Stealth Operator Packs (

The GGG Operations Chief advised me that, “….we picked Kryptek because it’s one of the four patterns that made it through the downselect, and man…that f&cking thing is bad ass. I call it predatorflage.  We will be stocking far larger numbers of packs in short order and adding both Nomad and Typhon over the next couple of months…just not sure yet. We’re waiting on the fabric, which is inbound.

If they run out before you are able to order one, their MultiCam Stealth Operator Packs are still available. They also advised that a new pack, a close cousin of the Stealth, is on the way as an option.

For more on Kryptek:

For more on Grey Ghost Gear:


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Recently Grey Ghost Gear sent some of their packs out to personnel from a number of backgrounds. One of those packs went to a JTAC, who wrote the following initial review. The content of the review remains unchanged with the exception of two punctuation changes and one spelling correction. I also moved the background of the tester to the end of the article. All pictures are courtesy of the author except for two courtesy of The Botstik Collective (q.v.). DR


David, thanks for the opportunity to review this pack from GGG.

I conducted the initial review of the Lightweight Assault Pack (PennCott Sandstorm Pattern) in and around the Sacramento Mountains located in the south central part of New Mexico.During the review, I loaded the pack with approximately 20lbs. of miscellaneous items (MEDKIT/Notepad/Headlamp/1911/spare ammo/cold weather top/water/lunch) and conducted a sterile overland foot movement for about 60 min.

Construction of the pack is Cordura Nylon fabric printed in PenCott™ Sandstorm pattern. Fabric is of 500 denier Cordura nylon, treated with Near Infrared (NIR) Signature Management Technology and Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coated with waterproof back-coating. The pack features an open main compartment as well as a side entry front compartment; standard modular webbing is attached to the lower left and right panel and lower outside panel. The thin padded shoulder straps have webbing sewn topside on both straps allowing commo cables or water tube routing -The shoulder straps can be stowed, creating a slick version of the pack. The main compartment utilizes half clamshell opening and the outside secondary compartment utilizes a full-length north-south zipper configuration. A third compartment is located between the back panel and main compartment. The operator can store a water bladder or administrative items like maps. There is a standard pass-through buckle located top inside of the back compartment. I’m not sure what this could be used for besides securing a water bladder system.

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Grey Ghost Gear has run a series of specials on their Facebook page. They started with “TACP Weekend”, then “Ranger Regiment Week” and “0311 Weekend”. Now it’s “FMF Corpsman Week”. “Greenside Docs” past or present can post a training/deployed picture of themselves on the GGG FB wall to be entered for a chance to win kit.














Disclosure: Kit Up Associate Editor David Reeder writes freelance copy for Grey Ghost Gear in a non-paid status.

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