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In a tiny town outside Eureka Springs, Arkansas there is an 1800 square foot shop and a 500 square foot showroom with some guns, some ‘weapon furniture’ and the workshop of Boyd Lemons. Boyd is the man behind Hillbilly 223 Custom Firearms and Finishing, a business that since 2008 has been doing one-of-a-kind camouflage patterns and custom ‘paint jobs’ on knives, rifles, handguns and accessories. You’ve probably seen his work before—we’ve run pictures of some in the past and he does all the camo work for nearby Craig and Mark of Nighthawk Custom.


It’s a family business—Boyd’s son is learning the ropes and his wife (who has been his sweetheart for nearly three decades) handles the books. He got his start early on by selling his work, mostly knives, on eBay but with an increase in social media his business steadily expanded and eventually they were getting numerous requests to do firearms. That is why Hillbilly 223 is a fully accredited NFA/FFL, to facilitate customer’s transfers more easily.

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You will see an article about Arkansas duracoat genius Hillbilly 223 in the coming days. Meantime, here’s a teaser. If you’re a facespacer, check them out there and tell them Military.com sent you. https://www.facebook.com/HILLBILLY223DURACOATFINISHING



This is some of the excellent Duracoat work by Hillbilly Two Two Three. They do some great work.

Kit Up! A sample of Hillbilly Two Two Three's custom work.


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