Kryptek has proven to be an immensely popular (and unconventional) series of camouflage pattern. Here are Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn giving you some background on how they went from working on the sharp end in Iraq to developing a ‘final four camouflage finalist’ (in the U.S. Army down select process).



Kryptek is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.



Funker always delivers good stuff. Here’s Darrell Morrow of Vertx talking about some of their line-up for the year.

Vertx is also on Facebook ( where they run the occasional FB-only discount code. Most recently it was for 20% off any of their Kryptek kit.


Via Kryptek Outdoor Group. Someone here is wearing a Kryptek Highlander jacket, either on Hoth or in Tajikistan (making that a goat or a tauntaun, unsure which).



Lately there has been a whole lot of Kryptek coming down. Last night Grey Ghost Gear posted a link on their Facebook page to the (very) limited numbers of new packs they had available in Kryptek Highlander (I think there were only 20 or so of each).

The two packs were Light Assault Pack and their Stealth Operator Packs (

The GGG Operations Chief advised me that, “….we picked Kryptek because it’s one of the four patterns that made it through the downselect, and man…that f&cking thing is bad ass. I call it predatorflage.  We will be stocking far larger numbers of packs in short order and adding both Nomad and Typhon over the next couple of months…just not sure yet. We’re waiting on the fabric, which is inbound.

If they run out before you are able to order one, their MultiCam Stealth Operator Packs are still available. They also advised that a new pack, a close cousin of the Stealth, is on the way as an option.

For more on Kryptek:

For more on Grey Ghost Gear:


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