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That’s the Paradigm Talon. You can see it at the Legion Firearms booth, #227108, at SHOT. Paradigm, Orion Design Group and Off the Grid Concepts will all be operating out of one central location.  In addition to the Talon, you will be able to get a look at the LF10 (Legion .308), the LF4 (their newest AR15), the Paradigm SRP LF15D (a co-branded rifle built by Legion in partnership with Paradigm SRP), and the Brian Bishop Signature Series rifle. There will be examples of the new Legion upper with integrated handguard.

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A teaser of what's to come.


For those of you who’ve been asking, yes, Legion Firearms is building a .308 caliber rifle. While the LF-10 won’t be available until the first quarter of next year, and the full range of photos and reviews won’t be available for another few weeks, you can preorder one now.

The prototype is currently in the hands of Steve Fisher, who will be doing the first non-Legion staff member evaluation. It has a billet upper and lower with a nickel boron bolt carrier group and a 1×11 twist stainless steel hex fluted barrel. Other features are micro MOA adjustable gas block, SureFire muzzle brake and a new proprietary Legion-designed rail system instead of the monolithics on previous Legion rifles.

Note on this rail system – as soon as all the patent stuff is complete I’ll give you some more information (and pictures), but Legion’s Adam Morehead says “It’s f#c&ing bad ass…this Gen 3 rail system. Prototypes are available, but we’re holding them close until SHOT.”

Note: I am currently assisting Legion Firearms on a short term basis with their social media and ad copy in a non-paid capacity.

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Paradigm SRP recently appeared on Sons of Guns; Legion Firearms loaned them an LFP9 for that appearance. Paradigm SRP liked the weapon so much that afterward they had a “…custom Paradigm SRP version done. It is 9mm and based on the 2011 style frame and slide. Though not as tight in regards to tolerances as the sport guns, it is still a tack driver. It survived 4 days of dry and dusty conditions at our ranch with no issues…”

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We thought this was funny, and we know you guys feel compelled to learn our opinion, so here you go. This appeared on the Legion Firearms facebook page last night.

Because of the recent political shenanigans this country has witnessed, Legion Firearms has found itself in the unenviable position of having to quintuple its prices…er, actually, septuple them. No, duodecuple them…JUST KIDDING. If you want a Legion rifle (and really, who doesn’t) they’re available at the same place for the same price they were 48 hours ago! Here’s a rare depilated North American Yeti discussing his LF-15D.

We’ve put definitions in for the grunts. (We mean you Darin Morrell, JD Wallace, Brian Kenney, Mike Harvey, Luke Peelgrane, John Whitlock and Nate Murr – don’t say we’re not looking out for you poor simple knuckledraggers.)

Mad Duo Clear


Brad Walker

Camera? Check. Ear pro? Check. Itchy trigger finger? CHECK!!! I had gotten up early in anticipation to cover the Legion Firearms Proving Ground demo day on Saturday and was not disappointed. The short 40 minute drive to The Best of the West Shooting Range in Liberty Hill, TX landed me at the event around 10 where we were all welcomed by a couple of full-auto mag dumps that quickly got the electricity going on the range. Everyone filed into separate lines of the weapon of their choice, whether it was the LF-P9 pistol or the array of LF-15 rifles and the fun began.

The crew from Legion had a vast buffet of LF-15 series rifles in every flavor you can imagine. Every rifle was setup a little differently from its neighbor. They had full-length LF-15’s with Browe Optics to their new SBR prototype with Aimpoints and everything in between. This gave all the folks who attended the ability to test each configuration and really get a feel for what they like and how the Legion rifles handle. I for one was a big fan of the full-length LF-15 Delta that had been hydro-dipped in the Multicam pattern. I must say, it shot like a dream.

The monolithic upper combined with their killer hexagonal cut barrel made for an extremely light, maneuverable and accurate shooting experience.

Quite a few vendors made the show, as well. Off The Grid Concepts had a great booth with plenty of kydex on display. The ladies from Austin Sure Shots, GT Distributors and Round 2 Brass and Reloading were also on hand showing their love. Legion and the vendors gave the folks that came out a chance to win some great prizes throughout the day, and the crew from Wahoo’s Fish Tacos manned the grill and served up all the grub for the day’s festivities.

Overall, it was a great day with some great people and great weapons. Plenty of people showed up to throw some lead downrange, meet all the great vendors and hang out with like-minded, gun-loving individuals who were all able to put Legion’s best to the test.

Feel free to peruse through Legion Firearms’ arsenal at www.legionfirearms.com.



































About the Author: Brad Walker is former enlisted man, now WO, who may or may not be Danny McBride’s evil twin. A ten year Army Aviation veteran who was an NCO before going to flight school, he now drives Apaches and is an FAA privately licensed rotary wing aircraft pilot. He’s got a strong background in trauma/casualty care and SERE, loves to shoot and writes when his muse grabs him. Hopefully you’ll see more of him on Kit Up!


Yesterday we talked a little about the Delta Tw0-Seven Tourniquet-Admin modular pouch for horizontal wear on body armor or LBE. Here’s a little more about it from 21ST Century Gunfighter, who were kind enough to share this video with us. You’ll be hearing more about 21ST Century Gunfighter in a few days.




Kit Up! The D27 Tourniquet Admin Pouch from Legion Firearms and First-Spear. Photos by 21ST Century Gunfighter.

Legion Firearms is about to release a new of kit that promises to be both extremely effective in the field and one of the most impressive examples of cross-branding in the industry to date. It was designed by Jason Crosby for Legion Firearms, built to their specs by First Spear, additional T&E provided by 21ST Century Gunfighter and approved for use by Pocket Doc of Dark Angel Medical. Now all they need is marketing by Weyland-Yutani and the peerage would be complete.

The item in question is called the D27 (as in Delta-Two-Seven) Tourniquet Admin Pouch. It’s was designed to work from the center line on a wide array of body armors and plate carriers (carrying a primary tourniquet on the center line where it can be reached by either the left or right hand of the individual operator is becoming an increasingly frequent SOP in some tactical circles). It’s snag-free, protects from the elements and has a quick-pull tab do you can deploy it quickly (the tab tucks away so it doesn’t deploy accidentally). In addition to the tourniquet, there is ample space for small general purpose type items and references (9-line cards, rescue blade, etc.)

The D27 was developed by Sgt. Crosby, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, based on a preliminary design he stitched together himself while deployed. The pouch is the genuine result of an evolving requirement they had in his former platoon (he’s now teaching mounted gunnery at Ft. Hood as a battalion master gunner advisor).

His platoon had, like most others, adopted SOPs to the location of aid items, standardizing the location of their IFAK and bleeder kits with a TQ located centerline on their armor. He advises that for his individual needs, when they were in the built up environment of eastern Baghdad in ’08 and ’09, that having a TQ mounted horizontally high on his chest worked best. They were encountering lots of EFPs and suffering catastrophic amputations and were going through lots of TQs. Because of that, and the dictates of the AO, they preferred an assaulter type configuration, with open top mag pouches and the like. He made a few hook panels with shock cord attached to the pile field found on most admin pouches and it worked out well.

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