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Brad Walker recently reported on the new firearms design/manufacturing company MilSpec Armory and its relationship with MilSpec Monkey. Here’s a look at their new storefront. Congratulations guys!



Coming Soon from Mil-Spec Monkey: The Mil-Spec Armory

Brad Walker


One evening last week during SHOT Show,  I had a opportunity to sit down and chat with a couple of fellows who are spearheading a new endeavor for 2013, the Mil-Spec Armory. The Armory’s President, Ari Kolokithas, and Vice President, Marty Bloem, indulged me and answered a few “Secret Squirrel” questions on the inception and emplacement of their new company.

Brad Hammond, co-owner over at Mil-Spec Monkey, had the idea to diversify the company, so he set out to create a stand-alone armory that [like MSM] focused on ingenuity and pioneering new ideas and product evolution. What formed was a company that would be able to not only sell firearms and gear but also accomplish some gunsmithing and R&D as well. So Brad teamed up with Ari and Marty to merge an equal blend of experience and technical expertise. Brad and Ari are both retired Bay Area Law Enforcement Officers. Marty [as you should know] is the original inventor and designer of the famed and popular BattleComp muzzle device found on rifles all over. Marty’s artistry comes in the form of his fabrication and R&D skills, so I’m excited to see what trickery and badassery they have in store for the Armory.


They informed me that once their operation is up and running, they will be tackling light gunsmithing in-house and rolling the heavy work to Don Lazzarini, a local master gunsmith who is on staff at Stoic Ventures. Marty and the Mil-Spec Armory is also teaming up with Mike Lamb and his crew at Stoic to collaborate on product development, training and consulting.

Granted, this is just a sneak-peek into what’s coming up from these guys, but you can already get an idea of what’s in store. Brad and the crew at MSM already put out some great products and material. I’m sure with the team that Mil-Spec Armory has assembled, the outcome will be pretty incredible. Stay tuned for future updates and stories from the fellows down at the Armory, and we’ll keep you abreast of the news as they release more information.

They hope to have the Mil-Spec Armory stood up and fully functioning by the end of February, pending parts and political legislation, neither of which scares these guys. They aim to adapt and overcome any situation they may be faced with, and that is what truly drives success.

Future information can be attained at their website Mil-Spec Armory.



Sunday Funny: Harden Up

by David Reeder on January 20, 2013

Hat tip on this to Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance. I’d have never seen it otherwise.

Warning: language.

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My buddy The Monkey has a new hoodie out. It’s manufactured of mid-weight fleece (9oz 50/50 cotton poly blend) and featured thumb holes on the sleeves (which I personally really like). Fit is tight, so if you want it loose or if you carry concealed at the waist line you’ll want to order one or even two sizes up (if you pull instead of sweep, anyway). The front opening of the Hoodie RAW is a YKK zipper with front muff pockets and there are 4″ x 4″ hook and loop squares for the by-now-mandatory. It’s currently available in OD and charcoal and at $44 it’s by no means on the mid or even high end of ridiculously expensive haute tacticouture.

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The Monkey has some new morale patches out. One is his ‘Room Service’ patch, which was designed at the request of some Corrections officers but would certainly apply to doorkickers:

Another is his version of Don’t Tread On Me. Want to express the sentiment but looking for something besides the Gadsden Flag? Here you go.

The last is an ‘Outbreak Response’ patch. Now you can sport something that isn’t just for zombie eradication. Anyone involved in countering and eliminating biological (possibly Xenobiological) threats to our country has something to throw on his sleeve.





























Need a patch?


This is old, old, old, but remains extremely popular. Something like 40 million people have watched this video since it came out in January of last year and as a result the Crazy Nasty A$$ Honey Badger has become an internet phenom. It has t-shirts, hats, other videos, decals, you name it. Now it has a new morale patch, available from Milspec Monkey in PVC and also in standard patch format.




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MilSpec Monkey has a new review up, if you missed it. I like his perspective on things, so I thought I’d pass it on.

“…Overall I was able to make the RBAV-AF ride high on my chest how I like it to not only cover vitals, but make room for a battle belt on my hips. The PALS webbing channels are laid out well offering a lot of pouch mounting real estate. I have a size small, which messes with this comment some, however the more common large size offers 7 channels x 6 rows of PALS on the front and 8 channels x 3 rows on the back tapering into 10 channels x 6 rows on the back. This offers a lot of mount room flexibility especially in the front lower zone which can cause serious mounting problems when too small.

Very specific to the small version, they gipped the side channels so I only really have 5 true channels and 2 runty small channels I can barely run Malice clips through. It would be more complicated manufacture wise, but offsetting placement to have 6 true channels would be much better in my book. The cummerbunds have the standard 3 row PALS and length/channels will depend on size, generally being plenty. For closure a Velcro wrap method is used to attach the outer cummerbund to the vest then secured with the lower flap. I like how the lower part then tucks in securing this flap even during heavy movement. There is a metal snap in this tuck in process to offer extra security which can be difficult to align, however I find just the Velcro tuck sufficient…

Read the review in its entirety.

He does tend to be a bit a flasher at times, but don't let that bother you.