P-Cubed Pants

P-Cubed apparel is the best thing happening when it comes to thwarting unwanted attempts to get in your britches.PCubed_Pants

P-Cubed pants are the brainchild of Adam Rapp, the owner/designer of Clothing Arts, whom I was lucky enough to meet at OR.  Adam has developed “pick pocket proof pants’ (hence P-cubed). They aren’t by any means your standard fare when it comes to tactical pants, which is precisely why they maybe the perfect low profile tactical pant. Although the wear of Vertx, 5.11, Propperet al has been spreading rapidly into the civilian market, they’re still pretty much a target identifier that says Hey look at me, I’m probably carrying a gun – not necessarily a bad thing, I have some very comfortable tactical pants, but not everyone wants to project that look. These have a less “gun-totin'” look, are innovative and rugged and for those of you who travel completely do away with the need for a money belt.

I have only had to wear a money belt a couple of times and I hated it. My more ‘worldly’ travel-a-lot friends assure me they feel the same way. In any case, P-Cubed pants already have a broad appeal to hikers, backpackers and other travelers but I can definitely see them taking their place in ‘tactical couture’ for military and LEOs and CCW carriers as well (and definitely for guys who are stationed in areas where US serviceman are prone to losing wallets and such while they’re off base – Incirlik, Pyeongtaek, etc.)

The short back story is that Adam just  barely escaped losing his wallet and passport to a crew of pickpockets while hiking in China. Afterward he went through every pair of ‘outdoor’ pants he had, then started checking the brands and styles he didn’t have, and came to the conclusion that no one was making ‘security’ pants and shorts to protect travelers.

So he did it himself. (Pants in picture are at the Great Wall of China.)


The pants have pockets that are double secured, front and rear storage pockets with integral cut resistance, a hidden security pocket for passport and money, another pocket for your smart phone, hidden zipper closures—the cargo pockets even have hidden snap closures plus cut resistance. This guy definitely thought it through, though I can tell you with certainty I will have problem remembering where I stashed everything. Hell I already have that problem with modular pockets on my gear and all the little pockets in my EDC pack.

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