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Pistol Pay: A Pro-Gun Way to Pay Online

Brad Walker

Yesterday Kit Up ran an article about some of the payment woes pro-firearms companies were experiencing with Intuit. For a while now we’ve known that Paypal isn’t a Second Amendment supporter either. Here’s an option to consider.

PPlogoIf you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new way to safely and securely transfer funds for firearms, collectibles or goods that really begs the question – Why am I just now finding out about this? I’m talking about Pistol Pay. They are a group of entrepreneurs that were fed up with bad experiences and shoddy transactions with other online payment sites, so they set out to create a new, hassle-free Pro-Gun online payment solution with YOU in mind.

Pistol Pay is the brainchild of Ira Goodstadt. He partnered with Chapman Ducote in Miami Beach, FL and formed what the company is today. Ira and Chapman wanted a simple and safe way to rightly submit a funds transfer from one person to another without releasing personal and sensitive information and be assured that the recipient approves the merchandise prior to the seller receiving payment. Conversely, this process assures the payment is made prior to the merchandise being mailed out. This ensures a smart means of goods transfer, as well as keeps the parties involved honest.

Don’t let the name fool you, though. Pistol Pay definitely exemplifies the safe and proper firearm transfer from individuals, but they can also administer the transmittal of automobiles, collectible art, valuable antiquities and jewelry, as well.

Pistol Pay is currently developing partners with Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders around the country to yield another level of possibilities for their customers. This will grant the customer the ability to transfer funds to an FFL holder in Pistol Pay’s Premier Dealer network and receive a firearm safely, securely and most importantly, legally.

Log on to Pistol Pay’s website at for the full rollup on their simple registration process, transaction details and company information. I registered for an account, and it only took a minute or two and I was up and running. They also have a cool place to buy and sell goods from their Pistol Pay Marketplace at www. You can also find them on facespace,


A couple of my friends who wear the EGA sent this to me just a few minutes ago asking me to put the word out, so here it is. I have not (yet) confirmed this with Quickbooks nor Intuit (stand by for that) but if it’s true, it’s a Bad Thing. How many banks and credit card processing entities are now working against proponents of the Second Amendment? Make no mistake, I don’t dispute their right to pick and choose their customers. I can but hope those who go this route wind up reaping the financial “rewards” of the decision. I will be trying to contact Intuit and Quickbooks for an official response or at least some clarification. Meanwhile, watch the video. If any of you know any further details (or want to contact them yourselves) please free to sound off.

Again, this is a recent post on YouTube from the Idaho based company Intacto Arms. More to follow.

I have also heard from a couple of places that Paypal is similarly anti-firearms, have any of you had any issues with them?

You can go direct with Intacto Arms on Facebook ( or

Phone (619) 446-7789


What’s ironic for me personally is Household-6 has been after me to buy Quickbooks for weeks now. If this proves to be true, then I guess I’ll need to find some other kind of software.What a pisser.


via Monderno. Pretty interesting stuff, particularly if you’re unaware of the 80% deal. Disclaimer: we’re posting this because we figger it’s an interesting read for most of you on here. Don’t read any more into it than that, and don’t get butt-hurt that we’re refuting or condoning nuthin’, and we’re certainly not claiming to be attorneys. If you go out and buy or stay home and build anything more dangerous than a Nerf gun, that’s on you.  No matter what you do, don’t make a video of yourself on some sort of overly bellicose (grunts: bellicose) pro-Second Amendment rant and post it on the interwebz – doesn’t matter if what you say is correct. Control and moderation, folks. Don’t provide ammunition to the folks that might think opposite the way you do.

Legally Build an Unregistered AR-15

I mentioned yesterday that I think building your own AR-15 makes a lot of sense in the current political climate. Today I’m going to tell you why, and give you some resources to make it happen.

Current Gun Control Push

The current gun control push is mostly about “assault weapons”, the erroneous term politicians use to demonize semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15. Again, how successful the politicians will be is yet to be determined, but make no mistake, they do not want us armed and will not give up their agenda easily.

Their game plan is to, at minimum, ban these types of weapons, preventing anyone from legally purchasing one in the future, and then to force everyone who currently owns one to register it. And, as everyone who has studied the history of gun control knows, registration has always led to confiscation.Monderno

Let’s say, academically speaking, because I’m sure no one who reads my blog would ever break the law, that you wanted to avoid this potential situation? Here’s how you do it.

Read the rest of the article here.


Mad Duo Clear


Chris Costa of Costa Ludus has released a statement addressing the ongoing Second Amendment debate going on at so many levels across the country. It is no surprise that Costa is a staunch proponent of the Second Amendment, a position so much of (though not all) the readership here on Kit Up! takes. The “gun control” debate is a visceral topic, regardless of which side of the argument you stand. His opinion is quoted here in its entirety for your examination.


Over the last few weeks it has been difficult to contain and reconcile emotions with the amount of biased information and misinformation that has been disseminated over the last few months, even years, by the media. If any of my comments come across as callous or insincere, I ask in advance that you please accept my apologies, and know whole-heartedly that my intentions are not to offend.

As many of you know, my family has a proud tradition of serving this great country of ours. My father, as well as his father before him, proudly served in our armed forces. As a young man, I looked up to my father and grandfather, and following their tradition, I too proudly served my country. As a proud Patriot I understand the obligation and commitment of sacrifice for the greater good. Men and women from all walks of life proudly serve this great country of ours, both in times of peace and in times of war, because they fight for the values and beliefs in which this great country was founded. Their sacrifice, laid upon the altar of freedom, was made so that “the right of the people” should be preserved and cherished; not systematically stripped away.

I have four children of my own that I love very much. As a father, it is my proud duty and obligation to protect them. My parents made sure they provided me more than they ever had as children growing up. As a united country, if we are not careful, our children run the inherent risk of having far less and harder times. As a country, it is our duty and a human obligation to protect our neighbor or those who cannot protect themselves.

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