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Survival Cache Rogers Hatchet Image

Domari Nolo Defense Consulting (DNDC) recently partnered with Iron Hammer Armory (IHA) to build something a little different than the “tactical tomahawks” available elsewhere. Both companies are a part of the American Centurion Network. While some of those are very rugged and useful pieces of kit, the Rogers Hatchet purports to be nothing more than what it is – a basic utility tool.

Smaller than most tomahawks, it is manufactured of 1095 steel using advanced metallurgy techniques. The Rogers Hatchet is hardened with a proprietary process and parkerized. Parkerization, or phosphatizion, increases a tool or firearm’s corrosion resistance and resistance to wear. Edit: as of last month Iron Hammer Armory began using DuraCoat in place of parkerization. Their tests showed (and field evals comfirmed) that the DuraCoat, properly applied, held up better to abuse than the parkerized coat. This had the added benefit of allowing them to offer custom color option and superior engraving possibilities.

The Rogers Hatchet draws its name from the Robert Rogers of Rogers Rangers fame. Rogers Standing Orders, as you may recall, specifically mention a hatchet (rules #2 and #19). It has a 2″ cutting surface, and measures 8 3/4″ long. The head is 3 3/8″ long, and it is 1/4″ thick. Domari Nolo describes it as an “heirloom quality” tool, and I think that’s probably an accurate statement. [click to continue…]


Domari Nolo and the SHM Loudener

Snake Hound Machine is building something called “The Loudener.” It’s a muzzle blast enhancer. Why—and this is not a rhetorical question—would anyone want a muzzle blast enhancer?

The Loudener is a heavy duty muzzle brake that generates a huge muzzle blast which, according to the company, feels like a .50 cal blast. They claim the Loudener has a legitimate combat application; maybe so, but at least at first glance it seems to be just a toy for people who want their weapons to be extra loud and scary. [click to continue…]

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SHM2After Snake Hound Machine released the press on their new SHM Standard Glock Package, I needed to know a little more. I wanted to know why they chose what they chose and the reasons behind the upgrades and additions. So I called up the owner of SHM, Owen Martin, to get full disclosure.

So I carpet-bombed Owen with a barrage of questions and then frantically tried to keep up as he extensively explained the details of the package. Here’s what I got:

At its very core, the SHM Standard Glock Package is meant for an entry-level user that wants quality parts that will improve the performance and function in a carry or range setup and not sacrifice safety or reliability. Essentially, it gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. [click to continue…]


There are some incredible gunsmiths out there when it comes to the Kalash. Jim Fuller is one, obviously (someday I’ll get to take the Rifle Dynamics AK Builder Class). Owen Martin appears to be another (I’m still aggravated I couldn’t attend the Shoot Heard Around the World).

There are others of course, but I’ve never before seen or heard of anyone or anything quite like Jimmy DiResta working an AK this way.

I made a Claymore Mine out of popsicle sticks once.



A little update for you on the Snake Hound Machine rifles we talked about a few day ago. In addition to the rifles on display at the Mission First Tactical booth (#11966) there will be another with Versa-Pod Bipods (which are very nice, by the way – booth #1000) and Samson MFG, booth #20327. The two MFT display rifles are demo models of the SHM 2013 line.

As I wrote before, each rifle SHM makes is made one-at a time. From SHM:

 We want to make the absolutely best AKM rifles in the world. The current state of the market, and price and availability of parts and components has greatly dictated our prices and lead times. We will be offering 3 AKM models in 2013 and a limit of 25 rifles per model. Once those orders have been placed we will stop taking orders until all orders have been fulfilled. A reasonable expectation for delivery is six to eight months, with all rifles being delivered in 2013.

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New Hampshire custom gunsmithing company Snake Hound Machine of New Hampshire has built two rifles specifically for display at SHOT. If you want to take a look, they’ve been delivered to Mission First Tactical and will be there for ogling at the Mission First Tactical booth, #11966, which is pretty much front and center on the main floor.

One rifle is an UBR flattop (Ultimate Battle Rifle) AK with full cowitness optic setup that uses AR sights and any AR optic. It has Snake Hound Machine triggers, SHM barrel and receiver – pretty much their build from the ground up.

The other has is a more traditional AK with an enhanced leaf sight, Snake Hound Machine triggers, barrel and receiver, also theirs from the ground up. Both have some Mission First Tactical furniture on it.

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