Sunday Funnies

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Sunday Funny: Not Quite PEO Soldier

For the Warhammer 40K fans out there – and those who look forward to when grunts wear armor that will power itself instead of weighing…

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Sunday Funnies: WTF is Going on in Russia?

Got this from Russian Tim, who can shoot pretty well and speak something that very closely resembles English. I can’t decide which squad I like…

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Sunday Funny: Harden Up

Hat tip on this to Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance. I’d have never seen it otherwise. Warning: language.

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Sunday Funnies: Poor Weapon Handling

Disclosure: the shooter in this video is NOT a drunken Warrant Officer, despite evidence to the contrary…and this, boys and girls, is why other primates…

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Breaking News: Slingshots and Beards

5TH Group perhaps? Note: in case you thought we were serious, it’s a JOKE. We just didn’t feel like waiting until Sunday for the Sunday…


The Most Infantry Man in the World

I’ve written about him before, with reference to Gruntworks. I thought I’d point out that he now has his own Facebook page. He shaves with…

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Sunday Funnies: Expendables

The Expendables…mocked as action stars in Dependables…the collective age of the stars of this flick is over a millenium. True story.     Note: this…