helmet1A new Army and Marine Corps helmet design intended to increase protection may not succeed in decreasing shockwave pressure to the head in some circumstances, according to officials with the Navy Research Laboratory, or NRL, Military Times reported.

The findings, emerging from extensive testing by the NRL, assessed a wide range of contingencies regarding the prototype helmet, called the Conformal Integrated Protective Headgear System, or CIPHER.

The testing examined the helmet by itself, the helmet with a visor, the helmet with a jaw protector and a full-face coverage with a visor and jaw protector, Military Times wrote. [click to continue…]


Marz Field Kit

Marz Tactical released a new cleaning kit/cleaning mat that retails for under $60 adding to the group of cleaning kit/mat combo packs.

Emdom USA and MM released a similar roll up cleaning kit pouch (photo below) with an integrated mat.

The Marz Tactical offering provides a 25 in. x 19 in. cleaning field. It features 2 compartments with removable/adjustable dividers and flat elastic pockets. It is designed to hold segmented cleaning rods, tooth brush, and bolt and carrier assembly, among other items. [click to continue…]


Ocular Interruption LaserThe Marine Corps issued a $49 million contract to two companies to supply the service with about 1,800 more laser dazzlers, according to a report by Marine Corps Times.

The eye-safe dazzlers are called the Ocular Interruption System and designed to work at ranges from 11 to 547 yards, according to the report. Marines use the dazzlers as a non-lethal method to warn against future violent force at places like checkpoints.

The new dazzlers will be about 10 pounds and easy for Marines to hold or mount onto their weapons. The companies must design the dazzlers to be compatible with the M4, M16A4 or M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle. [click to continue…]



Who doesn’t like German flash-bang grenades? Certainly not American commandos.

The U.S. subsidiary of the German arms-maker Rheinmetall AG recently landed a five-year, $17 million contract with the Navy to supply U.S. Special Operations Command with flash-bang grenades, according to a Pentagon announcement.

The name of the product wasn’t specified in the contract description, though it’s probably the MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL Sound & Flash grenade, a high-performance stun grenade. [click to continue…]


Collapsible Hot TubIt might be August, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what could take the winter camping season over the top — a portable hot tub.

In fact, lets take it one step further. What about a portable hot tub on that next deployment? Sure, it’s not within regulations, but it wouldn’t be the most ridiculous thing I have seen at a deployed location.

The Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub comes with a 60-inch diameter, 225-gallon vinyl tub and appears to comfortably fit four adults. The tub and frame fit into a 16×16 inch dry bag. [click to continue…]


Army robotArmy leaders praised the work of a mini mine and IED-clearing robot in Afghanistan called the “Devil-Pup” while speaking recently at a Ground Robotics conference in Hyattsville, Md.

The Mini-EOD, referred to as “Devil Pup,” can locate, identify and disarm explosives. It’s so small and light that a Soldier can carry it in his or her rucksack on a long foot patrol, Army officials said in statement.

Some 300 of them have been in theater over the last few years, at a cost of $35 million, the Army website said. [click to continue…]



Houlding Precision Firearms has come out with a 6.2-pound, custom AR15 known as the HPF-WRAITH.

The WRAITH features the newest member of the HPF family of handguards, the HPF-NMX Handguard. It’s made out of ultra-light carbon fiber, not wrapped or painted, and finished with billet end caps, HPF officials maintain.

The NMX has the latest Magpul M-Lok accessory rail system slots in all positions for maximum versatility. The ergonomic octagonal shape of the NMX ensures a sure grip and includes the very light, aluminum HPF-Barrel Nut.

Despite its lightweight feel, the quality and durability have not been compromised, HPF officials maintain.

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