Houlding Precision Firearms has come out with a 6.2-pound, custom AR15 known as the HPF-WRAITH.

The WRAITH features the newest member of the HPF family of handguards, the HPF-NMX Handguard. It’s made out of ultra-light carbon fiber, not wrapped or painted, and finished with billet end caps, HPF officials maintain.

The NMX has the latest Magpul M-Lok accessory rail system slots in all positions for maximum versatility. The ergonomic octagonal shape of the NMX ensures a sure grip and includes the very light, aluminum HPF-Barrel Nut.

Despite its lightweight feel, the quality and durability have not been compromised, HPF officials maintain.

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Multicam AfghanistanArmy leaders are considering whether to allow soldiers to wear Multicam alongside the new Operation Camouflage Pattern the Army plans to introduce next summer.

The Army has selected a pattern, Scorpion W2, that is nearly identical to the Multicam pattern the Army has been issuing to soldiers deployed to Afghanistan since 2010. In fact, Scorpion was developed for the Army in 2002 by the same company, Crye Precision, which later developed Multicam.

With so many soldiers who have already received Multicam, the decision by Army leaders could save soldiers from buying even more new uniforms once the Army makes the switch to OCP.

Never before has the Army introduced a new camouflage pattern that is so close to one that it has already issued to soldiers. Plenty of questions have been raised over what uniform can be worn as the Universal Camouflage Pattern is phased out. [click to continue…]


SkySaverA backpack fitted with up to 260 feet of cable and able to automatically lower its wearer down the side of a building could become must-have gear for troops training for urban combat.

Or, for that matter, anyone who wants a “personal rescue device” as an alternative means for exiting a high-rise in the event of a fire or terrorist attack, according to Lou Krupkin, executive director and anti-terrorism adviser at SkySaverUSA, an Israeli company with an office in New York City.

“Every time I go to a police expo or a counter-terrorism conference I talk about [SkySaver] and everybody from government contractors to the military asks me about it,” said Lou Krupkin, executive director and anti-terrorism adviser at SkySaverUSA, an Israeli company based in New York City,

Often what they talk about are scenarios such as the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, India, where terrorists attacked several locations, including two hotels and a Jewish center, killing more than 160 people before the violence ended after four days. [click to continue…]


size0 (3)                                                                                            Photo courtesy of U.S. Army/Sgt. 1st Class Adam Stone

U.S. Army paratroopers recently got some foreign weapons training as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The Polish Land Forces 6th Airborne Battalion, 6th Airborne Brigade trained members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade on Polish weapons at Drawsko Pomorskie training area.

The American paratroopers assembled, loaded and fired the Polish RPG-7B, a reusable rocket- propelled grenade launcher. They also got hand-on training with the M1996 Beryl 5.56mm rifle, the UKM-2000 machine gun, and the Polish M-83 9mm pistol.

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Crye Precision LLC has unveiled a new line of modular pouches that offers a few new twists on the general purpose pouch genre.

The Smart Pouch Suite features six pouches and accessories to offer multiple options for carrying kit to satisfy mission needs, Crye officials maintain.

The SPS consists of a Frag Pouch, 5.56/7.62/MBITR Pouch, 152/Bottle Pouch, GP Pouch 6x6x3, GP Pouch 9x7x3 and GP Pouch 11x6x4.

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Hunterra Field MapA cartographer that created maps for senior policy makers at the National Counterterrorism Center wants to map out your next hunt or backpacking trip.

Ben Harshyne and his wife Kate Harshyne took a risk this year when Ben left his job as a contractor where he made maps for the National Counterterrorism Center and chose to work full time on a company he started called HUNTERRA Mapping.

HUNTERRA creates maps by blending high-resolution aerial photography with a 3D-like terrain model. The company can create waterproof, tear resistant field maps, poster maps and custom-sized mega maps.

Harshyne got the idea for the company after he made a hunting map for his father for Father’s Day four years ago. He didn’t want to create a map with only an aerial photo because it only showed tree cover, and terrain was important to understand the best places to deer hunt. Harshyne upgraded it by blending in terrain by simulating shadows created from the sun. He also digitized the trails, and highlighted the family’s different tree stands. [click to continue…]


male front

The U.S. Army promises its new physical fitness uniform will outfit soldiers with a design that’s comparable to the latest commercially, work-out attire.

The service released the details of the new Army Physical Fitness Uniform Aug. 11, and I wrote about it on Military.com.

The Army also stressed that the new design will address shortcomings with the current work-out trunks, according to Robert Mortlock, program manager, Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment.

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