Enhanced Combat Helmet 'Back to Drawing Board'


You'll remember that I mentioned the Enhanced Combat Helmet program a couple weeks ago and said I'd look into what the latest was on that.

Well, at that wide-ranging interview the other day with PEO Soldier I was able to get some gouge from Col. Bill Cole, the head of armor programs at PEO Soldier, which has partnered with the Marine Corps on the ECH development (the Corps is leading the program but the Army is kicking in a lot of green).

He told me that four vendors had submitted five different designs but "the initial ballistic testing took place before Christmas and none of the five designs met all the requirements. So we met with the vendors and let them go back to the drawing board. … We expect to start getting new samples from the vendors in May and we'll test those through December of this year."

Cole said the challenge was that the design is intended to provide some rifle protection (Marine CMC Conway wants 7.62 protection) capability in the current weight of the ACH. A VERY tough hill to climb.

When pressed, Cole said the designs they tested in December fell short on ballistic protect and impact mitigation.

"They were working on a new technology that we know has a lot of promise — it's the ballistic polyethylene — and we've dealt with it in square panels. … But going from a flat square panel to a shaped helmet and integrating that with all the other capabilities the helmet needs to provide in terms of impact resistance is a little bit more of a challenge than we initially anticipated," Cole said.

Basically he's talking about Dyneema or Spectrashield which has been used in both soft and hard body armor to reduce weight without sacrificing ballistic protection. But it is a so-called "unidirectional" fiber that might not conform to curves as well as Kevlar. Unidirectional technologies in armor have great promise, as Cole says, but it seems that there are some forming hurdles that need to be overcome for anything other than flat plates or soft panels.

  • Justin

    I am no ballistics expert by any means, but what about taking the basic helmets we have now, or their enhanced models, and placing a carbon fiber shell inside and out. They say it is harder than steel and very light weight, so why not experiment with it?

  • Chris

    Pretty sure Carbon Fiber is incredibly expensive at that grade

  • FormerDirtDart

    How about a Carbon Fiber answer straight from our friends at Wikipedia:
    “The properties of carbon fiber such as high tensile strength, low weight, and low thermal expansion make it very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports. However, it is relatively expensive when compared to similar materials such as fiberglass or plastic. Carbon fiber is very strong when stretched or bent, but weak when compressed or exposed to high shock (eg. a carbon fiber bar is extremely difficult to bend, but will crack easily if hit with a hammer).”
    Basically, it has no real ballistic protection properties.

  • Josh

    While carbon fibers’ ballistic capabilities are not great by itself, it has not stopped the airforce from using it for the new f-35 helmets. Maybe there is something to it after all.

  • john galvany

    You need to remember that the Air Force has different needs for its helmet. Its not designed to stop a 7.62 round while you are crusing along at 20000ft up getting ready to drop a few bombs. Its designed to allow the pilot easier access to all the information flowing from the sensors so he drops on the CORRECT target.

  • Matthew

    Why can’t they use the spectrashield panels in small squares to cover the a helmet made of something easier to shape, like kevlar?

    Sort of like reactive armor for tanks, except… well, non-reactive, and covering the helmet instead. Sure, there’d be small gaps between the panels, but I’m sure they could work the shape of the spectra panels to cover most of the helmet sports.

  • C.V. Compton Shaw

    I don’t like the design of the current helmets. The design is similar to the one used by the NAZIs during W.W. II. It has an authoritarian,unprincipled, and aggressive design. I am a Vietnam War Army Infantry Veteran.

    • IAC

      Please tell me you’re Effin kidding !

  • sgtyates

    comment on last post!
    The helmet used by the German Army in WWII, some of whom belonged to the nazi party, but far more did not. The German Infantry helmet was very innovative in it’s design and was far superior to the helmet our G.I.s had in WWII, by the way we were still using the very same steel pot in Korea and’Nam!What does an “authoritarian,unprincipled,aggressive design” have to do with stopping a .30 caliber round? That’s what counts. And thanks for your service in ‘Nam.
    Sgt Yates USMC 1963-1969 0311

  • macvrlamm

    While in vietnam I had the oppertunity to slow down some fast moving metal with a steel pot the helmet did slow it down and the impact put a savre dent in the stell pot but the helmet liner exploded inside and gave me some nasty wounds on the scalp but I did walk away from serious injury I dont think you can build a perfect helmet its trade off balistics, weight, comfort, size. sandwich some ceramics into the helmet covered on either side with balistic kevlar and carbon fiber.

  • RMoore

    While working with new materials is good, maybe an all new shape(i.e.more angular shape)like vehicles that have angular shaped armor to deflect the majority of the force of the round or shrapnel that may hit it.

  • MILSIMer

    @Compton Shaw: The old PASGT helmet, known fondly as the Fritz, is indeed based on the German WWII helmet. However, the current MICH/ACH does not.

  • 11pewpew

    The reason why the shape of the PASGT and to a smaller extent the ACH is somewhat similar to the german helmets is because that design offers greater protection for the ears, neck, and sides of the head. The ACH sits higher on the head and gives up a little protection (its actually less than half an inch) because the ACH is designed to accomodate Communication headsets, Night vision systems, and IFF devices.

    Regardless expect the ECH to be around 1/2 to a full pound heavier then the ACH – they’ll probably develop better padding and a better 4 point retention system for it. More weight isn’t a bad thing – i would prefer the weight to be more towards the back to facilitate prone shooting and effective long term NVG use. I currently run a counterweight in the form of a strobe and chemlight pouch on the back of the ACH and it’s off the hook much more comfortable for those long night ops

  • I think that the lwh helmet looks nothing like a nazi helmet. A nazi helmet lifted up slightly the more it went down and the part that covers the neck is more spreaded out than the lwh or ach helmets. But i think lwh helmet looks more american like than Nazi Germany like espically when the helmet color is green then it looks more like the same vietnam helmets we always had.

  • Stefan S.

    What they fail to realize is that current technology is not capable of providing rifle protection in a combat helmet without it being 5-10 lbs. Good luck wearing that 24-7. Now put on NODS and see how heavy that brute will be? More R&D gentlemen.

  • Saber1861

    Any updates on the ECH Helmet program? The original article is from March 2010 by Christian.

  • AnnieO.

    Stefan S. you are mistaken. There is – right now, an ACH weight ECH that will stop a rifle round.
    What the helmet will stop and what it will stop without scrambling your brains is a different story. The ‘impact mitigation’ that is referenced in the article is the amount of damage that is transferred to the head. The reason that it is so difficult to produce an acceptable ECH is not because they can’t get it to stop the bullet, but because they can’t get it to stop severe head trauma. The body armor that has been developed, including armor plates, have been so successful at stopping rifle rounds that the target is now the head. For this reason, not as much for schrapnel, minor debris and bumps (which the ACH currently protects against), an ECH is needed. Please know that people who really care about the personal protection of our servicemen and women, our Homeland security, etc, are working to resolve the shortcomings of the ECH.

  • doc

    carbon fiber shatters on high impact… it is very strong when its intact, but as soon as that goes so does the carbon fiber. you dont want a helmet shattering off your head…

  • Chucker AZ Guard

    I remember putting on my football helmet, standing somewhat straight, planting my helmeted head to the ground and rolled it around to increase the strength of my neck muscles and decrease the chances of a neck injury. I don’t ever remember doing that in the Army. I know that soldiers have to go through endless rounds of all kinds of training and PT (and useful EEOC classes), but adding a neck build regimen should be implemented if it can be proven to mitigate the effects of blunt force trauma. No pencil neck geeks, Okay!

    In addition, the Germans have a really neat helmet suspension/shock absorption system in their helmets. It looks like 200 or so small rubber cylinders/pencil erasers arranged around the cranium. While the Padding system in current US use is 3x better than the old PASSGT suspension system (And every helmet I was issued had a band that looked like beef jerky) the German system may even be better. I would bet that the German design allows for a great deal more air flow. Put the better suspension system together with a better conditioned soldier and you will get much better results. That’s the way we do it here, So pile on the extra pound and live.

  • Chucker, AZ Guard

    BTW the main reason for the inability for an Infantryman to maneuver in desert areas is not the weight of his gear, although there are limits, it is the exhaustion caused by heat buildup due to heavy activity. I hunt drug runners in the AZ desert while wearing stupid amounts of gear. One day was over 112 with 40%humidity. I was able to run around all day due to four factors: I have become used to the shtty heat, I drink two gallons daily +, including preparation drinking, I have the best rehydration salt mixture available on Earth and I have developed a way to keep water COLD FOR NEARLY TWO DAYS without refrigeration. It aint rocket science to freeze up a couple of gallons of water, store them in a thick cooler, wrap the cooler in trash bags and keep it in the shade. If you need to move fast for extended periods of time, lots of cold water all day gives your body a “heat tolerance reserve.” The Army could do this and provide ice cannisters for troops even in the boonies. It would help a great deal if it is not being done already.

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  • Haslen

    The subject is quite simple. Today the ceramic plates stop the specified bullets at near muzzle velocities, they weight kilograms and are almost flat… now take the same protection and drape it around your headform.. its going to weigh the same, if its going to stop the same bullets at the same speeds it will weight the same. In Afghanistan and Iraq, (infact anywhere where the ammunition is FSU military) the bullets are former soviet / FSU hard steel cored ammunition travelling at 750 to 950 meters per second.. so your going to need a lot of ceramic… or your going to have to pretend the bullets dont travel so fast… and thats why this program is flawed..

  • Lets start absorbing that now.