SOCOM Cancels Mk-16 SCAR

In an exclusive report for we reveal that US Spec Ops Command has abandoned the 5.56 version of the SCAR and will use FY 2011 money to buy more 7.62 Mk-17s to fill a “capability gap” for a 7.62 battle rifle.

Here’s an excerpt:

In a surprising reversal that follows years of effort to design a one-of-a-kind commando rifle, the U.S. military’s Special Operations Command has abruptly decided to abandon the new SOCOM Combat Assault rifle – the “SCAR,” as the rifle is commonly known – in favor of previously-fielded carbines.

Details provided exclusively to reveal that SOCOM, the Tampa-based command that oversees the training and equipping of SEALs, Green Berets, Air Force Special Tactics Teams and Marine SOC groups, will stop purchasing the 5.56 mm Mk-16 Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle and might require all units who now have them to turn the new weapons back into the armory.

“The Mk-16 does not provide enough of a performance advantage over the M-4 to justify spending USSOCOM’s limited … funds when competing priorities are taken into consideration,” officials at USSOCOM said in an email response to questions from “Currently, three of USSOCOM’s four components receive the 5.56 mm M-4 from their parent service as a service common equipment item.”

A couple things to note here, so far SOCOM has purchased 850 Mk-16s and 750 Mk-17s — way below their original requirement. The weird thing to consider here is that the requirement was for a 5.56 and that was what was competed. Now they’re buying a 7.62 that has no written requirement document attached to it.

Further, the SEALs are going to be particularly in the hurt locker on this one since the Navy doesn’t buy their guns, SOCOM does. I hear that it was Naval Special Warfare that really pushed this program and that it was the USASOC that basically killed it. More of the Mk-16s were fielded to SEALs than any other unit within SOCOM.

Also of note: I hear that the services who have them will have to hand back their Mk-16s when they’re back from deployment and pick up their old SOPMOD M4s or HK-416s. So so a final goodbye to your SCAR-16 when you’re back from The Box.

Two well-informed industry analysts tell me that SCAR-maker FNH-USA will try to sell SOCOM on the idea of a Mk-17 common receiver that can be turned into a 5.56 or other caliber by switching out part of the lower receiver. So FNH-USA is positioning itself to rescue the Mk-16 through the Mk-17. But there’s no indication that SOCOM is biting.

There will certainly be more on this story as it develops, but I wanted Kit Up! readers to be the first to know.

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  • Eric

    So what are they going to do with the Mk16s? Keep them in storage where they’ll collect dust or hand them off to someone else?

    • Bob

      Probably destroy them. Thats what the Clintons did with a whole bunch of M-14s and 1911s, that were declared surplus.

  • Black Op

    If they sell them on the civilian market, they could end up in the hands of terrorists. The last thing we need is terrorists using a epic weapon that we made against us.

    • Vic

      You be trolling?

  • josh

    its about time they picked up the 7.62. 5.56 is garbage.

    • USMC Fearless

      Read the article carefully, they’re not ditching 5.56 in favor of exclusive 7.62 they’re just dropping the mk16 and putting the out of date M4 and the piston driven HK416 back into the front lines. Just as many 5.56 still out there just no MK16 SCARS

  • arminf06

    Don’t need those weapons…Just send me in with a butter knife and send the troops home..WARS OVER….

  • MANG

    tears of cry :'(

  • What a waste…bow down before the big army because joe schumck log head private cries because he cannot have a SCAR…

    • bburn

      More like it was a big waste of money for marginal performance improvements.

  • andy

    I wonder if FN would take them back for an in store credit towards the mk-17. I am sure they could sell them easily enough on the civilian market… for more money too.

  • 11B2V

    It’s pretty clear none of you here have any military experience. Why don’t you guys go play some more call of duty and talk about how epic your “kill” counts are. The 5.56 is garbage? There’s a trail of dead bad guys from Baghdad to Khe Sahn who would strongly disagree with you. Calm down Black Op (I shot beer out of my nose I laughed so hard when I read that) terrorists don’t buy their **** at the local gun store or gun show like the politicians would have you believe, so I wouldn’t worry about SCARs sold on the civilian market ending up in their grubby mitts. 7thwave what can I say? You’re just all kinds of stupid the Army had nothing to do with this despite what the know nothing dick who wrote this wants you to believe. This is SECDEF’s call. He’s been killing any program lately that he sees as a waste of money.

  • TMP

    “has abandoned the 5.56 version of the SCAR and will use FY 2011 money to buy more 7.62 Mk-17s to fill a “capability gap” for a 7.62 battle rifle.”…

    What am I missing here? It seems they are going to drop the 5.56 SCAR in favor of the 7.62 SCAR?…not neccessarly convert everyone back to 4’s and HK-416s

    • USMC Fearless

      “Also of note: I hear that the services who have them will have to hand back their Mk-16s when they’re back from deployment and pick up their old SOPMOD M4s or HK-416s.”

      Seems like anyone with a MK-16 will still be using a 5.56 weapon

  • Kayaker

    Use what you got. Use the M-16A2 and M-14. The rest of the money can be used for supply parts.

  • arminf06

    Like I said before we don’t need those weapons just send me in with a butter knife and send the troops home…I’ll get Bin Laden myself….

    • Vic

      Yeah, a guy tried that, except he had a freaking sword and a pistol. Even he didn’t get him. If you want to try it with a butter knife, by all means, Google can find you an airport. Bonus points if you can do it with a plastic butter knife.

  • Lcpl Pickle

    Sounds to me like they are getting ready for budget cuts.

  • TheDude

    M16 more accurate than an M14???

    Then why are upgraded M14 handed out in AStan for use in the DMR-role?

    Do your homework, man!

    • Kyon X

      Is you need to recharge some book, man. The direct gas impingement system is no doubt more accurate than the gas piston system, you can see from the AR-10 and SR-25s (Mk 11, M110). Why they use M14 again was simply because the 7.62s has a longer range than the 5.56s, and they had too much old M14 stored after the Viet-War.

      • TheDude

        M14 can still shoot sub-MOA with standard ammunition, despite any “system-whatever”!

        • Mark

          Yeah dumbass….a rack grade M16 will shoot circles around a rack M-14! The M14 is fielded because of the cartridge it shoots…period!

          • TheDude

            Like I said! :)

          • TheDude

            Btw.: You do know, that the M21 and M25 sniper rifles of the US army are actually both accurized M14, do you?

          • jarrad

            The DMR rifles with the sage stocks will not shoot sub moa. even with m118lr. Not that great a rifle. I would rather have the mk12 with mk262 ammo . The reason they were brought out is that 7.62 is longer ranged.

  • Sounds to me like someone told them that the wars in Iraq and ‘Stan will be over for Spec Ops very soon and that their budgets will be axed accordingly. Despite what everyone thinks, I believe Obama is champing at the bit to cut the military. Check out who just made Marine Commandant, perfect example of putting people in place who won’t argue with massive budget cuts. Tampa is going to have to start doing less with less, and that means less equipment, less personnel, less training and fewer missions. Also, in ‘Stan they need 7.62 more than 5.56 and I doubt the MK16 is that much better than a HK416, and the HK is much cheaper. My two cents.

  • Bob

    This is a good thing. The 416 and M4 both work, and are cheaper. If the M-14 was so great, don’t you think the AMU and Marine Marksmanship Unit would still use them for National Service Match? They don’t because they found the M-16 was more accurate, and easier to shoot, out to 600 yards.

    • Sean

      Actually a rule change in the Service Matches forced the switch to the M16s.

  • Black Op

    What do mean when you say trolling?

    • Jay

      Posting an inflammatory comment so as to incite people.

      Not that I’m saying that’s what you’re doing. That just what trolling is.

    • spawnofbill

      The 5.56 version of the SCAR is already on the civilian market, albeit as a semi-auto only model. So you’re point is kinda moot.

  • spawnofbill

    What people are forgetting is that an upgraded M-14 with a Sage chassis is a heavy mofo (11 pounds), not to mention ungainly and hard to maintain and disassemble. The Mk 17 Mod 0 is much lighter (7.9 pounds at standard length), easier to maintain and much more maneuverable in an urban environment.

  • either the military wants a new toy,, OR the congressmen want to have the guns made in their district,, either way the ground pounders and the tax payers are screwed,, I hear the M-5 from Germany is the best, lightweight, accurate, and it works..

  • HK-lover

    good riddance to the mk. 16.
    I hope they bring back the XM8 though. still, I’d be okay with an hk-416.

    • Grey Wolf

      The XM8? What a piece of crap? it did worse than most of the others and as I remember the offical report some of the hadguard melted. Please! Anything but that piece of garbage.

  • Listening

    A “Select”[True Weapons Education,True Combat Exp,True Leadership Exp] Few SPECOP’s Warfighters that have heard the “Swarm” should have “The say.”
    And not Pencil pushing No loads that chase tail an sip Martini’s regularly at 3pm everyday.

    What ever Weapon system they feel works should be the system in the chain.

    Oh, I forgot, “Common sense need not apply”

  • The 2 key statements in this article are “Now they’re buying a 7.62 that has no written requirement document attached to it.” AND “… the SEALs are going to be particularly in the hurt locker on this one since the Navy doesn’t buy their guns, SOCOM does. I hear that it was Naval Special Warfare that really pushed this program and that it was the USASOC that basically killed it.”

    So yeah, absolutely, 7.62 IS better than 5.56, but with no requirements document and no joint support, they’re in a mess. They can’t use funds allocated for 5.56 Mk-16’s to buy 7.62 Mk-17’s. That’s not the way it works. And based on their FY2011 budget, there’s not a lot of extra money to buy Mk-17’s.

    Either way, as was already pointed out, the warfighter gets screwed. Program managers and contracting officers without a clue making decisions for SOF… AGAIN. A lot of time, effort, and resources went into SCAR, only for them to discover they don’t need the 5.56 variant, which accounts for 70%+ of the contract.


    it’s about time they picked up the 6.8 SPC. 5.56 is garbage.

    • swordfish

      i would have to agrea the 6.8 has all the benifits of the 5.56 and the 7.62 and non of the let downs


    Nah, Box cutter for irony’s sake.

  • Lina Inverse

    They can’t do that without replacing the receiver, the BATF has a “once a machine gun, always a machine gun” rule. That’s why civilian M14s have been traditionally constructed from brand new investment cast receivers without the selector notch and surplus parts.

  • Kaleb

    Well that’s stupid! Those are some very quality rifles. Although those HK 416s are amazing assault rifles as well. I wonder if all this government spending has something to do with it. The military not getting enough funding and all. Hope SOCOM knows what they are doing. And if they sell them to the civilian market and some do end up in terrorist hands, having a good gun is one thing, having the will and know how to use it to it’s full capacity, thats something else entirely! LOL

  • swordfish

    the War maybe over but the hardest fight is know going on…

  • swordfish

    hey they all ready have them

    • Black Op


  • Old Timer

    Cancellation of the 5.56 allows the money to be spent elsewhere. 7.62, or something else, who knows!

  • Where is the official SOCOM posting of that cancellation announcement? I’d like to read it.

  • fastisablast

    The military should have gone with the Masada Magpul/Bushmaster design the 7.62 and 5.56 was already designed into weapons system. In fact with parts kit you could have a carbine, assualt, and sniping rifle in 7.62 x 49 or 5.56. I guess magpul just didn’t get it together to compete in the trials and bushmaster bought the production rights to bury the product. However it would have been in my opinion a better joint services mesh. Just my opinion that it was a better resource then the FN product. The system was modular well thought out SCARish in appearance so I beleive that Magpul was attempting to get it to trail and just couldn’t meet the deadline. But what do I know.

    • Jacob

      Or they could just go with the Robinson Arms XCR.

  • Stephen

    If HK had submitted the HK416 to the SCAR RFP none of this would be an issue – it would have been adopted by all of SOCOM and likely Mother Army by now.

  • Bob

    Actually it did not. You can still compete with the M-14. You just will not win.

  • Jay

    The money that would have been spent on the 5.56s will buy 7.62s but not to replace the ones turned in. The 7.62s will selectively issued. Everyone that was carrying a 5.56 will get a 4 or 416.

  • I’d just refer to Combat Tactics article by Crane or Karwan where M-4, HK-416, SCAR-L and XM-8 were tested against grit and sand with lubrication…all exceeded headspace and jammed with armorer needed more than ten times. Hundreds of other “> or < 10 second" jams as well. Did not control with AK or Galil/R-4 which work in dust and sand. Great stuff: If you want to reliably throw brass, you need a "Ruger SR" type extraction and more mass in the operating system. We can do that with an upper conversion to the M-4 since almost all failures were magazine or upper related. M-14 is another rifle which works in dust and sand...the answer is powerful ejection with heavy mechanisms and primary extraction. We have a lot of them Mom & Dad paid for, there are great new stocks, every round breaks a cinderblock to bits where the M-16 makes an itty bitty chip and it shoots machine gun ball that is 2-4 MOA anyways. So what's the problem?

    • Bob

      I carried a M-14 in 1964 and 65. It jams when dirty. Grit, sand and mud will also jam a M-14. The gus piston carbons up and the stock was weak. On full auto it was uncontrolable. The M-14 was far from perfect, anyone that thinks it was, never carried one, or shot it very much.

    • George W. Herbert

      There’s far more mass (20 oz) in the SCAR-L bolt carrier/bolt than in any of the other rifles. The AK is much lighter.

      Mass helps – but it’s not everything. Anything that has to actuate, rotate, or reciprocate, is jammable. And guns aren’t solid state devices.

      You can make everything tight as hell to resist dust/sand intrusion into the mechanism – and it wears out of “tight” over time. You can make it loose as hell and resistant to being jammed when stuff does get in – and you lose accuracy because it’s never fitting up that uniformly. You can try to seal the hell out of the gun, and you find out that dust gets places you hoped it wouldn’t. You can put in recesses and grooves to collect the dust and sand, and then you always seem to find some junk in them.

      There are known ways to make it worse, and some known ways that make it better. Dust covers and careful combinations of tight and loose components helps a bit, as does mass in motion in the right parts, as does gun system and environment specific appropriate lubrication. But there is no magic.

  • wayne1one

    they should have ran with the 6.8spc and not the 5.56 that would mean they could just convert the magazines and the mags and not have to change out the whole rifle, save a few bucks and ship the 5.56 barrels back to FN so they can use them on their civilian SCARs.

  • glebur

    One aspect not being discussed is just how has the SCAR L performed in the field? Are there any reports regarding its reliability in the hands of the troops? Is this issue because the SCAR L has not performed as well as expected? Does anyone know of any published after action reviews of this weapon system?

    • Taylor

      I got to use one while there my last tour it preformed supurbly! The reason it wasnt picked up because we were the ones who set the specs and pushed it the most, it worked perfect for the teams everyone on my boat crew loved it. Although even though it did well in the field and in tests BIG ARMY didnt have anything to do with the specs and so on so they canned it in favor of the ones they wanted plain and simple. So us simple frog men got screwed well from my point of view LOL.

  • Enchilada

    Where is this article? Link?

  • old commander


  • Jonathan

    I do not believe, a weapon perfect, they are crazy.

  • Bob

    Why not the HK416 in 6.5 Grendal?? The round is more effective at all ranges that the 7.62 Nato, weighs less, less recoil, and fits the M-16 mag. The 416 upper, is more reliable and resistant to dust/dirt/sand than the M16 and it runs cooler and cleaner. The US Army has changed rounds before, it would not be the end of the world if it changed its standard round again. In my lifetime the Army has fielded the 30-06, 7.62 and 5.56, its time to go to the 6.5, or maybe a 7mm.

  • jarrad

    Geez How many of you have actually been somewhere and shot some one? 5.56 works fine, all the guys I shot with it in Baghdad are not getting up. The M14 is not that great a rifle and it takes a lot of work to make it accurate. Yes the M16 in service rifle is more accurate than the M14. Can you throw a match grade m14 on the ground and it still be good? No but you can with a match grade m16. The DMR’s are not that great a nd honestly I woud rather have a MK12. XM-8 garbage, shot one at Benning, I’d rather have an M4.

  • Mike

    The 5.56m cartridge has been an under performer in combat since Vietnam. Too light a bullet and not enough punch. The USA should have never abandoned the 7.62X51 round. A good modern 7.62X 51(.308) rifle is what our troops need today. It may be the SCAR heavy, (MK-17) That may be the next announcement.

  • RT Kendall

    Too complicated. The fastest SF operater I ever worked with used a 5 shot S&W 38. the fight was over before it started. An antique 38. cal, revolver, 5.56mm or 7.65mm lead is lead at 700 fps. or more.

  • Sah

    What happened with the 6.8 thing??????

  • Shellback

    The friggin fuel bill for fancy Nancy Pelosi’s “Private” jet could pay for the whole damn lot. Why not ask her to sit on her ass for awhile – I know she uses that to think with – but who knows maybe she’d pitch in to help the teams….LOL

  • Shellback

    agreed ….and again – it comes down to politics – SOP – some backroom deal was made – that’s the deal. Rarely ever comes down to weapon system performance.

  • SOCM

    Very well. Where do I start. I have been intimately involved with this program from the start. Sorry to say that most of the people on this blog or whatever you call it obviously have not worked in aquisition or program managment. Not slamming anyone. Comment about the MK 14 EBR (Modified M14 for NSW); this weapon was never designed to replace anything in the inventory. It was a gap filler until a new heavy caliber rifle could be selected. By the way, the M14 is no longer supported by the Navy as of 2006, love the gun, but it is out of service meaning what parts are left are what’s left until they run out. Comment about there not being a requirements document for the MK 17 or SCAR H. I would have to say you haven’t read the document. I was involved in the writing of the actual JORD at the time, then became a CDD (Capabilities Developement Document). The document was written increments i.e. Light Inc. 1, Heavy Inc. 2, SSR or Sniper Varient Inc. 3 and finally enhanced ammunition Inc. 4. As for the phase that this weapon is in; it is still in the R&D funding phase. Everything in the field as of this moment is what the aquisition world calls Milestone C LRIP. Limited Production! The actual 416 is really the Enhanced Carbine which was suppose to drop on a M4 lower and was going to be a 3 year gap filler until a new rifle was going to be developed. It never happened, because the SCAR program was excelerated. All component representatives at Tampa for that mtg in 2003 agreed to go for a new rifle and skip the Enhanced Carbine. Sorry everyone. They could have submitted a product during the down select (User Assessment One), but they didn’t due legal problems with Colt. Something about putting their upper on some elses lower. This could go on forever. I will stop for now.

  • Andy

    It figures. Though the M16 family of rifles is a good weapon it still utilizes a gas tube system vice the more reliable gas piston.

  • Ryman

    Metal Storm guns are solid state. Like to see some of those enter the fray.

  • Smyles

    No terrorist would get there hands on them in the US anyway, can’t sell any firearm produced after 1986 to a civilian that has any type of select fire capability, plus at 2000+ a piece, i think terrorists will stick with their AK’s.

  • Fred

    Get AK47’s.

  • John II

    Undoubtedly, Political Decision… back room deal, with a more “important” program getting the funds. Right on the “money” with your critique’ From the F-22 to the SCAR… they all got to go to pay for health-care & pelosi’s union dues…!

  • Firered

    It is absolutely incredible that a rifle (particularly one that is based off of an existing design) cannot be designed in a six year period of time, not to mention at a cost of millions of dollars. The military, just like the rest of the Federal Government has become nothing more than a bloated bureaucracy that spends billions of dollars and produces no results.

  • Dude
  • Sgt. York WTF

    Thats not ironic. Its strangely coincidental Alanis.

  • G Bussard

    It’s the XM-16 all over again. politics. By people who don’t Shoot, Move or Communicate.

  • Cpl Schmuckatelli

    Speculate all you want, but it all comes down to money and politics. Health care and all the other bail-outs have priority. Also, it really doesn’t matter what round we are using if we can’t pull the trigger because of the ROE. I can always hope and wish that I will see a 6.8 rifle issued to everyone someday.

  • G-MAN

    I don’t now why they would cancle the scar-L. It’s light,compact,and accurate,plus the 5.56 mm get’s the job done.

  • Can’t

    Can’t someone work out a STONER that uses 7.62mm -Come On Guys……..THIMK it out.

  • Cpl. N.D., U.S.M.C.

    #1. The MMU & AMU use the Semi-Auto M110 Special Purpose Rifle & not The M16A4. so right their your wrong.
    #2. The M110 Uses a 7.62x54mm round, same as M14 DMR, their for around same range & around same amount of accurarcy, depending or barrel width & length.
    #3. The 5.56x44mm round fired from the M416, M4A1 SOPMOD, & M16A4 are only accurate up to 400 – 500 meters, before the bullet becomes unstable.
    #4. The New M14’s which have been up graded to the DMR status. are alot more accurate, and since they fire the 7.62x54mm round, are alot more accurate at farther distances.
    #5. THe M14 DMR is used more in afghanistan by the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS than any other Sniper Rifle in the USMC’s Arsenal.

    so hmm. so tell if its not so great, then why do around half of U.S. Army Marksmen & around 80% of USMC marksmen & Scout Snipers Use it? exactly. look up your facts and go use an M16A4 at 700 M then a M14DMR at 700m and see which 1 you do better with kid.

    Cpl. N. DiEmedio, 0351, USMC. Semper Fidelis

  • Taylor

    You couldnt pay me enough to let her talk to me or my boat crew leave her out of the teams!!!

  • prefetch

    “Nah, Box cutter for irony’s sake. ”
    actually, that is ironic alanis. it’s also ironic that you pointed out that he was misusing the term irony.

  • Wrench

    The thing sucks. They should issue out RRA LAR-308’s. AR platform, and in the .308/7.62 NATO round. They got it right, not to mention you can customize it just like your usual M-4. Check it out, great gun; with multiple variants for different jobs.

  • Rangertrek07

    From the FN web site. And I find nothing from SOCOM to contradict this press release.

    McLean, VA, The U.S. Special Operations Command notified FN that the Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) family of weapons—the MK 16 (5.56mm) and MK 17 (7.62mm) combat assault rifles and MK 13 grenade launcher—was approved for full-rate production. The Full-Rate Production Decision Review by the Milestone Decision Authority occurred on July 30, 2010.

    For the entire press release go to

  • Teufulhund

    Amen to that brother.

  • Teufulhund

    To 11B2V’s original statement that is.

  • KaratePhil

    Wrench, you knucklehead, the LAR-308 is actually bushmaster’s original .308 run, it was junk then, its junk now…

  • Johnny Quest

    The 416 is a piston conversion of a DI system, just like LWRCI, LMT, Barrett, Adams Arms, and so on and so on. Plus, because it is HK doens’t mean it is better although that will upset the kool-aid drinkers. The AR15/M16 was not designed to be a conventional piston rifle. Maintian your DI weapon and it will serve you well.

    If piston is what you want, go buy the SIG 550 series, probably the best of the genre, available, and proven.

  • Johnny Quest

    Drinking the kool-aid I see.

  • Johnny Quest


  • Johnny Quest

    Uhhhhh, no.

  • russ ripkin

    yeah cant stand assholes that think they know shit about shit just cause they play video games.see im not ashamed to say i know little to nothing about mil-spec weapons.i stick to deer hunting cartriges bro.

  • russ ripkin

    actually id be interested to know if you have service experience i intend on opting for service ASAP and was curious regarding service man experiences in the army

  • tony

    Why not just give the SCAR-H and SCAR-L to the Special forces, those are the ones who need them. M4/M16 are fine but Spec Ops could use something that is great.

  • jacob

    o really i was in the marines i think the 5.56 is fine we captured some ak 47s we decided to have fun and this buy tried to shoot it with one hand a bley the gun out of his hand and shooting it was easy semi but auto you staight up cant hit shit

  • rifleshooterscar

    Well I sure am not turning in my FNSCAR16s it’s a long way ahead of the M4 I think they are just trying to save some money.

  • Hugh Black Johnson

    I gave your mother my scar 17s

  • Bruce

    They are sending the weapons to local Fed Agencies like ICE. The Special Response Teams (SRT) and such. Their National Firearms an Tac Training Unit is sending them out this week to the field.

  • Guard Dog Tom S.

    I love my m-4 full auto suppressed with a folding stock so I can drive and have it cocked and ready by my right foot to shoot thru my whindsheild with movement room to spare, my my-17 is to large and too cumbersome to chamber while driving, Im training with a Tavor bullpup short that IDF comandos use, and I have to say the bullpup style is growing on me, incredible accuracy , smallest recoil of any 5.56, the only gun I can compare it with as in balance and stability and reliability is a IDF old Uzi with a fold under shoulder stock, it’s not a rifle round but it does the job done excellent 50 to 100 meters, and if you are in a high speed pursuit getting shot at you need something more potent then a GLOCK 10mm that is my side arm, the recoil makes it a car stoper but hard to reacquire target after the fifth shot or so. I guess I have to work on my wrist strength any ideas boys… ok don’t answer. God bless and stay safe. SEMPER FIDELIS! Oorah!